How To SELL/REFUND Items & Skins In Fortnite Battle Royale For V BUCKS

hello there guys and girls this is

pickle and today I've got a super

exciting video for you all because today

for now is releasing another update I

don't usually release updates on

Tuesdays but this is very interesting i

was reading the patch notes and

something else you came up that really

inspired me to make this video and it

says in the patch notes that

self-service cosmetic returns has been

added now you might be thinking what

does this mean well basically it means

you can refund three cosmetic purchases

for v bucks so if you spent two thousand

v bucks on a legendary item that you

never use you can get those v bucks back

which is absolutely awesome because we

all know what happens you know in the

heat of the moment a new skin comes out

you buy it you spent two thousand v

bucks on that bad boy and then you never

use it again so this is a great chance

for you to earn up to six thousand v

bucks so the skins that you're never

going to use again now you may not like

the 200 bucks emotes or a pickaxe that

you've got but honestly i recommend if

you've got any legendary skins or

legendary gliders that cost 2,000 v

bucks and you realistically aren't going

to use them again then i would sell

those for two thousand three vaccin get

as many as you can but here's what I

recommend you do now I don't think you

should do anything rash and tell your

scroll trooper for 1200 v bucks because

that's a terrible idea

here's what makes a good sale in

fortnight it's made of two aspects one

the value of it in terms of V bucks and

two how rare it is so that's why I

wouldn't recommend you selling you know

your skull troopers your main reward or

anything like that because they were in

the item shop one time and one time only

so you don't know if they'll ever come

back so they're rarer however if you

have a legendary skin that you've seen

in the item shop multiple times such as

the Wakhan for example that has come

back to the featured item section more

than one so that means that it's more

than likely going to be in the item shop

again if you really want it but that

makes it a better sale for you because

it's not as rare but it's still just as

valuable in terms of a sale even the

cuddle team leader if you really don't

use it then I would say that's a good

sale because it's 2000 V bucks and it

has come back in the item shop more than

once meaning that it might come back in

the future and in general it isn't as

rare as other items such as the ghoul

and the skull trooper and all that so

that's what makes a good purchase try

and make sure it's as many VBox as

possible and that it does come back in

the item shop because that means you're

getting the best value for your sale

especially if you don't use it like if

you've got the facepalm and you spent

two and a V bucks on it and you regret

it just keep it you can get

ten times the amount of evokes back for

these outfits and legendary items so

this just been me looking at the patch

notes now we're gonna get into the game

once the service go online and I'm gonna

see what I want to sell because I

haven't actually decided yet but we're

going for 6000 V bucks all right so I'm

in the game after the Version three

point six update let's go to the item

shop there is a new option that says

purchase history

let's check this out there we go okay we

can refund all of our items okay now

this is gonna be interesting

we want it to be a 2000 V buck item

realistically the list shows pressures

within the last 30 days they're eligible

for a refund 30 days okay that makes

things a little bit more difficult hmm

okay this is interesting let's try and

think of what I don't use versus the

value of this item the fact that it's in

a month that oh okay that's interesting

here's the thing I've not used the

Triceratops but I kinda want to then

again am I actually going to use it I've

nobody used the Leviathan either and

they are very valuable the dark Vanguard

is really really cool I'd like that the

Raven I really really like so I want to

keep that I've never even used the

Easter skins but these are obviously

Easter themed so I don't know if these

are ever gonna come back but oh this is

tough now this is tough now I think I'm

gonna refund the deep space Lander I

never use that yeah oh this is so tough

I'll probably refund the Mogul master as

well I've got the the Alpine ace and

I've not really used this maybe one day

I want to I want to split the UK but I

think I'm gonna start with this one

1,500 v bucks pretty solid I mean I know

what you're thinking like realistically

yeah you know I don't really need the V

box Berta this will definitely come back

anyway as you can said as you can see it

says you'll need to wait for it to

repeal rip him before you can push it

again and you do get the full amount

back so we've got one refunded right

there there we go I think oh wait a

second did I just did I just refund that

for a thousand refunded a thousand I'm

gonna have to check that okay so I can

confirm you get the full amount of V

bucks back now I'm still probably gonna

use the tomato head real ously I'm not

gonna use the farm cops I kind of just

got that because

one else had it it's kind of an old skin

and this will definitely come back if I

really want it but I've got so many

other skins I probably won't use this so

it's gonna be fun cops because that

appears in the item shop multiple times

and it's quite expensive so there we go

we're gonna click every time we get a

purchase I get a little click cuz that's

the last thing I got which is pretty

cool ok let's see what else we got here

now alright the tricera uh part of me

really wants to get a 2000 V buck refund

but I don't know I don't know honestly I

think the 2000 V buckskins that I've had

in the last month I've bought are all

just too good like I have really use a

triceratops or the Leviathan but they're

just too different I will want to use

them so I think I'm gonna sell for my

third and final refund the bunny brawler

or rabbit Raider because they're

expensive and I only need one to show

that I was around for the the Easter

updates let's have a little look so

we've got the bunny brawler and the

rabbit Raider so we got that one and

that one which one do I want to sell I

can't pick I can't pick okay flip a coin

simulator heads I could just go get a

real coin but okay heads i sell the

bunny brawler tails i sell the rabbit

radar it's a tail so i'm gonna sell the

rabbit radar okay refund this item BAM

there we go we've just got ourselves

4500 v bucks so here we go you can go to

the purchase history they have to be

within a month and you can sell them for

the full amount nevertheless that is

super cool and obviously with someone

who doesn't have any v bucks they can go

back on an old purchase that they think

they didn't get their value from in the

last month and get some V but V bucks

back obviously for me like I said I've

got a lot in preparation for season 4

but for you this could be six of what I

said still stands although you can only

refund items you've got in the past

month if you have if you bought them it

within a month and you haven't really

used them maybe it's time to consider

selling them especially if they are

legendary just try and get as many v

bucks as you can I don't if they'll gift

us more refunds in the future but so far

it's only three but it's a super cool

edition let's have a look at what my

locket is looking like right now so this

is currently what I'm what I'm sporting

realistically I was hoping I could sell

you know maybe this I don't really use

that maybe that I don't really use that

either or even the battle hound to be

honest but yeah it is what it is

so that is going to do it for this video

you've had my tips on how to get the

most for your money subscribe to these

join the pixel armyís pixel you have

been awesome and I'll see you in the

next video very soon