Silpada Going Out Of Business-A Reminder For At-Home Business Representatives

hey it's aaron and i wanted to talk to

my at home business reps in spite of her

because of something that happened today

with an at home business company so the

people i want to talk to you right now

are those who work from home maybe

getting some extra income from selling a

product that's not necessarily something

they created but maybe a larger

corporation has and you're maybe a

representative or consultant or coach

something like that so i need to talk to

you because i want to give you a couple

reminders about some things today i

don't know if you know but one of the

jewelry companies a beautiful reputable

jewelry company announced that they're

going out of business and i learned this

through one of the business groups that

i'm in some of you know that i have a

few businesses and their successful now

but they always they weren't always

successful you have to kind of fail

before you learn how to do things the

right way and one of my failures was an

at-home business I was a consultant for

a skincare and makeup line and I didn't

know what I was doing to be honest okay

I don't know if I'm still there okay we

disconnected for a second but anyway um

so I was a skincare and makeup

representative for a company very

reputable still going today but I didn't

know what I was doing I didn't know how

to market I didn't know how to grow my

email list I didn't know anything so

what I try to do now is when I learned

something I try to share what I learn um

with those who I think may be able to

use what I've learned and put it to good

use so you don't have to make the same

mistakes that I did many mistakes so

anyway I was in a business group today

and um we also talked about marketing

things like that and this was the topic

because this one girl is just absolutely

devastated that her company's going out

of business now she makes a good living

from what i understand i don't know the

details but a very good nice chunk of

change um from this company that's going

out of business and she doesn't know

what to do now so she's pretty new to

the group and so we kind of tried to

help her with ways to figure this out

but basically the biggest mistake that I


when I was a network marketer was just

promoting the product which is fine is a

great product but what happens when you

do that and the only promote product

product product look at this product

isn't it great this is what it can do

you know this is the price this isn't a

sale and it's just product product is

that you're not really setting yourself

apart from the other people that sell

that product so for instance if Johnny

Joe down down the road cells skin care

oh please well maybe it could be Johnny

Joe I don't know Excel skincare and

makeup how are you going to separate

separate yourselves from them when it

comes to finding a client why are they

going to choose you instead of choosing

Johnny Joe down the road so this that

was one of the biggest mistakes I've

made so if you're an at-home business

representative whatever you want to call

it you need to figure out what separates

you from your competitors now I

understand you're all the team but let

me give you a for instance so as far as

like the makeup business that I was in

we were taught a certain way to do with

the parties we were taught a certain way

to apply um you know do the skin care

routine and it was all great and that

that's what used to work it really did

and people were buying and things like

that but I had poor customer follow-up

yada yada yada but what I wasn't doing

was giving them something extra why was

I the one that they should be buying

this product from I had no reason I was

just doing what I was supposed to be

doing and I didn't add anything to it

and I was failing and I didn't know why

back then but now I know so the one

thing i want to remind you of is to find

something that sets you apart from

everybody else so take the skincare

makeup a line that i was in involved

with i could have been doing videos

about how to apply a certain look or how

to match makeup and you know to what

you're wearing how do what kind of skin

tone would work best with this you know

eyeshadow lipstick whatever i could have

been doing like tutorials things like

that that would set me apart from

everybody else but i wasn't i was just

doing what everybody else did and so

this jewelry company she was trying to

figure out

what can I do now and the hard part is

she didn't set herself apart from the

crowd so the only thing that people know

her for is that she sells XYZ jewelry um

so it's devastating to her so what we

talked about was okay so people know you

from jewelry what can you do with that

too maybe just keep your business going

in a different way so what she's gonna

do now is maybe teach people on video

how to shop for accessories has nothing

really to do with her company but they

can kind of transition into that so it

may not be you know here's this necklace

and matching earring set that you could

buy from me but now it's when you go to

the store and you're buying you know

this beautiful dress for a wedding and

it has this kind of neckline choose this

type of necklace see where its showing

knowledge instead of just product

product product and with with the

knowledge will come people that want to

follow you if that makes sense so yes

they know you for a certain XYZ product

but you set yourself apart to have a

different kind of knowledge that builds

a customer not just for that product but

for anything else that you do so another

for instance is I had a couponing blog I

was an extreme couponing still didn't

know what I was doing as far as in the

home business okay so I just had this

blog and I was making money from people

printing my coupons and I was doing a

lot of couponing classes which was fine

but when I decided not to do that

anymore what happened I didn't have

anything else to share so I just kind of

let all my customers slip away and that

was really hard because I could have

used a lot of them right now but people

eventually did find me again and now

they only found me because they were

interested in me they weren't just

following the couponing we formed a

relationship excuse me so that's what

you need to do if you have an at home

business where you're selling a product

you have to form a relationship it can't

be here's my product here's the price

here's the sale bye bye bye because

that's not what sells so I see a lot of

great things on my facebook friends page

where people do that they're starting to

figure this out

videos and tutorials and sharing

information is really the way to build a

relationship with your clients so when

your company decides not to be around

any longer you have something that

you're known for other than just the

company's product so I wanted to share

that as point number one and point

number two if you're in a network Marty

marketing group or your representative

for a company you really have to learn I

guess they're called the bylaws of what

you actually own in that company so by

that I mean you have a lot of these

people buying products and they're

giving you their email address but I

don't know if most of you know that you

cannot use that email address once you

are no no longer associated with that

company the company actually owns that

email address now it may be different in

different companies but as an overall

rule the emails that you collect by

doing business with that company are not

yours to keep so it kind of stinks okay

you really have to build your email list

a different way and build relationships

a different way incorporate your product

into that relationship but you know you

just can't be promoting product all the

time so let me give you another example

because I have a lot of people that do a

lot of fitness nutrition coaching things

like that and they're doing wonderfully

now with this new idea in new way of

selling and to some of us it's not new

but it's just kind of with this Facebook

live and YouTube live people are really

getting the gist of it now so let's see

her coach for some product and you sell

maybe nutrition supplements different

shapes or things like that what you

could do instead of just saying you know

before and after which is fine but we've

all seen before and after and honestly

we're kind of immune to that now we know

it can work but not everybody has the

same results and I can testify to that I

don't have the same results for

different medical reasons so um what

they started doing was a recipe book

some people Silva make these cold cakes

somebody made peanut butter cups and one

of the ingredients was a shake mix I


and I thought oh how cool because

instead of saying here by this product

you can say here here's this recipe

here's the picture or the video of how

to make it and isn't beautiful it tastes

delicious and here's how I made it and

you know people you can choose whether

or not you want to add you know if you

want these ingredients and you would

like this shake mix that I made this

recipe with here's how you can get it

and that's well that's the way a lot of

people are getting business they're also

just creating ebooks for people that

already own that product so if you there

people are already buying your shakes

you can make an e-book out of you know

different recipes that you can make with

that shake and that's something

different than just selling the product

so i really i really want you to think

about that if you are an at-home person

think about a way that you can improve

your customers relationship get them to

know you instead of the product and

offer information anything new that you

learn put it out there that's what I'd

love to do you know the only way I got

to be successful was by somebody else

sharing their information with me

because I don't know everything and I

never will and I'm honestly not great at

figuring a lot of things out so when

people teach me I catch on quickly but I

need somebody to share their answers

with me and so that's what I'm going to

try to do with everybody else and I've

been doing it behind the scenes but now

I'm kind of you've probably seen that

I've combined my business pages together

most of them except our ice cream stand

and that way people know me I don't want

them to always know my business now if I

don't want them to know that I don't

want that that to be the focus because

I'm me and I do a lot of different

things that I'm good at so if people

don't like me then they don't do

business with me and that's okay and I

think that's something we have to

remember to when we're doing network

marketing you hear a lot of no's right

no I don't want to try your product no

you know it's not for me i'm not

interested and that's okay because

you're never going to get the nest the

yeses if you don't have any knows so

keep that in the back of your mind to so

your homework i'm not going to drag it

out any longer but

is to know the bylaws of your network

marketing group your MLM whatever it is

know what you can and cannot do oh the

other thing I want to throw in with that

is sometimes you can't have your own

blog or your own website to promote

different things regarding your product

so really find out the details and then

once you know your details go ahead and

figure out okay now I know I can do this

this and this how can I separate myself

from the crowd by using those tools so

if it's a black post some recipes if you

do the shake thing or if you sell

jewelry do something local say hey

friends and I have a girlfriend that

does this already she's doing a really

good job with her local customers saying

hey if you're part of this sports team

you know here's a really cool bracelet

that you can make for your sports team

and she shows a picture of it so it's

not like here here's the coolest jewelry

in the world we have 27,000 products

look through my magazine and pick

something out it's not like that it's

more of a local like here friends I know

you're interested in this so wouldn't

this be cool to go along with it so I

have a girlfriend that does a really

good job with that so kudos to her but

figure out what you're good at and

figure out your knowledge that you have

that other people may not share maybe

they have the knowledge but they're just

not sharing um go ahead and share

something with your customers figure

that out set yourself apart so that when

something happens to your not when if

something should happen to your MLM or

your um you know your product line

you'll be okay and people will know you

for something other than just the

product so that's all I have to say

about that right now because I made that

mistake and I don't want you to make the

same thing but anyways I'll talk to you

soon and you have a great deep let me

know how you're doing actually if any of

you that are watching now that I can see

have an MLM or you know sell a certain

product comment below I would love to

know how you're doing and if you're

setting yourself apart already that

would be really cool to know where you

are so all right take care have a good

night god bless