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In today's quick video you will see how to sell your CS:GO skins without any commission

fees. But before we start.. In every video I love to give something back to you and today

it's going to be this Ultraviolet Butterfly knife. So, just like the video, subscribe

with the bell turned on and comment your trade link if you need a new knife to your collection.

As always I will pick the winner in 48 hours and announce the winner on my Twitter.

Hey guys, NadeKing here. So, many of you have been asking me those questions like.. where

I should trade my skins, how do I trade CS:GO skins for real money, what is the overall

best site for skin trading etc.. And hopefully you will get some answers today.. As you all should

know OPSkins were shut down, but still, there are many alternatives out there where you

can trade your CS:GO skins for other virtual items or straight up real money. One of the

sites is DMarket. They also sponsored this video, letting me kindly explore their site

plus host this knife giveaway for you. So, make sure to participate in that.

DMarket is a digital marketplace, where you can buy and sell CS:GO skins, but they actually

want to go further, they want to take the role of a cross-game and cross-platform marketplace,

so there will be many other games as well.. Right now you can mainly trade with CS:GO

and Dota2 skins. As you can see there are more than 25 000 offers for CS:GO skins. If

you watch this video after a couple of weeks, months, I bet this number is even bigger.

If we click on it. You can see how it works. Pretty simple layout, you can search for the

skins you like by just typing in the names.. choosing items categories or sort all the

skins by the price for example. If you find a skin you like.. it's very easy to buy it.

And of course if you are buying a CS:GO skin, you can see here.. if it's trade locked or

not. So, if you want to instantly use it, make

sure the item you are buying is instantly withdrawable. Basically supergeneral, you

know how it goes.

The main thing I like about this site right now.. and that's the main reason I am making

this video.. is the fact that you can buy and sell your skins without the commission

fee. You can see it here as well "commission free trading" and this is their biggest advantage

against their competitors. This may change in the future.. they may start taking some

procent as well.. never know, but right now it's zero.. compared to other sites, who take

like 3, 5, 10% commission fee. So if you use DMarket soon enough, you can sell your CS:GO