How To Start Your Own Company.

YouTube what is up guys so my name is

Andy schrock I own and operate revived

skateboards and force wheels with my

good friend Brian Eames I did this

without any sort of knowledge about how

to start a company and I got through a

lot of weird dilemmas that arise as

you're doing this and I'm using my

knowledge to make a video to tell you

how to start your own company because I

get a lot of questions on how to do this

I actually did this video one other time

years ago but you know I have a little

more experience and wisdom if you may

since I've been doing this a little

longer I'm gonna give you the lowdown

hopefully a lot of you that want to

start your own company or project or

whatnots can take from this video and go

forth with a better you know mindset and

how to do it properly now keep in mind I

am just telling you what I've

experienced what has helped me so if

you're doing something vastly different

make sure you do your research and

actually I'll get to that in just a

second because research is the most

important thing you can do when starting

a company but a little bit about me and

what I do I started doing YouTube videos

okay I just did skateboarding skits

whatever goofy thing entered my head I

would make a video about it and I had a

lot of fun doing it I'm still doing that

to this day and it is a blast is

literally a life that I could never

thought imaginable and it's a dream come

true it really is but from my videos I

started getting requests for actual

skate product eventually one day I said

you know okay

let's do it so I started making

skateboards and I did it literally

knowing nothing so it's taken off it's

done been doing really well you know I

get to just make whatever goofy idea

comes in my head and I get to put on a

product and provide good quality skate

products to skateboarders all across the

world it's really awesome and then we

decided to do a wheel company so we do

wheels too we eventually open up an

online skate shop and then we sell

everything in it so it's a really big

project like you know he has the YouTube

videos which I do personally that helps

promote all of this there's a lot of

details that go behind making all of

this possible but I'm not going to get

to the details I'm just going to tell

you how to start the company and what

you need to do it to initially set it up

to do something like this now first off

before you do anything you're of course

going to have to come up with an idea if

you're watching this for information you

probably already have an idea but the

main thing behind this is have an idea

that you believe in okay don't just

start a shoe shop if you don't care

about shoes at all make sure you're

somewhat passionate about it it keeps

the drive going you know you want to be

doing something good with your life you

don't want to end up

job that you don't actually care about

doing you want to wake up and be sites

for what you're doing so with that said

have an idea that you care about and

then move to the next step which is

doing research I get so many questions

all okay how do I do this it's like a

random internet comment is not going to

get you the information you need okay

especially like when it comes to me like

I'm Way too busy to reply to my comments

I apologize I do my best because I work

a lot to add all that stuff but my point

is you might ask a person with the exact

same situation as me working a lot

raising a family all that stuff so do

your research use Google calm okay so

it's a great thing you can put anything

into Google calm and there will be

information coming back at you make sure

it's a valid source but if you do enough

research you're going to find out what

you actually need to do and especially

you're not gonna start a skateboard

company like maybe you're gonna start

anything because different operations

are going to have different things

required for them so do your research

and know what you're getting into okay

don't just don't just blindly go out and

start doing something you can't just set

up a shop on the corner and say like hey

I sell shoelaces who's buying okay you

could do that probably not to be that

effective okay so keep in mind do

research use Google calm or whatever

search engine you're using when you

shouldn't be because Google calm is the

best one now if you're selling a product

or a service of whatnot it's the same

thing as your idea believe in it okay if

you're gonna have a product have a good

product don't have a crappy product like

for instance Ardex we tested several

different wood distributors until we got

the right one same with the wheels like

we only sell stuff that we truly believe

in you know like have a good product

it's if you could have an awesome name

and image and whatnot but if someone

gets in the thing falls apart right away

it's not gonna be good okay so believe

in what you do across the board that is

the what I'm trying to say really if

you're confused on how to actually make

your product like no matter what it is

like like I said do your research you're

gonna find out like for instance if

someone told me how to make a bike I

have no idea how to make a bike but what

I'm do is I would go on there and find

people that make the frames you know

make the chains there's probably

somebody out there that makes the entire

thing and it's a starting point Elise

you know you guys you gotta figure out

what you want your price point to be

what you as the consumer would want to

purchase a bike for and then you're

gonna be like okay well if I'm gonna

sell it for that much because that's how

much I think it should be I need to find

someone to manufacture it or manufacture

it myself and have the cost at this

mount so I can actually make a profit

and keep this going you know I mean

obviously like the for like I said like

believe in what you do it shouldn't be

about money like I didn't start any of

this because of money I did it because I

wanted to honestly be doing something

with my life that I actually wanted to

do and you know we like boy your hearts

in the right place then you're just

probably doing the right thing and money

will come so don't think about it that

way but like I said do your research on

how to actually get these pieces and

think about how it's gonna how it's

going to come together to actually keep

the business going you'll notice I'm

getting tired of walking now I'm just

sitting on random things in the

warehouse now once you have your product

in mind or your service and what you're

going to be doing know your market okay

for instance if you're selling that bike

just specifically like 30 years and up

okay but I don't know I don't know what

kind of bike dowdy but I'm just saying

like if it's just for 30 year olds


how are you know sell it to okay for

instance a lot of older generations

don't get on the internet as much so

maybe you should focus on retail or you

know or do a combination of both you got

to know how to I'm where to sell it and

you're going to know how to actually

advertise that now that in the social

media age it's very very easy to

advertise your products you can do it

very cheap and effectively if you use

your brain but with that in mind make

sure this promotions are actually

appealing to the your age range you know

your your what is that freaking word

what's that word you debit your

demographic okay you make sure wherever

you're putting your promotions and your

advertising it is going to your actual

demographic where should I sit next ramp

that was super easy if you're selling

online well it's very very easy to get a

very cheap free store we literally ran

our business off of a free online store

for at least a year a year and a half

and it worked just fine but when we

started getting more orders and growing

we kind of had to step it up and get a

more detailed more Brian what do you

call I don't know what words I'm trying

to say here a more intricate system to

handle a bigger you know list of

products blah blah blah blah blah more

orders all that stuff and then shipping

software incredibly helps you just

import all the orders and you print up

labels and then you stick them on

packaging you send them out at the very

beginning all that stuff is kind of

difficult to understand but like I said

do your research figure it out get it

get all your accounts set up and you can

make this happen you really can but the

important part of all this is know what

you're selling who you're selling it to

and how you're actually going to sell

the product or service to them

now as you're walking into the

battlefield of business if you may and

you're actually ready to start the

business you're going to need to do a

couple things you're going to get your

licenses set up okay for most typical

things you're going to want to get an

LLC okay that basically separates you

from your personal name from the

business so somebody had a problem with

your business they would go after the

name they wouldn't go after you they

would not be taking your new Ford truck

away or your collection of marbles it's

worth $10,000 okay they can't come after

you they go after the business because

it's an LLC so that kind of safeguards

you and then you want to trademark your

name I we learned this the hard way we

used to be revenge skateboards and we

weren't actually in a lawsuit or

anything we just kind of had the heads

up like oh we might not be able to use

this so we switched to revive so if you

look at the decks over here it worked

out well because the the same branding

carried over to revive and then actually

it created some hype and worked out for

the better for us and we came back as

revive like things just took off and it

was actually really really good we are

all about like the fun of skateboarding

like the positive side like just having

fun goofing off with your friends so the

name revived actually works better for

us anyway my point is that if we want to

be revenge we couldn't have been so a

trademark your name okay it's a process

and it's expensive okay you're gonna

have to have some money your devil gonna

have to have some money for all of this

actually because for instance starting

at a skateboard company you're going to

do a right you need thousands of dollars

you like need at least to do a bare

minimum order because most would presses

aren't going to let you just order ten

decks that's not how it works you're

going to have to order at least 50 and

so you need like a couple thousand

dollars for product to get it off going

and then you're going to need a couple

thousand dollars for a trademark buy

next part is get a lawyer okay which is

expensive a lawyer basically just has

like looking over everything to make

sure you're not screwing up and keeps

you safe and that's really smart too

okay it took us a while to realize that

we needed one what we did we just you

just feel better about the whole

operation you just feel like you're

going in knowing that you're not gonna

do anything too stupid because you have

somebody that does this for a living

watching you and making sure you don't

do that so there you go that was a lot

of information I know I hope I got all

of the main stuff out but the points

that I really want to stress on is get

your licenses and having a lawyer

extremely helps okay when it comes to

start-up like for instance revenge I

saved up some money I put some of it out

of pocket and I put some of on credit

cards and I made my money back like I

sold it now it's a profitable business

and we're doing good and growing

but certain things are expensive to

start okay you got to think about that

also make sure you're on top of your

taxes okay because when you're working

for yourself you're gonna put money away

so make sure you have that going in that

you are the money you make on a business

you're gonna have to pay taxes on so I

highly suggest don't even pay yourself

for the first year or two you know just

let the business grow that sounds awful

I know and you can make your own

decisions upon that but that's what kind

of helped us because there's a lot of

growing pains and as you grow you need

to order more product which gets more

and more expensive and it's a lot to

keep up with I did it I had no idea what

I was doing and I just kind of made a

lot of the right decisions because I did

my research and I went with what I

thought was right based upon that

research so keep your head keep your

head on your shoulders and don't get

discouraged okay because like I said

like I started this out of a basement

okay I was I was running out of basement

and it wasn't slow and a lot of work but

then all student took off and now I have

my own little private skatepark and we

have so many skateboards going out to

put the people that are really hyped to

be on a skateboard I love just creating

something like this in the skateboard

community it's a dream come true and it

could be your dream come true to just

you know figure out what you want to do

a funny thing is that I actually have a

video because I've been doing video

YouTube videos way longer than I ever

have been doing all this stuff so I will

go but I won't link at the end of this

video to see when I actually start

talking about like should I start an

actual skateboard company and it's kind

of funny to see me and what I talk about

is actually because I just watched it

before I watch this video when I talk

about actually nails how I feel about it

today and I was like wow I'm not really

had the great idea and I had a solid

vision on what I wanted to do because it

turned out really well

and I just want to say thank you you

guys I love love love doing what I do to

be working in the skateboarding world

and some fashion has always been a dream

of mine

and you know I walk into this room I

still can't believe that it exists I'm

like wow this was an idea and it

actually came to be so you do the same

thing okay believe in yourself come up

with your idea work hard do your

research and you can absolutely do

something like this okay

I had four jobs before I started this I

had a college education three jobs and

then YouTube so if you count YouTube as

job for but it was a lot of

I lost a lot of sleep and I still lose

sleep because I'm working hard to making

this still grow but it's it's been the

best ride ever so check out that video

at the end and good luck with your own

adventures see you guys in the future

because I do daily videos so hit the

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from me that's it

peace out guys

hey Brian if you had one advice to give

to a new entrepreneur owed you say ah be

aware of taxes okay talk to a good

accountant look at my face

pull your face I don't have your I don't

have the rice to put it in right now

learn can't see me