How to sell tickets to your show: A great online tool!

hey everyone and welcome to the SAT no

connections video blog my name is jewel

tolentino and in this video we're gonna

go through how to set up an event on the

Eventbrite page alright so before we

even get started if you want to know why

Eventbrite is important for you and how

it can help you as an artist or

performer you can check out the written

blog on the SAT no connections blog

section on our website and I'm also

going to be providing the direct link

below this video alright so let's get


and obviously before we get into things

you're gonna want to sign up for the

free account on Eventbrite and the

website is and you just

sign up and then once you log in click

on this tab here create event and we're

just gonna go through the 8 steps to get

started on creating your event alright

so the first step is to add an event

title let's just go test event I'm just

creating one just to show you guys

and then to add ticket information and

you'll see here it says you must create

at least one ticket for your event to be

published alright so ticket name I

usually just call it general admission

and light let's say the cover is $10 and

the quantity I usually put a ballpark

number of 100 but you can put any number

you want and you can adjust this number

later on if it goes past a hundred but I

just put 100

and you're also going to want to click

on advanced options alright so this is

where you can went at what time you can

start the sales

I always start sales when I'm actually

creating the event so today is Monday

whoops and then we'll just leave it at

that 1:00 a.m. or we can change it and

then put the date that it ends let's say

the events not happening until July 10th

and it's ending I usually put the ticket

sales ending one hour before the show so

let's just put a random time of 8 p.m.

and I don't usually touch the minimum

tickets per order or the maximum tickets

we don't usually have restrictions on

that and you can put a little

description so this gets you entry into

the crazy event exclamation mark now

you're gonna want to choose whether

you'd like to add the fees on top of the

total ticket price or include them in

the ticket price we chose to add it on

top so that you won't have to pocket

that yourself at the end you can't

include it if you want but we like to

add it on top so click Save after you've

done that and you'll see here that it

pops up so the fee that we were just

talking about is the dollar 59 per 10

dollar ticket and that will be added on

top when the person purchase is a ticket

and you can choose the payment options I

usually choose PayPal and I put my

paypal email address

click save you can also put in Google

Checkout or pay by paypal and Google

Checkout or credit card processing I

just choose PayPal all right then the

event details so this is like a word

document where you can add a background

color put different fonts make fonts

bigger you can really get crazy with the

customization so you can play around

with that and here don't forget to

choose your URL to send to everyone this

is the actual website address for your

event so let's just choose so I called

it test event Eventbrite calm oh that's

actually taken so let's use something

else crazy test event available ok so

I'm actually moving down the page and

well are already at step 7 so let's go

back up here to the right hand side and

this is where you can choose a logo or a

picture to represent the event that's

happening so you just click browse and

if you have the picture on let's just

choose a random picture of a REIT here

for her let's just use her debut album

there upload you'll see that it uploads

like half of it don't get freaked out it

actually uploads the full size it just

only shows you half I mean I spent so

long trying to figure that out last time

but I'm saving you so now we're moving

on to step four alright so over here you

want to choose when the actual date of

the event was so that was July 10th this

is just a fake events not real and it's

starting at 9 p.m. and it's ending

the same date you can choose the time

zone that you're in and if this event is

in there is a repeating event so if you

have this event once a month or once a

week you can choose to repeat it can

also choose your location so I'm just

gonna choose the Coast Capital Playhouse

Theatre because we actually did play

there and you see how it pulls up Google

Maps for you and it pulls up the address

so people can print this off right when

they print out their ticket when they

order you can also add a host so we'll

just still choose me and then now we're

back to step 7 is adding the colors so

you can choose one of their themes that

they've got here all laid out or you can

choose your own colors you can really

get creative with if you have a specific

color scheme that you want to match your

logo or you've already got a color

scheme going on then you can choose your

own colors but we'll just choose this

one as a test I'm just going to go up

here and just go test details

we'll make it really big there you go

all right and step eight the privacy so

you're gonna want to choose the category

that this is let's say it's a festival

slash fair and it's for movies and you

want to choose your keywords so the

keywords for it

it's um no not test festivals Vancouver

festivals and Coover Film Festival we're

just pretending that's what it is and if

you want you can make this event private

and it won't be listed in the

directories or search engines and over

here we've got the additional options if

you want you can show the number of

tickets remaining on the registration

page so if like the event is going to

sell out and its really popular and you

want people to see that there's ten

tickets left that they better buy it you

can do that I don't usually show the

number you can also show the attendee

list sometimes I do that and you can

track this page using Google Analytics

you can put your code that you get there

and you can show the custom header and


I don't usually touch that one either so

you want to save and publish or you can

actually preview it let's preview it

first all right so here's the test event

as you can see the colors are all in

place there's the picture right there

it's called test event and you can even

tweet about this people can Facebook

like it you can share it on email or


and they've got the payment options here

with PayPal and right here the test

details I only wrote test details and

that's why it's small but when you put

all the information this this area will

get larger and you've got the map and

it's when and it's hosted by and the

person people can contact me if they've

got any questions for it and you would

just get that URL that you set the the

crazy test event Eventbrite calm and you

would give that URL to anyone that you'd

want to invite to the event and

basically that's how you would promote

your event is with that URL so if you

want to find out more again like I said

in the beginning check out our written

blog on the SOT no connections website

and I'll also be putting a direct link

to that specific blog post and I hope

you guys found this useful and stay

tuned for more online tools and other

tricks all right well thank you very

much you guys and I'll see you in the

next video