How To Sell CS:GO Skins for REAL MONEY In 2020!

today guys i'm going to be talking about

cashing out csgo skins for real money

and how to buy csgo skins at a much

lower price

so let's get right into it

hey what's up guys it's tuber here and

welcome back to a brand new video and

today the main point of today's video is

to show you guys like i guess how to

cash out cs go skins in 2020 because

things have changed

quite a bit op skins used to be like the

most popular cash outside

and now it's not even around anymore it

got shut down since the channel is all

about skins i feel like this is this is

kind of a video that i should have made

a long time ago but we finally made it

and uh ladies and gentlemen so basically

i'm gonna be like showing you guys a

site called skin port it used to be

called skin bay and then skin k but they

had to change their name because it was

too similar to ebay but now it's called

skin port

i'm only gonna be talking about things

that i've personally used myself so i'm

not going to be like there's i know

there's a lot of other cash out sites

out there and i'm sure they're all great

um but

skinport is a site that i do have some

experience with because i've bought and

sold well i haven't really bought any

skins but i've sold skins on here before

and you know it's been pretty cool like

like i've withdrawn like a couple

hundred dollars already and it's been

it's been awesome

so guys if you do want to support the

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the description down below the most

common way

to buy and sell skins is obviously and

the easiest way to do it is on the steam

market so we're going to be talking

about that first so one of the main

benefits of the steam market obviously

is they have a pretty they have a pretty

big selection of skins

and it's also incredibly easy and

convenient like for example let's just

say here

let's just look for like i don't know op

asimov and this is going to be in

canadian dollars but we'll be able to

convert it basically so

for example if we want to pick up an op

azimov field tested it's about

they're selling for about 98 canadian

and the lowest

buy requests are 92 and then if you sell

it obviously

so when you sell skins on here valve

actually takes they basically take a 15

cut so you get 85 percent of the money

and then valve gets the rest essentially

so you know like so for example if i

sold like a 98 dollar skin let's just


like i have an op amp right here and

then for example if i wanted to sell it


let's just say 98 i would get about 85


so i'm losing about 13 right here on

this purchase

however if i wanted to insta sell it

would have to sell it for about 92.

so if i sold it for 92 the instant sell

price would be about 80

so right there i'm basically losing 18

versus like taking my time with it so

quick sell price for not as mob is 80

canadian and that's what you receive

basically for selling it and obviously

the buyer has to pay 92. and then if we

go over here to skinport

and if we come kind of compare like op

azimov's yeah here we go so

these are some perfect examples so these

are the exact same condition

and these basically cost like this is

the cheapest one it's 73 dollars and

seven cents

so it's literally 20 cheaper than buying

it on the market at actually no nine

so it's 92 basically to buy it at

literally instasell price essentially

versus 73 here and this is kind of like

you know

yeah and that's the lowest price on the

site it's about 23

off you're saving about 20 of your money

just by buying it on skin port if you're

gonna be adding money to your account

and like just buying it straight up

like skin port is obviously a much

better option because you are making you

know you're saving about yeah 23

actually the suggested price is actually

very similar to like the average sale


of the asimov so this is like typically

what it would sell for

and then this is like so it's basically

23 off like market price

essentially so skinport is a way to buy

skins for

significantly less than market price

another cool thing about skinport is

also if you go to the maximum sale price

the maximum is about i think it's about

2 000 us dollars so about 2400 canadian


so pretty much like the best thing you

can get is like minimal wear coupled

skull gloves or like

some field tested pandora's boxes and i

guess that's

you know that's kind of cool i mean

obviously not that many people are gonna

buy skins for over two thousand dollars

but on the skin port there's pretty much

no limit like right here here's a

bayonet sapphire so you can literally

just buy a bayonet sapphire for 3 500

cash right here basically you definitely

would not be able to get one of these on

the market unless somebody put it for an

insanely low price they also have a

talon ruby

as well as a statrec emerald bayonet

which is yeah like

literally the normal price is six

thousand dollars but this guy is selling

it for 4 300.

so like these are skins that literally

just they wouldn't you cannot find them

at all in the market so if you want to

get super expensive skins

uh sites like these obviously like skin

port are your only option really when it

comes to like just buying skins with

money that's just buying skins basically

you can also buy dota 2 tf2 um they have

h1z1 and then rustskins

so you know there's a pretty big

selection but on top of all that you can

also sell your skins too to the site as


and because normally when you sell skins

on the steam market you only get steam

wallet balance

like for example if i sold like this

stat track butterfly and i fade for two

thousand dollars

like let's just say let's just say

unless you sell for two thousand someone

buys it i don't know if it would sell

for that price but let's just say screw


someone buys it we will get about

seventeen hundred dollars now what can

we do with that seventeen hundred


we can either go to the market and we

can buy more skins

or we can go to the store and we can

just buy a ridiculous amount of games so

it just depends on what you're trying to

do like if you're what if you wanna sell

the skins and you wanna buy some games

to play

then by all means sell them on the

market you're not going to get the best

value but i feel like

it's the most efficient way to get games

essentially without having to like you

know spend money

but if you're looking to sell them for

real life money so you can buy

other stuff other than games like if you

want to like pay your bills or if you

want to like you know go buy yourself

like a watch or

you know a new wallet or something or

some clothes then on skin port you can

basically just you know

let's just say we can sell the dragon

lore i'm not actually gonna sell it but

we could sell it for 22 percent off

um for about most of my price is about 3


and out of that i would basically get

about just less than 3 000 euro which is

4 500 canadian dollars

so i could just sell that it basically

immediately sends me the trade offer

and here let me actually show you guys

the process of actually depositing your

skins onto the site you know what let's

sell the good enough tiger tooth


let's let's put this up for sale so

because it has a double zero seven float

um i guess we could

i guess i can salt for that price so

i'll basically be able to get 134

canadian dollars from selling a gut

knife tiger tooth

and let's compare it real quick to

selling it on the steam market

and let's compare like the pros and the

cons so pretty much i would be able to

get 154 dollars

and it is and that money is pretty much

stuck on steam forever

i could either buy games or i could buy

like you know or i could buy like other

skins on the market but other than that

though i can't really use the money for

anything else

however if i sell it on here i'll

basically get 134 canadian dollars so

i'm losing about 20 or so and and that's

that's why the skins are so cheap

because instead of like selling them for

like balance on steam

you're selling them for real world money

so let's put it up for sale screw it so

pretty much it says preparing trade

offer and then it'll send you the trade

offer then you just you can click on

browser or steam or whatever you want

then you just you just confirm the trade

this is a gift yes

and then you can trim it on your phone

and i'll probably pick up another gut


i mean i don't really need the gut knife

tag issues since i have like karambits

and stuff so

that's why i'm that's why i'm putting it

up for sale and also i want to show you

guys like

the process for selling skins on the

site boom there we go awesome it has

been listed

so basically there we just sent the gut

knife tiger tooth and now it is

immediately up for sale

basically 141 canadian dollars which is


off the regular market price so

obviously you do get less money when you

sell skins on here

but well the money is way more useful

because you can actually use it for

anything you want so pretty much that's

how easy it is to like sell your skins

on the site and now it's up for sale and

then once somebody buys the skin yeah i

have 184 euros and balance from people

like buying my skins

so if people actually do end up buying

your skin you'll get the money in your

account and then you just click on your

name right here and then you click on


so they used to have bitcoin and

ethereum withdraws but they actually got

rid of them

so you can't withdraw it to bitcoin or

ethereum anymore but you can withdraw it

directly to your bank

so you can you can just take the amount

you want to withdraw so for example this

and you can withdraw it to either

payoneer which is a it's kind of like an

alternative to paypal which

actually still works with cs go skins

because paypal doesn't really

you can't really buy or sell skins with

paypal anymore just because like paypal

doesn't want to deal with that kind of


but payoneer is they're totally cool

with it and you know still works

worldwide and also they have a much


fee as well um pretty much there's a

transaction fee of two

2.5 euros but there's like actually no

like there's no transaction fee outside

of that

so if you cash out a hundred euro it's

basically there's you know they take

like the 250

from the transaction and then you get

97.5 in your bank account

and then you can you can convert it to

your local currency like they obviously

pay out in euros

but if you live in the us they'll

convert it to us dollars if you live in

canada you can

convert it to canadian dollars and like

you know whatever else and then also if

you live in europe you can just do a

euro bank transfer and this is just i'm

assuming there's yeah it's free of


and there's no fees whatsoever here so

those are pretty much your options for

withdrawing to your bank

and yeah and then if you want to deposit

you just click on your name and you

click on deposit

and then um you can basically you can

deposit via cryptocurrencies like you

can still deposit obviously you know

bitcoin and ethereum and stuff like that


basically if you have ethereum and you

want to buy some skins you can actually

just deposit it onto here

buy the skins and then if you want to

sell them you can cash them out to your

bank account essentially

and then they also have g2a pay uh you

know because well g2a pay has like you

know they have paypal and everything so

you technically can use paypal to

deposit via g2a pay

you can also use skrill and then you can

just directly deposit via a credit

debit card yep so basically that's skin

port essentially

this video is unsponsored like there's

no spot like they didn't pay me at all

to say this essentially just for


um this is just my personal experience

with the site i think it's an awesome

site and i think it's you know it's

it's incredibly seamless to buy and sell

skins and also you know

if you want to buy skins from here you

get a pretty significant discount

versus buying on the market so there's

really no reason not to and i guess

we'll talk about another we'll talk

about another site as well and there's

another site called cs money and this is

basically if you have skins and you just

want to trade them for other skins

without having to deal with like buying

or selling or whatever

you can just purely use cs money so but

obviously the thing about cs money is

if you trade for anything on the site

you are going to lose a little bit of

money you are going to lose some profit


trading on cs money isn't the most

profitable thing in the world like if i

traded my how my pandora's boxes

as well as the butterfly knife tiger

tooth i'll be able to trade it for a

talon sapphire

but obviously if you do this you're

going to lose quite a bit of money right

there so

in my opinion it's not really worth it

it just really depends on things if you

want to trade and make profit you have

to trade with real people

but if you just want a quick easy way to

like trade your skins for other skins

and you don't really care if you lose a

little bit

then cs money is a you know it's a good

option but just keep in mind you're

probably not going to make profit

trading on cs money so just

just to let you know so i guess let me

know in the comments down below how many

of you guys have had experience with

like buying and selling cs go skins or

like cashing out

because i know back in the day dude i

used to use op skins all the time that's

where i casted all my skins

and then when they shut down after the

seven day trade hold like or then when

the 70 trade hold happened

i think i cashed out like one more time

and then after that i just kind of like

i stopped cashing out and i just started

collecting skins and that's kind of how

i built my entire inventory

just you know because i had no way to

actually like sell them for real money

so i just

i was like you know what let's just do

something really cool and let's just

let's do it for the content

and that's what i did i built up a

really dope inventory so i'm obviously

i'm not going to sell everything that i

withdraw like

like i'm not going gonna sell everything

in my inventory i'm only gonna sell like

some stuff

um because obviously you know i'm still

gonna make skin content i'm still gonna

make skin based videos

and you know i still have like every cs

go skin in the game and i don't intend

to sell any of them

basically i'm gonna be like i'm gonna

i'm just gonna sell like extra skins

that i get from like sponsors or


and you know and don't worry we're still

gonna keep some stuff for like you know

for events and giveaways and stuff

i'm just gonna you know a little bit

from what i make from sponsors i'm gonna

take that and i'm gonna cash it out so i

can you know so i can pay the bills


youtube ad revenue doesn't really pay

the bills anymore i mean it's okay

but i don't make enough money from

youtube to be able to make a living off

of it and then same with twitch too i

don't make enough from like streaming on

twitch because the channels

you know we have a relatively small

channel and maybe in the future things

will change but i'm still going to grind

on youtube i'm still going to grind on


it's just having the option to sell

skins just gives me a lot of it just

gives me peace of mind

knowing that the option is there anyways

guys thank you so much for watching

today's video make sure you use my

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then basically there you go i hope this

video was helpful and i hope hope more

of you guys understand like you know

the benefits and the like the pros and

the cons of using these sites now keep

in mind also this is one more thing that

i forgot to mention earlier once you

reach a certain threshold like i don't

know if you need to verify your account

right away but once you reach over a

thousand dollars in transactions on the

site whether you buy or sell a thousand

at least i know 100 for selling skins i

don't know about buying you might have

to verify your account but if you want

to sell over a thousand euros worth of

skins on the site you do have to provide

them with id

just to make sure you're a legit person

and you're not like a robot or whatever

or you're not like someone

like you know with a million accounts

just like selling off like a million

things that they got from like just

they're trying to stop people who use

stolen credit cards basically from

buying skins and then selling those

like they want to make sure that the

people who are using the site are legit

i mean as long as you're not doing

anything like nefarious or illegal like

you have nothing to worry about

so anyways so overall my review on skin

port it is way better than the steam

market if you want to get a good value

and when you sell your skins on the site

you can actually get real world money

for it however though if you're just

looking to buy games or if you're just

looking to buy some more skins and

you want it to be quick and easy the

steam market is probably the way to go


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