5 Ways to Sell Silk Thread Jewelry | Handmade Jewelry | By Knotty Threadz !!


hi guys welcome back to our channel

naughty thread in today's video we are

going to share five different ways on

how you can sell your handmade Julie

reason we are doing this video is

because we have been receiving a lot of

requests from our viewers all of them

have the same question they all know how

to make the jewelry now but they don't

know how to sell it so I thought this

little video of ours will definitely

help a lot of you guys to earlier own

handmade jewelry Y so first I would say

are the easiest way to increase your

collection would be through Facebook so

let's start with Facebook which is one

two most popular social media that's

used by each one of us in our daily life

now we have 5 options when it comes to

Facebook the first thing is very simple

you just start taking pictures of your

creations and post it on your wall

this way your creations will be seen by

all those who are a part of your illness

so the second one is by creating a page

and posting the picture in the page the

third one is similar to a page but here

what you do is you create a group and

spot adding people to that group and

then share your creation the fourth one

and you can whatever posts that you have

posted on your wall or your page you can

share both put in different group now by

doing so your work or your creation will

get more exposure and it will reach out

to a wider audience

the first one is by setting up a shop on

Facebook which is curly and blue and a

very good option you or you can simply

start posting pictures along with the

prices and that is the mandatory thing

has to be done if you are setting up a

shop now whoever is interested in buying

back product will be mock you or you

know or start a child with you instantly

so that makes life easy for the seller

and the buyer the next thing that we

want to talk about is what Chuck which

is again the most popular application we

use on a day-to-day basis now in

whatsapp what you can do is create

growth I'm very sure you all have a

friend circle you all have colleagues so

you can just and everybody under one

group and create a group where you can

start sharing your handmade creations

along with slices so if anybody is

interested we will definitely place an

order now in case is you do not want the

numbers to be mutually shared you can

create a broadcast view the next option

we have is to approach resellers or

small shopkeepers around their place now

there are a lot of reasons Google do

tell you the handmade Judy so you can

just find such retailer and if they are

willing to push it we made like nothing

like it and the other option is by

approaching so small shopkeeper around

your plate you can just play your work

or creations in in that store if he is

willing to buy you can go ahead with it

if not you can also work on a commission

basis and Game Commission can edit a

female the next option we have is

setting up a stall in exhibition of late

we have noticed that there are a lot of

exhibitions going around in a lot of

corporate offices malls and change

apartment so you can contact people who

organize such exhibitions and endow the


I just for a day or two or even more

depends on how you want to take a call

now in case if you cannot really afford

the rent for the entire store there are


you can share the floss with people so

this way you can showcase all your

creations and I am sure you will make a

good feed the last option we have is the

marketplace website now here we do have

web sites like

etc now such website the tax

registration is mandatory so unless and

until you have a registered business you

cannot really start spelling on such

website so that becomes a little

trickier but there are also sites like

crafty calm and jungle calm wherein you

do not need any kind of registration as

tax registration all you have to do is

sign up on their website and set up a

shop and you can simply touch the link

so these are the five simple ways that

can help you sell the product if you

feel this video was helpful need to give

us a thumbs up and if you have any more

suggestions as to how we can tell Julie

leave your comment so that it can help

the others as well and thank you for