5 Tips To Sell Your Artwork Fast In 2019


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anyway today I have five tips to help

you guys sell your artwork fast in 2019

this is so important guys some of you

are trying to make money off your art

your designs and you're having a hard

time so I'm here to help you guys today

okay I got your back we're gonna get

right into this video tip number one is

designed for a specific niche I cannot

tell you guys how important this one is

it's gonna help you sell your artwork so

fast when you're designing for something

specific it definitely has a better

chance to sell then if you're just

designing random stuff for a bunch of

different things so I'll give you guys a

few niches that are very popular dogs if

you guys make designs based around dog

lovers those will sell fast I guarantee

at cat lovers hip-hop music so if you're

designing for something specific I

guarantee you you're gonna build an

audience faster that way that's one

thing that I struggle with in 2018 is

not designing for specific niches and I

had a harder time selling my designs yes

I sold them because people already know

about me but it's a lot harder if you do

it the way I did it 2018 so avoid all

that and just design for something

specific try it out for a year and I

guarantee you you're gonna see insane

results tip number two is stop comparing

yourself to other designers this is

gonna kill your momentum and you're

gonna get exhausted so fast because when

you compare yourself to other people you

set unrealistic expectations of how you

should be as a designer and you're not

gonna get work done that way it's gonna

kill your mindset it's gonna kill your

mood in general so stop comparing

yourself cuz when you do that you're

just gonna ruin the whole process for

yourself and you're not gonna sell as

many designs because it's gonna show in

your work art doesn't lie you can tell

when somebody had a bad day let's just

put it that way so it's okay to like I

said look for inspiration but don't

compare yourself

you are unique you're one of one and

your style is different than everybody

else's and just accept that learn to

love it it's okay we're all different

some of us can draw really good some

are good at typography some of us are

good at everything some of us are good

at image manipulations

tip number three is to find websites to

help you sell your artwork there are so

many different websites out there that

help you out and it's up to you to do

your research one of the ones that I use

I'm gonna bless you guys right now one

of the ones I use is called mentees comm

and it's great for a band merge so if

you're selling band merch and that's

your niche I can almost guarantee you if

you're designing for bands and you

upload your design cement tees you're

gonna sell one design at least within a

few weeks I guarantee it I would

definitely recommend you upload your

artwork even if you're not designing for

bands I'm sure somebody might like your

artwork on there but it's definitely

geared towards selling t-shirt designs

so if you guys are specifically

designing t-shirt designs I would

definitely check it out and there are so

many different websites so go have fun

guys go on Google right now start typing

in how to sell my artwork online do that

and I promise you you're gonna have a

plethora of results that pop up if

you're not trying to sell just t-shirt

designs another website that is great is

dribble comm so I would definitely check

that out as well I will link some of

these in the description below to help

you guys out tip number four is common

sense I'm not gonna lie but so many

people don't think about this and they

don't put the effort to do this and that

is being consistent it's right in front

of our face it's that simple you have to

be consistent if you're not being

consistent how is anybody gonna find you

you said I'm saying and you also have to

be consistent in the sense where you

have to develop your own style and stick

to that style because that's how you

separate yourself from the competition

and if you're not developing a style

then you're just gonna kind of blend in

with everybody else doing the same exact

thing is you so you have to really put

the effort in to be consistent now we're

moving on to the big five guys tip

number five is showcase your artwork on

social media websites

pick your favorite social media websites

and showcase your art and figure out how

that social media platform works whether

it's Instagram Twitter YouTube whatever

it is really figure out how that

platform works with our algorithm so you

can master it so you can get the best

result if you're not posting your work

online nobody's gonna buy it so stop

thinking hey I'm gonna sit here in my

artworks gonna sell cuz it's that good

trust me it's not good enough to just

sell like that nobody's artwork is it's

not gonna sell itself unless you have

word-of-mouth and there's so many people

that know about you that's a whole

different story and a different ballgame

but if you're just an average Joe and

you're trying to sell your artwork and

nobody knows about you how do you expect

people to find out

about you if you're not posting on

social media one that I recommend is

YouTube Instagram and even Twitter it's

a good one

there's also apps like dribble to share

your artwork so there's really no excuse

not to share your artwork on social

media it's gonna help you tremendously

so I would definitely take advantage of


those were my five tips to help you guys

sell your artwork fast in 2019 I really

hope they help you out guys I make

videos like this one every single week

so check back often and share my videos

with your friends if you think it can

help them out and also I'm curious to

see what you guys think about my videos

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