Before You Sell Silver and Gold Jewelry | Tips & Testing Gold and Silver Jewelry to Resell Online

hi everybody its Margaret welcome my

channel Texas Scout treasures I've got

some things here that I am going to be

testing with my gold and silver testing

kit these are acids so I am wearing

gloves and some of these things I know

are gold some things I know are silver

and others I'm not so sure either

they're not marked or they've got a mark

and I'm not sure about the mark and I

want to make sure before I list them

that I know what I'm putting in my

description also I've got a couple

things here that I meant to test with my

Presidium gem tester yesterday and I

forgot so at the end I'll pull out the

gem tester and will test those so I've

got the links down below if you're

interested in getting an acid testing

kit of your own if you're selling

jewelry online it's a really good idea I

also have my loop to find different

marks I have my magnet to see if the

item is magnetic if it's magnetic it's

probably not gonna be gold or silver

rare cases which I have never come

across when actual gold or silver is

magnetic but I haven't come across that

and then my stone to test oh alright so

I'm gonna first separate these by silver

and gold and then we will dive in so get

your stone get the piece find a spot

where you can make a mark without

damaging the piece and I like to make

one line going across like so okay I've

got that

and then what I do is I line things up

so I can test multiple things at one

time so I've got these bangles and so

I'm gonna go ahead and test those first

let's get our magnet out make sure

nobody's magnetic and even though some

of them don't have a mark this one does

I wouldn't go ahead and test them

because stamps are cheap so I don't want

to sell a sterling silver bracelet and

then find out oh it was a fake so I'm

gonna look for a spot on this and these

aren't hard for me to sell because I

love bangles a lot so we'll see how it

goes so I found a spot I'm gonna make a

aligned here and then I'm gonna line it

up so I know which comes first second

third etc so this is got this Greek key

design and then a lot of times you'll

see um you'll get used to the color that

it comes off as on the stone and if it

is a different color than you're used to

then you might think oh look this one

looks a little more brassy this one

however doesn't have a mark on it and

it's more kind of a gold tone color but

that just shows you when you see the

mark you're like I don't know about that

one another silver bangle again you see

the change in color there so these ones

are most likely silver and then I've got

a couple that are probably not hmm

okay so I've got these all lined

hopefully and keep them straight so what

I want to do when I'm testing my silver

is because the stone is black so the kit

does come with a silver test but it

makes the line turn like this dark red

color and it's really hard to see on

this stone what I usually do if I'm

going to use the silver acid is that

I've got a a white tile and I use the

back of it not the slick side but the

poor side and then I can really see if

it turns red or not but since we're

using the black stone I'm gonna use the

18 karat gold acid because it will turn

the silver line into this kind of milky

whitish silvery blue color so I'm gonna

zoom it in a little more so you get a

better shot of that so here we go I'm

gonna kind of slide these down trying to

keep them in order so you can see

alright so first up is this one and a

lot of times what I'll do is I'll take

the acid and I've just run a line

straight down like so so you can see

pretty quickly

the ones that are changing into that

milky silvery blue color alright so we

definitely have this one that is silver

okay so I'm going to take that and put

it to the side I've got my second one

that was definitely silver my third one

silver the fourth one I had was this

right here and it is not as you can see

the color of this the line is different


next up this one was silver right there

the next line was this bracelet which

was not silver obviously by the line

color then we have this one which is

silver and finally this last one which

looked silver but is not so what I want

to do on these three is double check

them I'm looking on the inside for any

kind of mark now this one I don't think

is gonna be any kind of silver or gold I

don't see a mark and the inside coating

almost looks painted but I'm gonna go

ahead and test it anyway why not same

thing with this one I'm gonna go ahead

and pull out cuz it's I'm surprised I

thought this one was going to be silver

and it did not turn out to be silver and

in this one I don't know the insides

kind of tarnished so I was a little

surprised on that as well

so now we're gonna repeat the process

with these earrings which have silver on

one side and kind of goldish on the

other this silver charm this necklace I

want to change check the pendant part

and the chain same thing with this

necklace the chain is magnetic on this

one but the pendant is not and then this

is a ring that I tested with the stone

the other day and the stone turned out

to be like a glass stone but it is set

in silver so now I want to check to make

sure it really is silver so when I use

my loop to look down at the marking in

this earring it says Italy five eight

five which means that it's gold so it

may be this part that's gold and it may

this part that's gold so it may be

silver and gold or two different types

of gold because this part is more of a

yellow and this other on the back is

more of a white so I'm gonna go ahead

and try it and test it out and see what

we come up with I'm gonna test both

sides on this one I'm gonna do the charm

first and then the chain same here charm

first in the chain and then the ring and

now we'll test with our 18 karat gold

solution remember the first one is the

front and back of this earring which we

think is since it's marked a gold it's

probably gold but we'll check it anyway

alright let's see what we have got here

I'm gonna zoom in and we talked about it

so as you can see on the this earring

both sides it's disappeared and your

might be asking yourself but it's you

said it was gold but it's not 18 karat

gold 58.5 I believe is 14 karat gold so

we're gonna double check this earring

front and back with the 14 karat gold

solution so we're gonna set those aside

click the gold next was our Asian

character charm which you can see that

milky silver color so that is silver

next up we have the pendant and the

chain for this necklace so you can see

both of them have tested as silver and

this stone I'm going to come back and

test in just a few minutes the next one

right here is the pendant on this

necklace which I'm also gonna come test

there's two separate stones in there

then there was the chain on this

necklace which was not silver and then

finally this ring with this stone which

I want to test again because it tested

as not even registering his glass and it

tested this ring as silver so now we're

moving on to our gold pieces again I'm

gonna scratch the front and back of this

earring and it has some stones in there

that we'll test as well when we get done

so there's the front there's the back

next are these gold earrings and these

are marked 14 karat gold as well now you


the loop the hoop and the post on this

one but I'm gonna go ahead and just test

the the hoop part this is a ring that I

recently got and it looks like it might

be like a copper but when I shined it up

it started looking kind of goldish so

we'll test it just to see I don't think

it is but will it get it I think it's

more of a copper we'll see okay then

I've got this pendant and this chain let

me get my magnet the spring on this one

as you can see is magnetic but it may

just be the spring that is inside the

hoop the little clasp because the chain

itself is not magnetic

it keeps catching that I think it's just

the spring inside and then this is not

magnetic and I do see a mark on the back

there and the mark on the back of this

heart is 14 K so we're gonna check the

chain and the pendant on this one so

here's the pendant and the chain which

is definitely not it up hmm now remember

stamps are cheap so just because it's

got that on there doesn't mean that it

is for sure what it says it is

and then lastly I've got these two

little ear crawler kind of cuffs that I

thought we would try testing out why not

they're not magnetic I don't technically

think they're gold but I thought well

let's try them just to have something to

compare and then the big one okay just

the sound of it Oh like nails on the

chalkboard okay so how I start this is I

start with a 10k

even though probably if they are gold

most of them are gonna be 14k but I'll

start with a 10k just so you get the


what should happen is when I draw the

line if it is gold then the line you

will still see it unless it's like nine

carat or something like that that's

below a 10k

so let me zoom in and we'll take a look

so as you can see I'm screwed everybody

get down everybody these two are still

there underneath you can still see the

line underneath for this earring for the

front and the back so that's good we're

going to test it with the 14k next the

next earring is this hoop and we can

still see the line underneath that one

so that one is at least 14 karat or

better next was this ring that I said is

probably copper and we are looking at

the line has disappeared so this one is

not gold even though it's cute and fun

and definitely vintage maybe even

antique the next one that we tested was

the pendant on this necklace and you can

still see the line under there a bit and

then the chain as well you can still see

that line kind of underneath there am I

trying to get the the mark a little bit

darker and then on these two ear

crawlers or ear cuffs line is gone

alright so let's zoom it back out and

take a look at what we've got left so

I'm gonna try to get this one a little

darker on here so we can see it a little

better when we do the 14k all right so

here's our 14k and I'm gonna zoom it in

so you can see it a little better as I

do it so on the first three you can see

that that line stays put that's for the

front that's for the front and back on

this one and for this hoop earring

alright so let's go down now to the this

one which is more in 14k I can flip it

over this necklace and pendant so it's

kind of disappeared a little bit over

there makes me wonder if it's just fake

but Shane is really good though so let's

see what it does when I put the 14k on

the line over here let's see if it

vanishes know what that tin came back

over on the side and see maybe I just

didn't in my line dark enough over here

let's see cuz the line staying put now I

think maybe I just didn't have my line

dark enough okay so that is the 14k so

what happens next

is if you're still trying to figure out

what karat your gold is is that if you

put the next karat up which would be the

18 karat in this case it should vanish

because it's not 18 karat yet which is

what we saw happen earlier when we

tested this one with this four silver

see it just totally vanishes because

it's not 18 K let me put it down the

middle on this one so you can see it yep

totally vanished now it's taking over

the rest alright so this one is is 14k

yeah okay so I'm gonna test this stone

as well

alright we're gonna knock out one more

I've got a few things here that maybe

but probably are not so we'll start with

my 10 karat gold make that line let's

take a look a little bit closer on these

and it looks like everything else that I

tested here I tried them out not gold

not gold not gold not gold not gold and

not gold

alright it's worth the try alright so I

pulled this out because I had a few

stones that we I thought we might as

well test this one is a little black

stone in there so let's find out what

that is these gold earrings have these

stones in them so it might be nice to

find out if they are diamond we're gonna

try this one again I tested it yesterday

but we're gonna see

this is set in 14 karat gold

chances are it's just like a Swarovski

type crystal but hey could you imagine

if it was a diamond oh my gosh and then

this one I'd like to find out if it's

like a white topaz or something and then

there's some teeny-tiny little green

stones that we can check they're

probably peridot well we'll find out so

this is the Presidium gem tester I've

done a few videos on this but I'll link

it down below if you're interested so

first I'm gonna calibrate make sure it's

calibrated yes then I'm gonna test the

glass it should fall there for glass

that's going over a little bit so let me

recalibrate okay make sure it goes all

the way back down glass okay so no let's

take this one and I'm going to if it

hits the metal it's gonna make this

screaming sound so apologies so that

little stone looks like it's falling in

the garnet range I'll have to get a

closer look at it so it might be a

really dark dark garnet in there we're

gonna test these little stones in this

earring I'm hoping it goes all the way

over here to Diamond mm-hmm

here we go so chances are there are just

some little crystals even though they're

set in gold all right we're gonna test

this one again I still was really

surprised it didn't register yesterday


it's falling right in that glass range

now it's not even registering barely

next up we've got this big stone and

then there's some little ones in the top

part so first we'll do the baked one cuz

it's easy and big so it falls in the

aquamarine and tourmaline but then it

also falls where it's a quartz citrine

and amethyst so I don't know are there

really clear aqua rains I'll have to do

a little more digging on that okay and

then now I'm gonna check these

little green ones which I'm guessing are

gonna go where the Kyra praise emerald

and nephrite are I know I always say

that weren't wrong all right so here we

go this one might be a little bit of a

doozy to get a hold of and yep it falls

right there where it would for a peridot

beautiful so I'm gonna have to do a

little learning about this one and then

this one also set in 14 karat gold with

this heart let's see if it's a crystal

and really just pretty pretty or a

diamond and like really pretty and it's

falling kind of in the glass area I

figured because a diamond this size

would have more than probably three

prongs holding it in so it's it's glass

but that's okay it's still pretty

probably some Swarovski crystal or

something like that I hope you enjoyed

this silver and gold testing video and

also the gem testing and you can find

links to everything I use down in the

description box below and I'll see you

on the next one bye everybody