How To Make Money Selling Shoutouts On Instagram [Full Tutorial]

now I'm not sure exactly but I've sold

somewhere in the region of tens of

thousands of dollars worth of shoutouts

on Instagram I've been seen watches by

the likes of Daniel Wellington done and

paid promotion for Tony Robbins gary

vaynerchuck russell brunson all those

big names and today I'm gonna show you

how you can make money selling shout

outs on your Instagram themed pages so

shout outs is essentially when business

or another Instagram page pays you to

shout out their page whether it be their

product or service or page itself that

is what a shout-out is now sometimes it

will come in the form of an e-commerce

page paying you to promote their jewelry

or sometimes it'll come in the form of a

business owner paying you to promote

their services or sometimes it might be

sharing the content of another page in

your niche which is not yet a business

but they're trying to grow their account

so they might pay you to repost the

content to help them grow this there's

pretty much what a shout-out is here's

how you make some money off them so

first things first if you run an

Instagram theme page and want to make

money with shout outs I would HIGHLY

highly advise that you wait until 50 or

a hundred thousand followers up until

that point I would focus entirely on

growing the page as fast as you possibly


to get there with a point where it's

gonna be growing quite quickly

on its own and doing a few shoutouts

here and there will not hurt your growth

because every time you post a shout-out

there's an opportunity that you could be

posting a shout-out for shout-out to

grow your account or you could be

posting a piece of content to build your

following and at the same time every

time you do post a shout-out you will

lose a few followers that's just how it

is so you don't want to hurt your growth

too early on you're better off to focus

until about 100k and grow I would

personally suggest you focus on

something like affiliate marketing up

until that point because you can promote

that through your bio link and story

poles but you know it's up to you and if

you do choose to sell shout outs before

100k I would suggest you reinvest all

the money back into growing your account

to that point so making money selling

shout outs comes down to four main

things pricing selling frequency and

repeat business so firstly is pricing

now the most common question or one of

the most common question

I get is how much should I sell my shout

out for and the answer is there is not a

really a set price that you should be

charging there are so many factors such

as the age of your audience the

demographics of your audience the

engagement you get the niche that you

get how much money you're making from

the account there is so many different

factors that come into play and I just

can't give you a blanket statement

however as a really really really

general rule of thumb if you've got no

idea what you should be selling them for

I would say start it at about 15 dollars

per 100,000 followers if you've got a

good engaged account so if you got 100k

15 dollars 200k followers $30 if you got

half a million about 75 and then if

you're getting a lot of people buying

shoutouts from you like you're getting

too many you can app your prices and

make the same amount of money doing less

promotions or do the same amount of

promotions and you know more maybe if

you've got half a million followers and

you're charging $75 you getting lots of

people book it put it up to a hundred

see what happens then on the other hand

if you were charging $75 and no one's

buying it from you everyone saying it's

too expensive

chances are it's too expensive for your

account so maybe put it down to $60 and

see what happens that's how the free

market works

supply and demand baby and saying all

that the best way to price a shout-out

is to actually have your own revenue

stream from the account so you

understand the value of your posts for

example if you own a beauty page on

Instagram and you do makeup tutorials

skincare tutorials etc talk about some

healthy foods and stuff like that to

keep you looking beautiful then you

could start a drop shipping store and

you put that in your bio you promote

that and let's say at the moment you're

doing three posts a week and you're

making a hundred dollars a week some

maths there would show that you make

thirty three dollars per post which

means to sell a shout out to someone

you're probably gonna want to charge

forty to fifty dollars because if

someone wants to pay anything less and

they're like if someone offers you

thirty three dollars for a post you

might as well be building your own

company rather than building beers

considering you're getting paid the

exact same amount but the future pay out

of your own thing is considerably

greater there's no

on the other company so at that point

you could be charging 40 to 50 and if

people say it's too expensive it doesn't

matter you can just promote your own

products if you don't want to go out

there and create your own products

that's cool you can do things like a

affiliate marketing we promote companies

and earn a commission for doing so so

now you've got a general idea of how to

price your shoutouts how do you go out

there and find people willing to buy

them now the best way to do this and

some people might call us a bit sneaky

but basically you want to go out there

follow a bunch of pages that are in your

nation are the same size as you and then

every time you see them post something

that's obviously an ad you can reach out

and ask if they want more shoutouts and

then they're quite likely if they're

already purchasing shoutouts from these

same sized accounts and these same niche

with these same engagement and it's

getting them a positive return on

investment they are very very likely to

want to buy from you now you can do it

you want I'm against trying to like

steal clients but you're not stealing

clients and this because as long as that

page is still getting them a return

they'll likely just to go with 3 or 4 or

5 pages and just keep paying new pages I

know as an advertiser when I'm running

ads for clients if I'm able to pay a two

hundred thousand follower page $30 for a

shout-out and every time they post I

make sixty to eighty dollars I am

willing to pay as many pages in that

niche to do so and then stick with the

ones obviously that are profitable but

it doesn't you're not taking a client

from someone you're just adding to their

ad spend and hopefully getting them a

return so for this simply flip them a

message saying hey would you be

interested in some more shoutouts simple

as that moving on to part 3 and that is

consistency like how often should you

post now personally I would suggest no

more than 15% of your content be ads and

when you do post ads try make it look as

normal as original content as possible

so if you post five times a day feel

free to throw in a sixth time per day

which is an ad and then after 24 hours

delete the ad if you post three times a

day then every second day you do an ad

sort of simple as that and like I

mentioned before make sure that the ads

fit your feed don't just put something

completely different to your feet up

there because you'll lose a lot of

followers and it likely won't convert

well for your client and obviously you

want the person

paying you to get a good result so they

come back and buy more now sometimes

this might mean that you go out there

and you have to create an ad for a

client that's trying to pay you to

promote the e-book or the drop shipping

store or whatever it might be and then I

take a little bit of extra work but if

it doesn't lose you as many followers

and it helps them get a bit of result so

they buy more from you totally worth it

and lastly on to state for repeat

business and I was just sort of talking

about as before but the easiest way to

make consistent income with this is ever

the same couple clients paying you for a

bunch of promotions every single month

if you're gonna post every second day on

your account that is fifteen different

ads you can do per month if you're

charging $50 an ad that's seven hundred

and fifty dollars you're getting per

month from selling shoutouts on your

page now one option is you don't care

about your clients and you have 15

different customers come every single

month and buy ads you have to tell them

your rates you have to negotiate a deal

you have to go through all the process

of bringing on a new customer to make

the same seven hundred and fifty dollars

however if you put a little bit more

work in and focus on getting really good

results for the people buying shoutouts

maybe you give them a couple of tips on

how to optimize their advert or how to

optimize your sales page or how to

optimize their profile or along those

lines so that they get a better return

on investment from your shoutouts then

they're likely to stay and maybe instead

of having 15 new people every single

month you work with you can have three

people that you do five ads for every

single month and it's practically no

work once you've got that set up and

you're posting on Instagram so it's not

a particularly hard thing once you've

got the funnel and the air nailed down

for the client so it's not that hard and

it's considerably easier to do that to

make seven hundred and fifty dollars a

month then you'd be trying to work with

50 new people every single month focus

on the little things when it comes to

this to make sure they get good results

because all those little things do add

up so what the market is willing to pay

for it and adjust your price apples down

based on the demand for it and how many

people are buying post one and every

sort of five to six times that you post

as an ad at the most DM other

pages that are already buying ads and

lastly get them good results by giving

them tips and tricks and going the extra

mile so that they come back and buy more

that's pretty much how you make money

selling shoutouts now personally I would

say your best bit is to focus on your

own form of monetization up until 100k

and by the time you hit that that might

be making you a good bit of money so you

can by the time you hit that making good

money from your dropshipping store or

affiliate marketing or consulting or

whatever it might be and then you just

don't even need to worry about selling

shoutouts or you price them high so that

you only do them when you get paid a

crazy amount of money which is even

better but if you really do want to sell

shoutouts I hope this video helps if you

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