Make Money With Kindle Publishing Selling SHORT Books (1-11 Pages LONG!)

hello marketers welcome to another

episode from how to webmaster today we

will learn about Kindle publishing with

an interesting new strategy that I just

found out did you realize that Amazon

Kindle has a best sellers list for short

reads so we have anything from 15

minutes to a 2-hour read and a 15-minute

read is from 1 to 11 pages and I had no

idea this was a thing that you can

actually publish a book with less than

12 pages so here's the example of the

best sellers list for 15 minutes short

reads from 1 to 11 pages and they have

all these categories right here so we

have things from novels to cheat sheets

and other subjects so here's a novel

well this one is under two hours with 70

pages and then this one we have a book

about insults 115 customer reviews 99

cents and it has a whopping 10 pages

long and I found out about this strategy

using short publishing short books on

Kindle from Paul Coleman and his new

guide called micro cheat sheets and here

it is this is the sales page and here's

Paul Coleman the founder and he actually

provides cheat sheets and strategies for

selling short books and one-page PDFs

for Kindle and other places like Etsy

which I've reviewed in another video so

here's the guide bestseller goldmine


so this is strategy about creating short

books and selling it on the Kindle

publishing platform and so these are

really easy to create as I've mentioned

between one to eleven pages and

apparently it is so big this category

and market is so big that Amazon has its

own separate category for short reads so

this is definitely a trend that you can

jump on right now people are lazy and

they want to get right to the point and

find their answers solve their problems

as quickly as possible so this is

potential to be pretty big and you can

get started and jump in get ahead of the

competition right now before this market

gets flooded with more and more

competition soon to come so if you're

here now this is a great opportunity to

start making these easy short books and

you can get all the tips and strategies

on finding the best niche for the short

micro niche content and how to profit

from multiple platforms such as Kindle

and Etsy I highly recommend this new

series of guide from Paul Coleman I hope

this video helps thanks for watching be

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