What to do with Plated Silver

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How to sell silver plated flatware?

Step 1: Gather all your silver plated flatware and make sure it is clean and polished.
Step 2: Research the value of your silver plated flatware online or by consulting with an appraiser.
Step 3: Decide on your desired selling method, whether it be through an online marketplace, an auction house or a silver dealer.
Step 4: Create a detailed listing or description of your silver plated flatware, including any unique or rare pieces, with clear photos.
Step 5: Set a fair and competitive price for your silver plated flatware, taking into consideration the condition, rarity and market demand.
Step 6: Promote your listing or consignment with reputable dealers or auction houses to reach potential buyers.
Step 7: Close the sale by agreeing on a payment and delivery method with the buyer, and ensuring the silver plated flatware is safely packaged and shipped.


a question i get

very often is

i've found that the silver i received

from my mother-in-law or mother was

silver plate


i was disappointed i was hoping it was

sterling they thought it was sterling

and now what do i do with it it

tarnishes it sits on the shelf i don't

want it so anyway

is there any market for this

most of it

was wedding gifts from the 1930s and 40s

it was uh you know something that looked


and was an easy gift to give and it


actually didn't cost a lot so what what

do you do with it

there's two kinds there's hollow wear