How to Sell Your Silver and Gold for the MOST MONEY

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what's up YouTube Silver dragons here

and in this video we're going to talk

about selling your gold and your silver

now I know what some of you are thinking

why would I ever want to sell well the

bottom line is you might not want to

sell but you might need to sell for one

reason or another maybe it's a good

reason or a bad reason you know maybe

you're selling your silver to buy gold

or you're selling some of your metals to

purchase a home or something like that

or perhaps it's a bad reason right maybe

you have medical bills or home repair

costs or something like that but it's

great that you have silver and gold to

sell because if you didn't have it and

you needed it well then you'd be out of

luck so it's great to have if you ever

are in a time of need it's basically

your insurance it's your savings so when