This Is How I Made $15,000 From A Short Film - Antoine Allen

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Antoine Allen, Filmmaker:  I made like  around $15,000 for my first short.

Film Courage: Everyone always says learn  the business side of the film industry.  

What does that really mean  and how do you learn it?

Antoine : We need business with any industry  you're in. You have to understand that after  

you make this beautiful picture (beautiful  project) now it's the marketing side. It's  

getting it distributed. Who's going to pay for  it? That's the business out of it. A lot of times  

we make this beautiful project and they are like  Okay, it's beautiful. Who's going to pick it up?  

You got to promote yourself. You’ve almost got  to be a mayor, kiss hands and shake babies.  

That's the business out of it because once you do  a project, it needs to be out there and then get  

out there so the business side is I'm done with  this baby now time to fix it up and put out in  

the world and that's what you got to do and if you  don't have the business side get someone that have  

your best interest to help you with it because  a lot a lot it's all about delegation like in my  

team I know I'm the quarterback I'm going to if  you want a super bowl you're going to come over  

here but I do need defensive line I mean a wide  receiver it's a team effort the film industry is a  

team effort so you want to get people in your best  position that can help you but the business side  

is learning the business of whatever you're doing  if you're a singer if you're an artist if you're  

a barber of your hairstyle you got to know the  business but if not you will be taken advantage of  

so speaking of being taken advantage of we  know that film industry attracts all kinds and  

people with all different intentions and you  said something about if if you don't know the  

business side then get someone how do we know who  to trust especially in the beginning especially  

when people know someone's new at something maybe  in the film industry there tends to attract some