Purchasing from Siser Authorized Distributors/Resellers

so when purchasing online if you're

anything like me you want to buy the

cheapest thing possible with Caesar

materials we suggest purchasing from an

authorized Caesar distributor or

reseller so when you go and shop online

and you find that cheapest price

possible and you see the name Caesar

written on it it does not suggest that

it is actual authentic Caesar materials

so things to look for when you are

purchasing online or at stores for

Caesar materials is you want to look for

stamps we have the authorized Caesar

distributor stamp and the authorized

Caesar reseller stamp so when purchasing

online you want to make sure you look

for these logos here so there are a lot

of people working at home and they want

to sell Caesar product but we have not

authorized them people that might be

working right inside their garage naming

other products that are not Caesar but

they named it Caesar for you to purchase

it that is what we want to try to avoid

that is where you want to look for your

authorized Caesar distributor or your

authorized Caesar reseller so next time

your purchasing any Caesar materials

make sure you're looking out for that

authorized Caesar distributor stamp or

that authorized sees a reseller stamp

this is going to tell you that you're

actually getting the Caesar product

you're looking for and not only are you

going to get the product you're looking

for you're gonna get great customer

service you're gonna get knowledge about

the materials and you can always contact

us at Caesar North America in case you

have any other questions about the

products I'm Joe with Caesar North

America thank you so much for hanging

out with me