Farmhouse Sign Tutorial / How to Make Signs to Sell

hey guys and welcome back again to my

channel into another video so I actually

got a request to do this video so I

thought I would go ahead and do that for

you guys so I'm going to show you step

by step how I construct a frame and son

that looks really near-perfect in

professional and smooth and a product

that people are actually going to want

to buy

this is the material that I always use

for my framing and I know I've talked

about it before in my videos but these

are they one by two furring strips that

I get usually from Lowe's or Home Depot

so I'll show you I'll go ahead and show

you how I cut my boards and how I stay

in them and then how I put them together

so I'm starting out here with just a

flat piece of blue on board or plywood

as you can see it's very thin it's about

a quarter of an inch and that's what I

use for all of my sons now I've done

different videos using different

materials but this is definitely my

favorite can use so if arnica and

painted this board I'm using for a son

and I didn't do anything special I just

used a roller and some flat paint and it

got on the sides but that's okay I will

be sanding that off later now I'm going

to cut the pieces for the frame and I

just measure the top and bottom lengths

Masson to get the top and bottom pieces

of my frame and for the pieces in

between I'll measure the distance

between the top and bottom or just the

height of the Sun - one and a half

inches and if you're doing modern

corners then all you'll do is measure

the same dimensions as your son






okay so now I have all of my framing cut

to the lengths that I want these are my

top and bottom faces and then these are

my side pieces

so now that I have all these the next

step that I do is to sand them and I use

this hand sander and I think it came

from harbor freight tools and I'm pretty

sure you can get them for around 20

bucks this is a Chicago five-inch random

orbital palm sander so I use this all

the time this is pretty much my best

friend when I am making suns sometimes

it comes with risks and sometimes it

doesn't but you can get these at Walmart

or Lowe's and these are just the five

inch sanding discs so this is an old is

just velcro and it just attaches to the

bottom of your sander and I'll put a new

one of these online and I'll go ahead

and sand down all of my framing before I

put any stain on there





okay so now I have all of my framing

sanded and the next step I do is to go

ahead and stain everything I'm using

rust-oleum wood stain in true Brown and

I'm going to go ahead and stain all of

my boards before I actually put them

together I will have to go back later

and do some touch-up work but that's

okay I will go back later and do

touch-up work after everything is



okay so my framing is all stained and

now I'm ready to start putting it


and I go ahead and put it together

before I put it on to my son board and I

usually use either a nail gun or a

staple gun and they're always handy to

have but if you don't have that you can

always just use nails and Hammer I'm

just using these clamps to hold

everything together and hold everything

square and level if you don't have these

that's fine but an extra set of hands

will definitely help when you go to

staple and nail everything together brad

nailer and he's one in nine sixteenths

inch Brad nails and you can find these

at Lowe's or Home Depot ugly so we're

gonna be using this to construct the



now I'm just going to nail my son board

onto the frame and just making sure that

all my edges are lined up as perfect as

possible okay so I'm done

staining I'm done constructing my

signboard so as you can see I've got

some rough edges here along the side

okay so to get rid of those really rough

edges I'm gonna be using this belt

sander and it's really going to make a

difference as you'll see in the

smoothness of your edges if you don't

have a belt sander I would at least

suggest getting a really good Palm

orbital sander to sand your edges after

you construct your son that's really

going to help smooth up all your edges


last step is just to go over the board

one more time with my palm sander just

to get rid of all those rough splinters

left by the belt sander


now I'm just going to touch up all the

areas that I have sanded with some more

stain and I will be finished


so thank you guys for watching another

video I hope you enjoyed it I'll see you

guys next time