How to Prepare SVG Files to Sell (Silhouette Studio) - How to Make and Sell SVG Files on Etsy

hey everybody tanya from shooting star

svg back

and today i am going to go through how

to test your svg files

in silhouette studio before selling them

on etsy

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and also getting any feedback as well on

what you would like to see so i did

create this video today and the next one

that is about to show up for cricut

um based off of some feedback from

somebody on my facebook group so if you

haven't done that

go on over to facebook join my group i'm

trying to develop a community of

like-minded individuals who'd like to

make passive income

through selling digital downloads

whether that be on essie or other


so i went ahead and posted on one of the

groups i'm a part of for people to go


and shoot me some of their designs

keep in mind i have no idea what these

are going to turn out to be like

and i also have a few test files that i

created in inkscape really quickly just

to show you some differences

that are very critical when creating

your files okay especially when you're

getting into more intricate layered


where people are going to have to be

making crazy cuts

so i'm i have silhouette open right now

and i have these test files

open so i have used

um this is the hello wedding font okay

um this text here is going to show up

fine because i have this font loaded in

my program

if somebody does not have this hello

wedding font loaded into their program

this will not show up at all if it is

not converted to a path you will see

that in the qriket video

this text is not unionized or welded as

it's called

here in silhouette studio as well as


and this is unionized so when you go to

send for the machine

you can see that the non-unionized path

and let me just zoom in there is going

to cut out pieces of your letters which

you do not want

whereas the unionized piece will cut out

a smooth

cut okay so this can sometimes be named

different things depending on what

program you're using

um generally i will see union uh weld

union and weld are the two things that i

normally see

so depending on what program you're

using you want to make sure that you're

welding your text to make sure

um that is a smooth cut or else you're

going to have some pretty angry


okay um let me go back to

the files here i can close out of this

one now

and this one i just wanted to show you

um what

different things look like okay so i

just did two circles here

these two are overlapped i did not do a


these two are unionized so that i welded

them together

and these two i just created a

difference or a subtract

between the two and added on a duplicate

so i did not lose the shape

now when i click on send for this one

you'll see that the unionized one will

cut out in one

shape the difference with a duplicate

will actually

separate the shapes which is probably

what we're going for if we're layering

and if you take that away you can see

that you can cut them both out


and this overlap without a subtract are

the two shapes that are going to cut out

if you drag this one out here it's not

taking anything away from that


okay so that could be a problem you

really have to think about these things

when you're designing your files

okay so i purchased from about six shops

so what i'm gonna do is i'm going to

um pause the video and i'm going to open

up all the files and we're going to go

through each one

so i'll be right back the first file

that i have

open is from donkey creek designs and

they've been on etsy since 2018 and have

made over 11 000 sales which is


and if you go down here they do have a

bunch of different

sublimation files and some digital

cutting designs as well

so i had gone through and purchased this

autumn vibes svg here and

one other one i'm not going to scroll

around to go and try to find it

but um you can see these files look very

clean that she has

very good branding her legos here um you

know things

things that nature i'm not going to go

through all that right now but here's

the first file i'm just going to click

on it

i'm going to click on ungroup and see

what happens okay so when i ungroup it i


both and then let me see if i can pull

this away if she subtracted it she did


okay so this will be interesting i will

say normally when i do

an overlay i will take this

and i will subtract it from this


so i'm gonna send this and we're gonna

see what it looks like like this

and then i'm gonna see if it makes any

difference i don't think it will

oh boy that's not good okay

so this file would irritate me

um purchasing because i have to do a

little bit work here

alright um it looks like her text is

welded so that's good

but because she did not subtract from

that back design

um you got to do a little bit of work


so to do that i have to take this and

select this and i have to click on

subtract all that's going to keep

the wording here on top and it's not

going to make that disappear

now when i click send i should get a

clean cut through on both

yeah okay there we go so that's what i

need um this one would be a little bit

tough to cut on the machine

um some of these lines are very thin but

overall um not too bad i would just say

that um

you might want to go back and edit this

file to do that because when people


normally what they do and i'll post a


up above about layering is they'll

create like two squares here

and separate the designs and then cut

and then they'll lay um

they'll they'll line those the squares

up together so

overall good shot um that would not work

for me on the silhouette

uh because i had to put a little work in

but um

aside from that everything else looks

very clean

so this is the second file from the same


and i'm just going to go ahead and

ungroup and see what happens there i

presume i'll be able to pull this

out okay so you can see when i pull this

out the lines are actually subtracted so

this one

should be okay let's see what happens

when i click on send

yep totally gorge okay so she did the

right thing here

by subtracting the pumpkin outline from

that leopard text so this one would cut

beautifully i'd be able to put my

my squares here my registration mark

says sometimes i like to call them

and i'd be i'd be good to go so um that

is definitely what you want to do when

you're doing something a little bit more

intricate like that

the next files i purchased

were from damsel in digital this is a

fairly new shop

with only a few listings up

so i'm going to go ahead and just show


what those files look like okay i'm

going to close out of here

and right off the jump i can tell that

she probably is not working on the right

size artboard you can see the width and

height is eight and a half by eleven

ish um so if i could recommend anything

it would be to change artboard to twelve

by twelve because that's what we're

cutting from when we're using these


um it looks like this is a compound path

because i cannot ungroup any of the text

so if i click on send hopefully

everything is welded

it is unfortunately i have to change my

um artboard size but uh

everything here is welded beautiful so

that's what we like to see

i'm just going to click on send here you

can see the same issue with the artboard

so i do recommend getting a larger

artboard if possible

and just from looking at this it looks

like everything is welded

very well so this will work great

good job okay

now we're going to get into some designs


hello jolie and this is

a pretty newest shop 2019 okay

31 uh listings in total looks like

there's a mix of sublimation

and svg so we'll go ahead and see how

these are gonna send out

this is a pretty intricate layered uh

svg design

um again eight and a half by eleven

artboard what's happening here

i'm going to make this bigger if i can

give you any advice make sure your


just match up with the what people are

going to be using because this can be


um at least for me if i click on ungroup

okay let's see what's going on here okay

so okay

okay i'm liking this it looks like

she compound path

all of the colors that go together let's

see if all the blacks go together oh

boom this is good okay so when i click

on send this should all cut separately

i'm not worried about this

oh yeah that's beautiful that's what we

love to see ooh boom boom boom

phenom uh you know the good thing about

that is this should open up

very great in the cricket software

uh great job not a lot of people do that

um wow yeah boom boom

let's see if i can ungroup that further


i can't yeah that was a great job okay

so that was a

fantastic job on the a meowaka

listing and i wouldn't have any issues

cutting that

now this boss lady listing let's see if

we got the same thing going on here i'm

gonna ungroup

i'm gonna drag the black okay this is

just completely straight up layered

so this probably wouldn't cause too many

issues let's see what it looks like when

i click on send

only because um you put straight color

behind it right

so when you zoom in here it's not really

cutting anything that it's not supposed

to cut

so i would say that that's okay um

the good thing about it too is that when

you take this away

it's also cutting i guess the gold you

don't really need that gold under

lady but aside from that this is another

fantastic job

uh you can also take this and you can do

the subtract all

function i'm sorry if you guys can hear

my kids in the background they're

high on sugar um

if you move it then that's what you'll

get right

so you could you could do something like

that too just keep that in mind

um but again it's another good uh

good go on that one good job

the next one that i'm gonna go through

is from uh iseta rose and it's a

she has a fairly new shop

and this has some embroidery some

svgs and some digital downloads so still

building that shop up

i thought this was kind of a cute file

so i got stuff that's already ungrouped

okay i can see here that there could be

some issues but we'll

go ahead and click on send and see what

that looks like

so i'm gonna tell you what right now

this fish

fishy fishy is going to be stupid hard

to cut

um because there's so many details in


um the other thing too is you want to

make sure that that i

is subtract do that subtract all

function here where the line is

or you're going to have a cut right

through your letters okay um so people

aren't catching this before they go cut

that's going to be an issue

we're going to run into the same thing

when we go over this in qriket design

space so

um keep that in mind other than that

everything else is welded and it looks

good so

great job i would just make sure that

this uh these lines are

are situated the way that they need to

be so okay cool i'm gonna close out of

that one good job

now this is an svg that i'm a little bit

nervous about

there's a lot going on here i'm gonna

click on it

uh i'm gonna click on ungroup and see

what happens i'm nervous

oh god there's so much

we got a white background a border

of very split up lemon

i'm never gonna ever cut that little

piece out there unless i'm making a

pretty big sign

but you know what i think this is gonna

work so let's go ahead and click on send

yeah man everything will cut out and uh

everything will look good some of these

lines are so tiny though i don't know

how i'd feel about cutting those out my


i guess if it was like really big

then it might work out well um

but yeah this would work i just am try i

i always try to be conscious when i'm

creating something i don't make anything

too thin because it's a pain in the butt

to weed you're pulling always pulling

something up but yeah this is a good

this will work good job


and that one was by lilac and pine

designs who has been on

since uh 2020 and has a bunch of


uh designs up here that all look very

good so keep up the good work

um yeah that's awesome you did a really

good job

and then the next person i have is

madison made designs

and um i don't think i'm nervous about

this one i feel pretty good um

she has uh this is her design bundle

shop she has a lot of good stuff here a

lot of cute cute stuff

um i looked through earlier um but this

was the one she suggested i purchased so

i did

when i click on this um golly gracious

when i ungrip it

it is everywhere um

that's fine i'm just going to click and

see how it stands i'm i'm not going to

worry too much about the ungrouping

i will say some of these lines are a

little thin and it would be a pain in

the butt to uh

to cut but this this this this will work

this will work

i will say that silhouette studio is a

lot easier to use when opening up svg

files so y'all are probably going to

hear me grow and grown a little bit more

when we go through uh cricut design

space stuff

okay so yep this will work really well

so um

i'm impressed ladies this was all really

really good work so

um keep it up um the only you know the

only few things here and there that you

could you do to work on your files so

you just have to be a little bit

cognizant of

um but you know we got six shops here

all in different stages of their sales

and um yeah that's a really really

really good job

so i'm going to go ahead and sign off on

this video

i will post the cricut design space

link up above and you all can see me go


that we'll call it part two i suppose

and and if you need anything or have any

questions feel free

to comment below or go over to facebook


ask the question whatever you so desire

hopefully this helped y'all out with

what is good and what is not good

when creating designs so i'll catch you

on the next video