How To Buy/Trade 💰 - Siacoin (Brittex) 💰

hey what up I am going to real quick

show you how to buy the coin that I

found here and I found ranked pretty

evenly or not that low not that high but

pretty much I would I would go to the

coin market cap and take a look at it

but I'm going to show you how I got into

buying it now you can buy it really

quick I'm going to get it from bit trick

you can buy it from here in the way that

I found out you can buy it from here

would be going to the actual coin

clicking on it on the coin from the coin

market cap and then when you go down you

can find the market area right here when

you click on that you're in a minute to

load click on the market area and it

should give you a breakdown of where you

can buy it from which market you can buy

it from you click again there we go

and pretty much I I looked into them and

I know which one I wanted to buy from

but like I said today we're going to buy

from here if you click directly here it

should take you to the buy area and

you're going to have to get registered

with them and it shouldn't be that hard

to get going they don't do that much for

verification but you can click there or

it shows you and it should take you over

to it you'll find it here I'm going to

buy about a dollar right now and really

with my coin account I've already moved

money from my coin account to my bit ryx

account by clicking here and then you

can you can get the you can gets a link

or whatever you need and copy that and

then move the money over into here when

you move it into here you'll be able to

buy it from here but I went to the coin

market cap and I clicked on the market

area and found where I can buy it from

right here on the Left I'm showing how

much I have in my account for a Bitcoin

to buy it with

and actually I've already bought a

little bit about 500 of them pretty

cheap a lot cheaper than I'm paying now

but the way I do it I click on here I go

to whatever I want to pay for whatever I

read for it to be you can do the bid

area but I looked at it for about a

penny I'm going to try to go for that

much piece and then down here on the

total I usually type in how much I want

to buy I'm gonna buy a dollar

he's having the dollar actually not one

more okay

type in the dollar I'm going to get that

much for it right there for about a buck

I had the Bitcoin in my account I'm

going to click buy they're going to put

the order in for it I'm going to hit

confirm and then right here to the right

up top you can they'll tell you that

they put the order in for and then I've

already gotten a field and now I own

that much for about a buck um if it went

up to about a dollar I'd have that much

for about you know a dollar each for

only paying a dollar but for now that

would be a quick way of buying it and

how I actually buy it I'll leave the

link at the bottom for each area that

you need to be it I need to go to but

like I said I went to the coin market

cap clicked on the corner one goodbye

clicked on the market area found where I

wanted to buy it from and then I went to

it made sure I got registered with the

actual company and then from there I

moved my Bitcoin over to to the Bitcoin

account and then I bought the coin that

I wanted to buy if you have a question

let me know but shouldn't be that hard

and they fill the order for me I already

own that much and I was first to go up

and need a trade or keep it but like I

told you let me know if you have a

question thank you for checking it out