How I sell pine boards on Etsy for $50

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How to sell signs?

Step 1: Determine your target audience and the type of signs you want to sell.
Step 2: Create or purchase inventory of signs.
Step 3: Create a website or set up an online store to showcase your signs.
Step 4: Promote your signs through social media, advertising, and other marketing tactics.
Step 5: Fulfill orders promptly and ensure customer satisfaction.


hey guys in today's video i'm going  to take you through my process of how  

i've been making these custom engraved  wooden signs that i've been selling on  

etsy pretty simple process but i'll walk  you through each step along the way from  

what wood that i use and how i engrave it on  the cnc the design how i come up with the design  

and then even i'll show you how i get them  ready to be shipped out so if you have any  

questions along the way drop them down in the  comments i'm usually pretty good at responding to  

every single question in there so if you have  questions or if you have any tips and tricks  

definitely let me know as well i actually made  a video about this same concept a while back  

and i learned a lot from you guys putting comments  and suggestions and tips of different ways to do  

things so i'm gonna incorporate some of those  in this video so hopefully you find it valuable  

so without further ado let's uh let's go  ahead and get started making this sign

so the wood that i'm using is just standard 1x8  pine that i picked up from lowe's you can go to  

home depot or really any store that sells just  pine nothing too fancy i didn't spring for the  

premium pine which just means that it doesn't have  knots in it i already have all of these boards cut  

to length and that's 23 inches but what i need to  do now is take them down to their exact width of 7  

inches and that's just the typical dimensions that  i like to use for my sign but if you're making a  

similar sound you could use whatever dimensions  you'd like and some of these boards have some  

really bad cupping to them i'm going to leave  these for a different project because i might rip  

them down to less than six inches so i can flatten  them over at my jointer but i want these signs  

to be seven inches wide so i'm gonna make sure  that i pick the most flat pieces for these signs

so now that i have the most flat pieces sorted  out and i put all the cupped ones over to the