Amazon selling for beginners #1. Listing an item for sale


what's going on rock stars happy

Presidents Day it is a holiday here in

the United States Monday February 19

2008 een so hopefully you guys had an

enjoyable day off you didn't have to

ship anything kind of ship tomorrow but

enough to ship today over my VIP group I

got a lot of requests about showing

Amazon basics a lot of people wanting to

jump from eBay to Amazon especially with

like a lot of the slowdown on sales from

eBay and a lot of the different

merchandise seeing higher prices but a

lot of people who want to stop storing

their inventory at home or in their

small little office or whatever and just

ship it in Amazon which I think you

should do both we've always done both I

don't think you should ever abandon eBay

obviously there's a lot of stuff selling

eBay make money but for those of you

that want to start on Amazon or have

never done Amazon I'm gonna do a two

part video this is gonna be part one

Amazon beginners and this is going to

show you how to create a new listing on

Amazon step by step it's gonna show you

how to create the product it's going to

show you the system and the layout of

what Amazon does to track your items for

sale the inventory and such then part

two is going to be how to take that

inventory and send it into FBA if you

want to have Amazon store at pick it

pack it and ship it for you and I'll

also do at the end of the Amazon for

beginners part 2 video of shipping into

Amazon FBA the layout I'll screenshot

and I'll show you guys what the fee

layout is that's the pick and pack in

Amazon FBA fee in addition to the

regular you know selling fee and then

also the storage fees which are

short-term and long-term storage that's

at Amazon's warehouses that's on the

pallets that's they do it by cubic foot

you know square footage cubic foot of

storage on the pallet or in the shelving

units that they use however Amazon

stores your stuff in the warehouse so

we'll do that part one here watch for

part two tomorrow

on the 20th same channel here I'll use

the same title and I'll just label it

Amazon beginners part 2 so without

further ado this jump over the computer

I'll show you how to create a new

listing on Amazon how it's stored how to


and all that good stuff so that if you

do buy some things on Amazon you can at

least get started and sell them

fulfilled by merchants here at your own

location you can get the feel of it you

can start learning how to ship it how to

process how to handle orders how to

possibly handle returns hopefully not

but all the stuff that you need to

process and then tomorrow's video will

be how to let Amazon handle it for you

so let's do it alright so here we are on

the main seller central page and this

seller central page that I'm logged in

to you right now has no items for sale

no anything this was my old personal

account not the business selling

accounts so I'm just gonna show you guys

on this one I did have issues with

Amazon so unfortunately I had to keep

that away from everyone but a lot of you

probably already know the actual one if

you intend on looking anyways the point

of this video is just to show you the

basics of adding inventory and adding

products so that's what we're gonna do

and here we go first thing you're gonna

want to do is add product that's gonna

be under the inventory tab so here at

the top of your Amazon sellers screen

this is your main homepage think of this

as your my ebay screen you're going to

have a catalog where you can add

products and complete drafts that you

started and inventory where you can add

a product as well inventory planning

managing your FBA inventory which is

gonna be part two of this video managing

your inventory this is your regular

inventory this is the inventory that you

have on hand not an FBA and then of

course orders are when you get orders or

returns advertising is paying for

advertising and then you've got your

other options of reports performance

these are like your metrics and whatnot

we're gonna focus just on the inventory

and adding a product so go ahead and

open that tab in a new window or a new

tab and you will come to this screen

this screen is going to show you what

you can list by UPC EAN ISBN or asin UPC

is the barcode EAN I don't even know

ISBN is for books that is the unique

identifier on a book and Asin is a

unique identifier through Amazon you can

also look the product up by its name you

do not need any of the UPC's if it

doesn't have a UPC let's say that you

bought a PlayStation 4 it's got nothing

on it it's just the game system we can

look it up so let's go ahead and do that

since we're talking about it PlayStation

for okay so we're gonna look that up you

bought a PlayStation for the garage sale

and now you want to list it so to narrow

it down so don't get the video games

let's do console and go to search so

it's gonna bring up all of the results

so it came up with a hundred twenty one

thousand results it should come up with

the most relevant at the beginning so

here's a PlayStation four slim one

terabyte console we keep scrolling down

there's the white one so what you'd have

to do is find your exact matching item

here's a refurbished ps4 console so

let's say that you did have this very

first one terabit slim one let's say

that this was the item that you had

purchased at a garage sale and now you

want to resell it on Amazon

click sell yours now do you guys see

this listing limitations apply when you

click that and you point the arrow down

you can sell this a new collectible or

used if this item was gated and

restricted for your account it would say

gated restricted or let's say that you

were allowed to sell it used but not new

it would say used sell yours and below

that it would say new you are restricted

so this is where you'll find out what

you could sell so if you look on these

ps4 Slim's refurbished condition you are

not approved to list in this product

category so I cannot sell ps4 slim one

terabit black in refurb I can sell new

collectible and use so it's gonna show

you which conditions you can sell and

which ones you can't and so as long as

it has this yellow sell yours next to it

then you're good to go so we can go and

sell this we bought a used one we'll

click sell yours it's gonna open a new

tab and this is your essentially your

draft page over on the right side is

going to give you that a unique

identifier on Amazon which is a si n it

gives you the product name the

manufacturer the ID the marketplace the

list price is typically MSRP that's

manufacturer brand new ps4 s $299 I

think that's accurate I bought my ps4

like two years ago so I have no idea if

that's accurate now then it's gonna give

you the three categories that you can

sell in or whatever you're allowed to

sell in 88 new starting at 288 plus 789

these are the lowest prices of that cat

collectible at 285 and 399 and the used

ones start from 258 to $15 now this is

the lowest price period that's all fpm

and FBA so you will have to open these

and you can see what your competitive

comps are on FB M versus FBA the FBA

ones will typically be higher so let's

go ahead and do that let's open the used

it also gives us the Amazon sales rank

which is 61 very very good ps4 is one of

the most popular items of course so

under the used category here we go so

JMS Holdings has the cheapest one at 258

plus $15 shipping use very good it has

its description this is a fulfilled by

merchant it has his merchant name the

way you can tell is when you see an FBA

1 which I'm looking there are no FBA

ones all the way on the first page we

have to go to page 2 to try to find one

at FBA and it doesn't look like anybody

has one selling from FBA

so this ships from the customers none of

these are FBA so if you had a ps4 slim

that you were gonna send into FBA you

would probably appear higher in search

rankings depending on your prices so

that's something to think about when

you're looking at an item and comping it

and pricing it there's nobody else with

FBA you've already got an advantage over

them that won't happen with most items

almost everything has something

available at FBA anyhow so we see what

the prices are we see what other people

have you know their items priced at

maybe you want to be competitive in this

289 range whatever it is we now know

where we need to be so we're gonna come

back and make the listing the seller SKU

is your unique identifier for in house

let's say you want to call that Casey's

inventory ps4 1 you would make that SKU

whatever your SKU is you know if you're

gonna put that and been a 1 if it was

going in a bin it would be a 1 as your

ski or whatever your condition you want

to do used collectable or new make sure

that you read Amazon's acceptable like

new very good condition rating so you

properly rate your item let's say that

you got a cup or used one and it's in

very good condition so we'll select that

then we're gonna do the price you can

either match

the low price you can go and price it

yourself let's say we're gonna do two

$79.99 and now the default on this

account is 399 shipping I will do

another video but you can edit your

shipping to basically custom shipping

numbers like you can set it for what the

products are what the weights are right

now it's at 399 shipping which I'll

leave it at that just for the sake of

the video quantity you can put as many

as you bought we just bought one and

then the shipping template this is where

you would edit the shipping template if

you've already got or where you would

select your edited shipping template if

you created a custom template like

priority or charging for it or Express

or whatever which again I'll do a video

to show you guys how to edit all the

shipping settings on Amazon but that's

where you would select that and then

finally you would do save and finish and

so I'm not gonna save and finish this

otherwise I'm gonna have a ps4 up for

sale that I don't own but that's all you

would do now this item is immediately

going to go into your inventory tab

which lets go and close out the add

product here at the top under inventory

manage inventory for all of your items

that you sell yourself non FBA and

here's where it'll appear this screen is

great because it tracks every product

you've ever in put inside of Amazon so

here at the top I have a Nintendo

Entertainment System NES let's pretend

this was the ps4 and it's gonna say the

date I created it and the time which is

very nice to know you know how long ago

you created it it'll show how many I

have available it's even gonna show the

inventory fee preview for Amazon the

seller fee what you're gonna pay when

this item sells it only shows up once

you have the item in stock so you see

all these say zero with no fee once you

insert a price the fee will appear if

it's four dollars it's gonna show you

it's four dollars and then it's gonna

show your current price plus shipping

and then next to it it's gonna show that

current low price plus shipping that we

just saw when we're comparing so that

when you come back through your

inventory at a later time you can

compare the price that you currently

have your price here with the lowest

price without having to go back to that

other screen you can just see it and if

you choose to edit something that's your

right-hand tab this is your edit button

so that's how quickly you can do it now

let's say you sell that ps4 this NES or

whatever you have

and a couple weeks later you get another

one we don't got to go back and do all

the steps that you just did you can come

here and just edit the quantity back to

one it'll be at zero if you sell it edit

it back to one

adjust the price if it needs adjusting

you can edit the you know the condition

from use very good to used acceptable or

whatever it is and within seconds you

can have another one of these up listed

now the one thing I get a lot of

questions about on this is do you take

your own photos and upload your photos

for Amazon some people will if it's a

general item if it's a video game or

something and I don't really got to show

the condition it's nothing special no

just use the stock photo that Amazon

automatically provides which you can see

on 99% of the items I've ever listed

there almost all amazon photos and not

my own some people do the photos some

people don't it's totally up to you if

it's an item you're gonna keep selling

or keep getting and they're gonna be in

different conditions it probably doesn't

make sense to keep using photos just use

the stock photo and describe the item

properly and you'll be fine trust me we

never had issues with that maybe once or

twice ever so that's how easy it is to

manage the inventory once you have it

inside of the catalog here if the item

doesn't exist on Amazon's website and it

doesn't find it either it's private

label or it's an item that's never been

on there then I'm gonna have to do a

video on showing you how to insert a

whole brand-new item which I will do but

since this is Amazon for beginners I

just wanted to show you how to insert a

new item fresh first time you ever log

into Amazon seller central that's how

you do it now the second thing we're

gonna go over in part two of this video

is how to transfer this inventory from

in stock here where you would hold it in

your building or your house and ship it

to managing your FBA inventory that

means shipping it into their warehouse

so they have it and they'll ship it for

you I'll show you how to take the items

you list and send them into the

warehouse so that's gonna be part two of

the video that will be for another day

in the meantime make sure you ask any

questions in the comment section you

might have about this it's very easy

very straightforward once you sell you

know set up the seller central account I

recommend using a personal account to

begin it will charge you per item

signing up for the premium is $40 a

month make sure that you are going to do

it and you're gonna stick

and make sure that you're getting some

items shipped in if you're making 10 $15

profit per item you only need to sell

three or four items to pay for the

monthly subscription so keep that in

mind just one item a week so you don't

need to go crazy to get an account but

you do need to have some consistent

sales to make sure you're you know

taking advantage of that $40 cost that

you're paying every month the $40 cost

comes right out of the amount of sales

that you make so it doesn't charge to

your credit card but I think that's

about it if you have any other concerns

questions anything leave in the comments

section and I will get the second part

of this converting the inventory from

fbm to FBA on Amazon beginners video

number two hopefully tomorrow at the


on Wednesday thank you guys for watching

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