How to Publish Short Stories

hey if you don't know I'm Hannah and my

short story collection little birds is

about to be available for pre-order in

this video I kind of wanted to summarize

what I've done for it this far in case

you want to publish a collection of

short stories or something so the first

thing I did was go to college the first

short story that I ever wrote was in a

poetry seminar my freshman year that

one's called dear Emma and dear Emma

actually opens the collection not

because it's literally the first story I

wrote but because it is a good taste of

what the rest of the book will be and

that story in particular has been

published multiple times and won some

awards and money and things a few of

them have but I think that one has one

the most so I thought that was a good

beginning for the book anyway from that

first writing class I continued to write

all of the short stories that are

included in this book I was publishing

them as I went

the most recent story that I wrote

that's in the book is Cain sprouts which

is also the last story in the book that

wasn't intentional either it's just one

of the stronger pieces and I think it

ends on a more uplifting note than most

of the other ones my book is depressing

prepare yourself so reading through

little birds you can kind of see how my

writing has evolved from when I was a

teenager until now so I wrote all the

stories over a span of like six years

submitting and publishing them as I went

then I was trying to decide between

traditional or self-publishing for my

novel and I was like why not try my hand

at self-publishing with these stories

I've already written so as I decided

that I was going to do a short story

collection I stopped submitting the

unpublished one so that I'd have some

like never before read content because

the published ones were already up on my

website then I went through all the

short stories I've ever written and

selected the ones that I thought kind of

worked as a cohesive piece if little

birds goes well I do have some stories

that I set aside for a companion

collection or the beginning of one

because I have a lot more to write um we

shall see so I went over all of my

pieces and I reacted them with the

writing skill I have now so that they're

all kind of a consistent quality I got a

lot of feedback from my friends and

readers to structure it how it is now in

the order that it's in I removed a few

more stories that just didn't vibe right

I had a professional edit of the whole

thing by my friend

stole then I sent it off for formatting

my interior and cover were designed by

eight little pages who have done an

amazing job this is the cover that they

made for me this is the concept sketch

that I had sent them and then they

turned it into everything I ever wanted

I'm publishing through create space and

selling through Amazon I have been

running virtually all of my decisions

passed my friend Jenna because she is

the resident expert and the love of my

life I got my friend Rosalyn to do some

really cool illustrations for the inside

and I loved them so at this point I'm

going through the final rounds of

proofing with my beautiful beautiful

street team whom I love and some very

kind friends and then I have a couple of

final details to put together and then

it should be ready for you so that's

basically been the last few months of

putting little birds together doesn't

sound like that much when you say it all

in four minutes I think the hardest part

has been preparing myself for people I

know to read my stories I have been

publishing most of them but they kind of

like go off into the literary sphere in

journals and anthologies and things like

over there you know no one has to look

at them people I know are gonna buy this

one some risky content in there guys

most fiction is nonfiction gonna be

awkward I'm gonna have to go through and

black out some pages before I let my

grandmother read it anyway that's an

anxiety attack for another day everyone

that I mentioned in this video is

amazing if you need an editor I'll link

crystals Twitter down there you can DM

her if you need designers contact Claire

at 8 little pages if you need some art

commissioned Roslin's instagram will be

down there if you're building an author

platform check out Jenna's skill share

class on it because it's great if you're

just starting out and don't know what

you're doing

next week I'm answering all of the

questions you have about writing and

publishing and editing and reading or

whatever short stories so leave me

questions in the comments or tweet me at

Hannah Lee kidder I get really thirsty

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but how pretty my cover is I'm gonna die

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