How to Sell Your Sterling Silver Flatware and Holloware

hello chris hobbiton here from Bellaire

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Queen incorporated

located in Tampa Bay Florida we're here

today to help you get the most for your

sterling silver items when you're

selling Mary Ann has a lot of questions

today I do where can I go to buy and

sell sterling silver the best place to

buy and sell sterling silver is at a

pattern matching service just like the

silver Quinn incorporated we make a

living out of buying and selling your

silver items sometimes for the silver

value but we have over a hundred

thousand customers existing and we can

actually sell this for more than the

silver value so definitely a pattern

matching service how would I know I'm

getting a fair price well getting a fair

price is bait buyer beware seller beware

make sure you check out who you're

selling to if it's not us at the Silver

Queen at least find out have they been

in business for 40 years

are they family owned and operated are

they entrenched in the business make

sure when you walk into the store

there's so much inventory that they

couldn't possibly be gone overnight

because you wouldn't want to take a

check from someone that was there one

day and gone the next would I benefit

from selling my items at an auction

auctions honestly are hit mister

sometimes you can do really great at an

auction you could exceed your

expectations then other times you get

less than a silver value so my

suggestion is always get go somewhere

where you can get an offer immediately

and know what you're getting what if I

choose to leave them on consignment

consignment in this industry is always a

dirty word if person if a person cannot

offer you a fair price that you feel

comfortable with it's best never to

leave it on consignment because

basically what you're doing is you're

giving them your merchandise so that

they can hopefully potentially sell it

for more than you're asking but in

general we've heard so many stories

where customers have been so unsatisfied

in the past with other dealers that they

left things on consignment that they

come to us and they realize it's selling

immediately is the best way

now should I polish it or clean it

before I bring it in

well people love this when I say no you

do not have to polish

you do not have to clean it bring it in

as it is what if I choose to buy or sell

on the Internet

buying or selling on the Internet well

there's a lot of good companies on the

Internet of course the Silver Queen

dot-com is on the Internet and there are

other pattern matching services that are

reputable that you can buy and sell with

however some of the internet auction

sites again just like the regular

auction sites they're hit miss you may

exceed your expectations at one point

and other points you may sell it for

less so again do your research before

you deal with anybody on the Internet

how could I tell them I own whether it's

silver or just silver-plated

good question most sterling silver items

will be marked with an indicator that

will say sterling silver the actual word

or the decimal equivalent of 0.9 to five

and then of course sterling came from

England and they had the original what

they call the passat lion it's a lion

that has three feet on the ground and

one Paul raised if you see that that is

sterling silver a lot of the other

pieces you have might be silver plate

and those are marked on the bottom

they'll usually be marked EPC which is

elective plated copper or you may have

something marked silver ware marked AAA

or double-a what that means is it has

two coats of sterling silver plate or

one coat depending on how many A's there

are so again take a look at the back of

it but when in doubt always come to your

dealer and have us take a look at it and

we'll determine that for you

and if I find out it's just silver plate

is it still worth something in general

silver plate has very little value the

only silver plate items that are really

worth anything are figural that's men

and lions and people carrying Worlds and

flowers if it's not extremely ornate if

it's a simple chalice or platter like

this or plate don't think it has any


what about coin silver well coin silver

refers to silver made prior to 1865

that's when silver would actually be

melted down from the coins and they

would form a goblets or silverware

people generally think that that's worth

quite a bit however most coins silver

comes in such bad condition it's just

not worth anything and how would you

determine the overall value of my


well silverware

and silver items have intrinsic value

which is the metal value but they also

have the artistic or usable value

however people get a little upset

sometimes dealers must weigh your silver

to ensure that you're getting at least

the silver value and then what we do is

we take a look at the pattern we took a

look at the condition the maker there

are better makers names that can be

worth quite a bit more so once we take a

look at the maker how much it weighs the

condition the pattern we formulate that

all together and we make an offer now my

silver items continue to increase in

value in the future the ER items may

increase in value in the future if

silver and gold prices go up this type

of material does follow the silver

market so as silver goes up and gold

goes up your value and your silverware

does increase however the collectability

market has been decreasing over the

years so we have seen it kind of stay

pretty much the same but a lot of people

don't ask that question because they're

thinking about themselves they think

well if I leave this to my kids is it

going to be more valuable someday well a

lot of times they leave it to their kids

and little Johnny little Susie come in

and they sell the silver for less than

you would have sold it for so the best

bet is always have it checked out know

what you have and before you give

something to your heirs make sure that

you ask them do you want it and if they

say well we're just going to sell it

maybe you should do that just give them

the money okay well we've asked a lot of

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