How to Sell Single Premium Life


well good morning everyone this is Mark

rainmakers life marketing director here

with insurance agency marketing services

in Omaha Nebraska thank you so much for

joining us here this morning on our

Friday morning web single premium life

webinar today's is on how to sell single

premium life and this will be a recorded

webinar that I can email out to you once

the webinar is over so feel free to ask

questions at any time you can go ahead

and type those in the question box and

at the end of the webinar either myself

or someone in the life marketing program

will give you call if you have any

questions now if there's any cases that

you're working on anything then we can

help you out with that we'll certainly

address at that time so again thank you

for joining us this webinar here this

morning is really a good one that

there's a lot of questions about single

premium life and we're seeing obviously

more and more of that it's a great way

to get back and front your clients it's

a great way to help them with assets

that they certainly have no plan to draw

on or live on you see a lot of money

coming from annuities and CDs and even

some nice inheritance things like that

that are coming through so hold for this

little webinar this morning it'll be

short but hopefully it'll give you some

good ideas as far as where to go and and

how to approach we've got a new little

tool I'm going to show off to you here

this morning something brand new that

we've just completed and it'll also be

focused on Monday's webinar will go into

greater detail with this little piece

here so all right so what we're gonna do

here real quick I noticed that some of

you on here this morning have been

through our webinars before and so we're

gonna go through some refreshers here I

see some new faces I appreciate you

joining us here for the first time a

little bit about insurance agents

marketing services and how we can help

you we've been offering life and annuity

products now for over 26 years we're

going on our 27th year actually almost

completed our 27th year experience a

knowledgeable so when you call in here

we've got some people that have been in

this office now for well in excess of

ten years they've been marketing for

quite some time everyone in the

marketing department has been in the

field one way or another so you know

that they understand some unique

experiences and challenges that you have

out there and our our focus our attire

is to help you obviously make your job a

lot easier out there so we are going to

provide you case design an illustration

support I know that that is a time

consuming thing but understanding when

you call our office here that when we

run you an illustration we've been in

the field we understand what it is

you're looking for and if not we can

certainly spend a few moments with you

to get the case illustrated the way you

want it we do provide for the field

under running support so basically what

that means if you went into a case we

have a client who's not healthy we're

going to find out what we need to know

to get you a good quote and the nice

thing about single premium life they're

generally at Table four

so they're very encompassing we have

products that go up to a table eight

that makes it a little bit easier for

you as well as far as getting a case

approved once you write a case of course

we're gonna get you the forms that you

need to write it but once you write it

we're going to scrub the applications

for you if it is a single premium live

product we're talking about there is no

physical exam required so we're not

ordering the exam but if you run a case

that is fully underwritten of course

we'll get the exam taking care for you

but the thing is - we provide you the

weekly status update so every time you

write a piece of business we're going to

keep you informed on a weekly basis or

more depending on the the progress of

the case we're going to stay in front

you keep you up to date take that off

your plate as well we truly are experts

in providing independent producers the

tools that you need to succeed and if

you haven't written a piece of business

with us before we certainly hope that

you give us that chance and once you get

a taste of our service you'll continue

sending business our way I'm sure of


okay we have a new producer bonus and

this is really big especially when we're

talking about single premium life

because you can earn these bonuses

really fast the first level is 100,000

level so if you write a hundred thousand

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300,000 a single premium at which point

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social security program in the 3,000

piece Mealing and this is a big deal if

you're not hearing the Social Security

talked about in your area now would be a

good time to look into this so 300,000

in single premium or you could certainly


the program from us but there are a lot

of seniors retiring your pricing

statistics all over the place about how

many seniors are turning 65 and retiring

and they want to know how their Social

Security works and this is a program to

where obviously you spend a little bit

time familiarizing yourself with it

becoming the expert you're doing

seminars you're getting in front of a

lot of people at one time and helping

them with all of their planning to make

sure all their ducks in a row

repositioning assets for safety and


a lot of annuities are written through

this a lot of single premium life a lot

of traditional life actually so that is

a very important part the Social

Security claiming and that's the first

option you get into 300,000 you produce

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okay so let's go ahead let's jump into

the why is single premium life is so

popular well it's been said and you've

probably seen these numbers you've

probably heard some variations but the

one thing that I think that's important

it to note is that there's 1.4 trillion

dollars in assets to be passed to the

next generation I think I heard there's

like eight trillion dollars at sitting

in banks and CDs places like that

they're just lazy dollars and the

problem is that those assets as you very

well know are not keeping up with

inflation they're getting less than 1%

generally what they're earning and then

they're paying taxes on it so there's a

lot of lazy assets that are sitting out

there now this one point four trillion

doesn't necessarily take into

consideration with sitting in the bank

that could just be annuities alone

there's a lot of money sitting out there

that's going to be transferred to the

next generation and fortunately so many

of our senior clients have done a pretty

good job of planning with your help

they've established enough assets with

their Social Security maybe their

pension whatever it is that they've got

they're coming to find out they got

allowed assets out there that they

really don't plan to live on so there's

a lot of income tax free wealth to be

transferred and so what we want to do is

we want to look at using a product

that's going to help them reposition

those assets to help them transfer that

that that wealth income tax free and

we're going to go through what those are

there's a high cost of long-term care

that's the other thing why it's so

popular because right now if you look at

the cost of long-term care it's pretty

high in fact a lot of seniors are not

purchasing it because of the fact it is

so expensive they are getting set to

live on

didn't come now they're going to be

retiring and to throw a large expense at

them to cover long-term care it's just

not very feasible and there's also the

thought that hey you know if I buy this

long-term care plan and I don't use it I

lose all the money I put into it

so that there in itself is another very

popular reason and why do I say it's

because the single premium plans have

long-term care they have home health

care benefits it's part of the product

it's not an additional benefit that's

added on its hassle-free

there's no compliance now depending on

what product you're selling I'm gonna

use that term a little loosely as far as

no compliance we do have some products

that are SPEA life combo products and

many of them do require that there is a

very simple maybe a 35 minute testing

that you need to complete there is no

exam required so your clients do not

have to worry about completing a

physical exam they don't have to worry

about seeing a doctor no one's going to

come into their home and poke and prod

draw blood all that unpleasantries that

would come with traditional life


the single premium whole life does not

require exams in fact we have products

where when you're in front of your

client you do a paper application you

make a phone call they're approved right

on the spot so very quick very simple

faster than an OD turnaround time that's

the next point I'm transitioning into we

are finding that these cases these

products are getting improved like I

said on the spot we are getting a a life

contract sent back to the client to you

to deliver to the client and a

commission check faster than what you're

going to see with annuities the

Commission's are amazing you can get up

to 15% on these particular products and

so it's a lot more than what you're

going to see in an annuity there's

guaranteed interest rates that you're

not going to see in a CD what I mean by

that well we have products that are

going to guarantee up to 3% on the money

so that in itself is pretty appealing to

a client who's got money sitting in a CD

a lot of times that's rainy-day money

and we're going to talk about the

different markets here in just a minute

to familiarize yourself with where to go

to get these dollars and not to mention

just the guaranteed interest rates but

the tax deferral a lot of these accounts

that they have sitting out there now

they are going to pay taxes on it and

you know obviously when you're not

getting much interesting you're paying

taxes on a little bit that you're

getting it's not necessarily a great

choice to leave where it's at today so

we got tax deferral in these single

premium plans okay so let's talk about

the market I think it's important that

we all understand you may be common

sense is gonna jump out at you here and

tell you that a lot of these things are

just simple that you know where to go

but let's break it down by market who's

a prospect if you're sitting there in

your office right now and maybe things

are a little bit slow and we all hit

those down times I know I've been in the

field you hit you get your your your

Peaks in your valleys you might be

sitting in a valley right now and you're

wondering what can I do to generate some

new business how can I help my clients a

lot of this is going back to existing

clients it's moving forward as you're

meeting new prospects and and you know I

guess one thing I've learned years ago

is that don't leave a house without a

map application find a way to help those

clients those prospects that you're

seeing today so let's look at this

clients with funds they do not need for

daily expenses let's take a look at

annuities for example we write millions

of annuities every month and we know

that there's a lot of clients out there

with the new tees that they're not going

to live on and so one of the things we

want to do is we want to look at our

clients the ones that we've written in

the past or prospects that we meet what

are they going to do with these


we know that distributions are taxed as

ordinary income on those annuities

especially if we look at the qualified

accounts and we do have products that

will take a qualified account in fact

I'm going to show you a little tool here

closer to the end of the webinar here

this morning on a tool that we have

that's going to compare a qualified

annuity versus putting it into a single

premium life product while your client

would want to look at doing such a thing

obviously we look at an increase in face

amount by taking that annuity dollars

and rolling it into something it

provides living benefits and we do have

products that have bonuses that will

offset the surrender charges

so now let's we stop when we think about

the different annuities that we've

written in the past and I can tell you

that when I look at suitability forms

because the new ''tis come in with

suitability forms today have a question

about what do they plan on doing with

that asset and so many times I see it

marked off that it says to pass the

asset to beneficiaries we all know that

the most efficient way to pass an asset

to the next generation is through life


and so instead of putting it into an

annuity and getting maybe six or seven

percent commission you can put it into a

single premium by plan get up to fifteen

percent get a bump in value tax-free

transferred death with living benefits

okay so savings and checking accounts

and CDs clients with us excess funds and

savings or checking accounts are

excellent prospects for this obviously

if they're sitting in those accounts

they're underperforming their lazy

dollars they're not even keeping up with

inflation you're getting minimal

interest they're getting taxable growth

and keep in mind a lot of that money is

rainy day money I know from experience

that I had clients that had a million

dollars sitting in their savings account

or checking accounts or CDs a real quick

story I talked with a guy who were not

to see a widow it was a friend of his

never did business with them but when he

finally he found out about the death of

this friend of his and why he didn't

write business on them I don't know but

he found out by going and seeing the

widow that she had three million dollars

in CDs that she didn't know about that's

where her husband kept the funds so for

not asking about those checking those

savings in those CDs obviously we could

be leaving some money on the table again

think of what we can do and I would say

don't be a pig don't take it all if you

don't have to or you don't need to

recline doesn't this really want to take

part of it move some of it interest

single premium life Medicare supplements

this is another great place there's

clients that are paying premiums on all

policies the the the the thought of

consolidating those expenses

consolidating those life insurance

policies may be freeing up some premiums

is a great thing and I know obviously

when those clients are retiring or those

prospects are retiring and they're

looking at those Medicare supplement

plans and maybe they're gonna buy a Plan

F they're going to be on that fixed

income they may want to look at freeing

up some of those expenses and putting it

into a single policy in fact I talked

with the guy yesterday if there's

anybody on here this morning who's

selling the supplements the concern is

that maybe in the next two or three

years there's going to be a real spike

in the cost of the plan F so what that

said you might want to look at freeing

up some of those premiums on those old

policies speaking again from experience

and we go into life insurance clients

this kind of ties all together and I'm

gonna jump ahead here for a second but

there's that desire again

consolidation and premium

discontinuation I know there's a lot of

senior clients out there that may have

bought a whole life policy 30 or 40

years ago when they first got married

and you have a great contracts I'm not

in the business to replace business but

if you look at the net amount at risk on

those old whole life insurance policies

the risk is really on the client now

because they've had them so long they've

got a good cash accumulation the

dividends have have accumulated in there

and now the Nano matters at risk is very

small so we look at 1035 in those into a

legacy contract that will actually give

them a higher death benefit freeze up

that little minimal premium they're

paying each month but now gives them

long term care and home health care


okay so let's jump up here a little bit

to the imploding universal life policies

falling interest rates have resulted in

premiums shortfalls and so because of

the fact that we sold those UL policies

and I'm guilty of it myself I when I got

started in the business they're paying

over 9% on the UL policies so what's

happened interest rates have come down

and if the original writing agent has

not come up to tell that client that

they're getting half the interest rate

today that they were 20 years ago those

policies are in trouble and so what

we've been doing is we've been rescuing

those old UL policies by rolling them

into a single premium life plan the

other thing is there's no guaranteed

death benefit on those contracts there

was a guaranteed interest rate but not a

guaranteed death benefit like we have

today a single premium life will

guarantee them a death benefit never to

require another premium again okay so so

for those of you who are out there that

are selling long-term care or maybe

clients that have a long-term care

policy maybe they're a little bit

concerned now they're retiring I think

you know this $500 month policy this is

really a concern for us if they've got a

lump sum somewhere that'll work as well

that'll work as you know whether it's in

a checking savings annuity and all the

things we talked about that'll also

provide them some supplemental long-term

care benefits here's another thing to

think about if you're writing long-term

care and you have clients have been

declined for long-term care we have

plans that only underwrite for the

mortality so all they have to do is

qualify for life insurance to actually

get one of these plans we also have

contracts and we probably all know who

they are but those single preemie

plans out there there are some that

underwrite the mortality and the

morbidity we have seen clients that

actually get declined for I'm gonna use

money guard for example because they

under 8 the mortality and the morbidity


they've been declined for long-term care

so thus they're declined all together

and what I've seen a lot of times is the

agent then puts the money into an

annuity I'm gonna ask you to reconsider

that if that happens again or maybe go

back to that client that was declined

for the money guard or maybe the the

generous contract because we do have

plans that'll actually pick that up I've

seen that where we've had a money guard

declined and then we'll go with the

other care and get approved so keep that

in mind if you can think of any one's

been declined give us a call again that

use-it-or-lose-it policy and that

doesn't happen with these single premium

plans if they don't use the long-term

care benefit then they have the tax rate

benefit that can be passed on to the

next generation and a lot of times again

we get that can't afford the policy so

they do nothing at all but yet maybe

they've got twenty five thousand dollars

sitting in a CD that they would use for

long-term care let's really get some

bang for the buck okay let's look at

penalties and Taxation because these are

some important things to know you know

of course compliances we need to make

sure that we tell you that the client

should consult their tax advisers about

the tax implications of their purchase

well I can tell you that the single

premium life contracts are either their

whole life they are index life or their

universal life plans they still have

that guaranteed death benefit and the

guaranteed premium and generally

speaking what you're going to see is

that long-term care benefit that's going

to be paid to them is coming to them in

the form of a death benefit so generally

speaking they're not going to be taxable

when discussing loans and withdrawals

with your client because there are

products out there that do have their

free withdrawals we have some that will

do 5% here some will do a 10% and then

they'll accumulate to 20 or 30%

depending on how long they hold the

contract but the early cash fails

obviously we're gonna we're gonna get to

the neck part over here in a second

early cash values will be less than the

premium paid unless you have a full

return of premium benefit we do have

contracts that will give your client 100

percent of their premium back if they

want to get out of it and over time they

can actually get 100 percent plus

interest on it so that's really nice for

those clients that are a little bit

concerned about taking the money out of

a CD or checking or savings account or

maybe even annuity and losing that

liquidity feature they do have that full

return of premium not all of them but

some of them do okay so let's go back to

that the modified endowment part of it

we're talking about taxation and

penalisation or penalties if your client

puts money into a single premium life

policy more times than not they will

become a modifying down the contract so

basically what that means policy loans

withdrawals those types of cash outs of

the policy would be taxable to the

client in excess of their cost basis

okay so keep that in mind now the only

other way to avoid that would be to take

a 1035 exchange from an existing policy

that's not a MEC as I mentioned before

the consolidation of policies let's say

you've got those clients that have a

bunch of those whole life policies that

want to stop paying premiums they want

to get a larger death benefit they want

to get the living benefits if you 10:35

those into one of these contracts then

it does not become a match so keep that

in mind when annuities are used to pay

premiums agent must inform the clients

that taxes will be incurred on any gain

and ordinary income tax rates so whether

we're looking at a qualified or

non-qualified again we do have the plans

that will handle qualified accounts and

just real quick how those work is we've

got to SPEA whole life combo product

where once you roll that's that

qualified account into it your clients

not going to pay taxes on it immediately

after rolling it in what happens is

every year now the first year there's

going to be

money coming out obviously because we

need to fund the premium for the first

year but what they'll do is they'll put

it into a SPEA contract and over a

10-year period the client will take or

they'll actually have to report 1099

income from that qualified account but

this is the nice part about it let's say

you've got to climb one hundred thousand

dollars they roll it into the SPEA

contract they will not receive a check

each year nor will they write a premium

each year what'll happen is the company

will do it internally they'll handle the

transfer from the SPEA to the whole life

plan but the client will receive a 1099

each year for the taxable portion in

that qualifying account okay so keep

that in mind very simple we are seeing

more and more on that in fact I'm going

to show you this illustrator here in

just one second what I'm talking about

there is a ten percent penalty tax if

your client is under age 59 and a half

and they do that transfer so I would

encourage you to things if you have a

client that wants to roll money into a

1035 exchange and they're not quite

fifty nine and a half what I would do is

see if they can come up with some funds

that will satisfy that first year

premium because we do have products out

there that'll do up to a ten pay so keep

that in mind okay

here's I'm going to do real quick I'm

gonna jump over here to this calculator

really fast this is something we just

came out with and this is a neat little

tool that can be made available to you

if you contract with one of our carriers

which is Baltimore Life in this scenario

this is kind of a neat little deal if

you've got a client let's say for

example let's use 70 years old in this

scenario okay so let's say you have a

client who has a hundred thousand

dollars sitting in a qualified account

and they decide at 70 years old when

you're meeting them that they really

don't need that hundred thousand dollars

or maybe they aren't really quite sure

they're thinking maybe they want to hang

on to it so here we've got a 70 year old

male and they are non tobacco users

during the 15 percent tax bracket now

and let's say that they've got a child

beneficiary that they know is going to

inherit that $100,000 qualified account

and they're in their twenty five they're

in the twenty five percent tax bracket

and you can see over here on the side I

kind of got this hidden a little bit

these are the different tax brackets

this is based on the 2003

teen tax tables now more than likely not

your clients children are probably in

their peak earning years probably above

the 15% rate well let's say in this

scenario they're up to 25 percent right

okay so let's look and let's just say

for example that 10 years later we're

gonna put 10 years in here leave it at

10 so 10 years later when your client is

now 80 years old because remember we're

using 70 there now 80 years old and

let's say they're earning 3% on that

annuity that they have today if you look

at that leaving that hundred thousand

dollars in that qualified account versus

putting a hundred thousand dollars into

the generation legacy product you can

see the death benefit over here what the

the beneficiary would receive with that

client dies in their 80 years old this

is a tax-free death benefit if you look

over here this is the value of the

annuity in ten years based on three

percent so at 80 years old that

beneficiary inherits one hundred and

thirty four thousand they will have to

pay thirty three thousand five hundred

ninety-eight dollars in taxes based on a

25 percent tax bracket thus leaving them

a net of one hundred thousand seven

ninety four the difference between this

number and the difference between this

number is thirty eight thousand 456 so

if your client were to put a hundred

thousand dollars in the generation

legacy product they would be giving

their beneficiary an additional 38

thousand four hundred and fifty six

dollars okay so this is a neat little

tool that would be available to you

again we can change this let's say that

your clients in the thirty-three percent

tax bracket now you'll see that that

number goes up substantially so a lot of

times I'm talking with agents such as

yourself that are gonna tell me that

they've got children that are very

well-to-do and they really don't need

the money but your client still has a

hundred thousand sitting in a qualified

account if they're not going to use it

roll it in the generation legacy product

and reduce that taxable benefit to that

grant into that child and give them a

bump in value so neat little tool that

is available to you when we're done with

this webinar we can talk about that

we'll get your contract and make that

available to you in your presentation


I also have a presentation book that I

can get to you as well

that will help you make this

presentation for single premium wise

okay so pretty simple kind of going into

the marketing materials now hopefully

you've gotten some good ideas as far as

who's a prospect out there for you

obviously what you want to do is you

want to go back and talk to those

clients or those prospects moving

forward plan to see to what you can do

with the single premium life we've got

the different products out there I know

I'm kind of leaving out a little bit as

far as the different plans I'm gonna

have a webinar here I believe it's next

Friday that'll talk about the different

products that we have available Monday

we're going to talk more about that that

piece that I just showed you a little

bit more detail it'll be a short webinar

but if you want to join me at 10:00 a.m.

on Friday we'll go into that in greater

detail okay so what do we have available

for marketing materials we've got some

different news advertiser advertisements

that you can put out there these

obviously are the black and white pieces

you can see here the nice thing is is

you're just leaving a little bit out

there the clients are gonna call you you

put this in the newspaper you put your

name and your phone number down there

increase visibility by putting that out

there maybe you want to you want to add

more to this you cuz you certainly could

do that if you want to enlarge this this

is a piece we can make available to you

for the black and whites you can also

brain your practice by putting your logo

on Thor whatever so we can improve these

a little bit tailor these a little bit

however you want that done we do have

some tribal trifold pieces that are

available they're not overwhelming

they're nice little pieces here this one

you can see you can actually customize

these customize this by putting a little

biography about yourself telling them

about who you are your business you can

put a picture on there so this is

customizable as well this is a neat

little piece that if you wanted to send

out to prospects maybe you've got a

mailing list that you're working on

maybe want to mail out to existing

clients you can do that as well there's

this piece here why the iris loves

annuities if you've got those clients

out there that have qualified accounts

you might stick that into a mailer with

them and if you think they're kind of on

the fence maybe they're clients that

have not touched that IRA yet maybe

they're retired for five years it's just

sitting there

this could be a good lead-in as to why

you want to start talking about taking

some of those qualified funds and

rolling them into the product I just

showed you here using that calculator

okay let's let's get into some sales

ideas again here real quick and we'll

start wrapping this up for you okay so

based on all the different little who's

the prospect hopefully you've gained

some ideas here what you would want to

do obviously at the end of this webinar

and I would encourage you obviously to

put something into practice but let's

look at first of all qualified accounts

any of your clients out there you know

that have the qualified accounts we can

and and the other thing too is we will

take 403 B so if you've got client

teachers out there that have 403 B's and

they would be a good prospect for this

we can have that as well

what we can do obviously is we 10:35

that in advance be a whole life combo

product maybe they have non-qualified

accounts that will work as well they can

just surrender that annuity and they go

straight deposit into one of these

single premium plans another thing to

think about maybe you have clients that

have ten percent free withdrawals that

they have not utilized or exercised

maybe they've got a large chunk of money

out there sitting in annuity maybe they

got a ten or twenty thousand dollar free

with all that can take out you could do

that one time just take that twenty

thousand or that ten thousand stick into

seeing a premium life plan provide some

final expense benefits in addition maybe

provide a little extra long-term care or

home health care required minimum

distributions are another thing maybe

they've got a large chunk of our MDS

maybe they've been putting them in the

bank I've seen this a lot of times those

clients that are 70 and a half years old

they're taking that RMD all they're

doing is sticking in the bank what does

that do it just sits in the lazy pool of

money if they're doing that you don't

have to take it all but talk to them

about what they can do with that arm D

we do have plans again that'll take up

to ten years or you could just do a

one-time lump-sum into it after they've

accumulated a couple years of RMDs

remember the underperforming policies

instead of taking that asset that they

have that universal life policy that

might be in trouble of lapsing instead

of sticking it into an annuity which I

see a lot of agents do just take it and

put it into a single premium life policy

maintain the integrity of that tax-free

asset that they created for themselves

in the first place

the continuous pay policies again I see

a lot of senior clients out there now

that they're retiring and you know what

I really don't want to keep paying

premiums on this policy can I do

something with this contract can I

reduce it can I just put it into

something that doesn't require premiums

anymore that's guaranteed absolutely yes

we can we 1035 the cash flow in that

policy into a single premium policy

again underperforming CDs excess

checking or savings accounts you know

I'm sure that you probably do in fact

finders with your clients if you're not

I've got forms that we can provide to

you to find out where some of those

hidden dollars at and you'd be surprised

I was just flabbergasted I spent time as

an investment banker for a while and in

addition to when I was out in the field

as an independent agent but found out

how many clients have such a large

amount of money sitting in there

checking your savings account because

it's FDIC insured doesn't make a lot of

sense to have $300,000 in the savings or

checking account that's another good

place to go policy reviews something I

didn't point out to you is I have a

personal arrangement guide and I don't

believe it's included in this webinar

but the personal arrangement guide is a

great place for you to go to find out

where those hidden dollars are it has a

list of all of the different places

where your clients will have their funds

and speaking from experience and I'm

sure you can vouch for this but so many

of the times when you're looking at a

husband and wife senior client the

husband knows where all the money's at

the husband's done all the financial or

had all the financial affairs and so

unfortunately when he passes away you've

got a surviving spouse there she doesn't

know where everything is that hence

going back to the very first thing I've

talked about before that the senior

client that had three million dollars in

sitting in CDs that she wasn't aware of

so this is a great piece that'll

actually help put together where all the

assets are at so that that Widow she

knows where everything's at and you know

it makes it simple when her husband

passes away so anyhow I don't want to

spend a whole lot more time on that but

this particular form will help you

uncover those hidden assets and help you

make some additional sales

we do have videos out on our website or

single premium life website if you have

not been out there I would certainly

encourage you to go out to our website

it's W

I am si en si comm there's a tab out

there single premium life it has all of

our different carriers it has recorded

webinars it also has different videos

out there that can help you whether you

want to use it as a presentation for a

prospect or client or also just some of

these pieces out that will help educate

you on some of the products so a great

place to go how can we help call life

marketing for any case that you're

working on I will tell you right now

that a lot of you that are selling

annuities if you haven't written life

insurance underwriting has come a long

way and I've really impressed a lot of

annuity producers out there with what we

can do for their clients for life

insurance today heart attacks strokes

those kinds of things cancer we've come

a long ways and it used to be if you got

cancer you were never going to get

insurance it used to be if you had a

heart attack you we're going to get

insurance it was gonna be so high price

you can afford it so now we have plans

where you can actually get a stent and

two years later we're gonna get you some

insurance so don't walk away from those

cases give us a call we'll sit we can do

for you we run the quotes we shop the

best carriers you're gonna find out we

might send you two or three single

premium life quotes to let you kind of

figure out what you want to provide to

your client we scrub those applications

and forms when they come in we've

provided that proactive weekly status

now I'll tell you these cases they get

issued pretty darn fast so it may be a

week or less you actually get an

approval so that's the nice thing again

when it comes down to it does it make

more sense to put that money into an

annuity take the path of least

resistance and get half the Commission

or put it into something else we're

going to you know get an exorbitant and

a higher amount of value passed tax-free

to the beneficiary with long term care

and home health care benefits our goal

is to get your cases issued and paid as

quickly as possible and that we will do

for you there has never been a better

time to sell single premium life than

there is today with more and more baby

boomers retiring and over 1.4 trillion

dollars in assets to be passed the next


again there's never been a better time

to sell singer premium life if you have

clients that have a pool of funds

whether they're sitting in a CD where

it's lazy dollars not keeping up with

inflation paying taxes on those dollars

or maybe they've got fun sitting

somewhere maybe an annuity maybe in a

money market account they know they're

not going to spend those assets in their

lifetime they are perfect candidates for

single premium life how about those

clients that you have that have a

qualified fund maybe a 403b

assets that they have that are qualified

that they are not going to spend their

lifetime maybe they're taking RMDs from

those accounts right now and they're not

living on those rather they're putting

them in the bank again there's they're

super prospects for single premium life

today with the high cost of long-term

care these single premium plants do

provide for living benefits for your

clients again there's super prospects

for a single premium life if we can help

in any way please call us today at