Siacoin Sucks - Here's How To NOT Build a Cryptocurrency...

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i've been minding cryptocurrency for

years and one of the most exciting and

most lucrative coins i ever mined was

not actually really based off of the

coin but it was actually based off of

the miners performance looking way back

when damn miner

a3 today i'm here to tell you how my

bitmate antminer a3 and asic mining rig

is making 500 a day

what as they beat cya coin to market in

manufacturing their own asic miners an

application specific integrated circuit

miner these are purposeful machines all

they do is mine one cryptocurrency

mining algorithm well at least normally

but a couple miners we're going to talk

about later in this video

will surprise you but this video isn't

all about mining we're really going to

be talking about cya coin what happened