How To SELL/REFUND Items & Skins In Fortnite Battle Royale For V BUCKS

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hello there guys and girls this is

pickle and today I've got a super

exciting video for you all because today

for now is releasing another update I

don't usually release updates on

Tuesdays but this is very interesting i

was reading the patch notes and

something else you came up that really

inspired me to make this video and it

says in the patch notes that

self-service cosmetic returns has been

added now you might be thinking what

does this mean well basically it means

you can refund three cosmetic purchases

for v bucks so if you spent two thousand

v bucks on a legendary item that you

never use you can get those v bucks back

which is absolutely awesome because we

all know what happens you know in the

heat of the moment a new skin comes out

you buy it you spent two thousand v