How to Sell a Store on Shopify With ZERO Sales

we all know you can sell stores right

but did you know you can sell them

without making a single sale what is up

guys it's J Harley back with another

video today I'm just showing you guys

how to sell a store without making any

kind of revenue without making a single

cell it's actually very easy and plenty

of people do this for a living so it's

actually a very viable career option and

it's good as a little side hustle you

know building stores and selling them

off right away so as we take a look at

my computer here we can see that on one

of my stores that have gone over in a

previous video titled how to build a

brand you guys can go ahead and look for

that video if you want to see how to

build a brand I'll have it linked in the

description too if you want to check

that out but we can see there's no sales

on here we go to orders and the ad says

there's one but it was just me testing

to see if the check out works and

everything so you see Jordan Holly

that's me go back to the apps

alright so to do this you guys need to

download exchange marketplace if you

guys have not heard of exchange it is

where you can list and sell stores now

to get this app it is not in the Shopify

App Store but it is still through

Shopify so you guys have to do is open a

new tab here and then you're gonna go

ahead and just search exchange

marketplace and then it'll go ahead and

pop up it'll say exchange by Shopify so

make sure you click that one and then

you'll see you can sign in and then it

takes you through this process I can't

show you guys cuz I already have it on

my sword but it'll take you through this

process you just enter in the address

for the store all your information

create an account and then you'll have

it right on your store so heading back

to my store we're gonna go ahead and

open the app and check out my listing

that I have for my store so as we see

here it's gotten 61 views the number of

leads are actually two versus one so

it's higher than the average and I did

nothing really special with this there's

nothing crazy about it and I'm selling

it for five hundred with no sales so we

can see in my inbox here I have two

people already interested in the

business you see 27 days ago interested

in the business please contact me I have

the number blurred out here but it's his

phone number and then he says would like

to make you an offer and then

his name but his name's learned out as

well so we'll go back to the listing and

I'll show you guys what I've done for my

listing so we can see the valuation

price is three hundred and twenty so

that's about the industry average for

stores with zero sales so it ranges from

about two hundred dollars to five

hundred five hundred being the maximum

and I'm asking for five hundred and I

have offers for five hundred and the

reason I'm able to do this is because

this store is a brand like I said before

so please I advise you guys to check out

that video I made on how to build a

brand on Shopify you can sell them for a

lot more it's definitely just a lot more

value in building a brand so going down

here we'll see the service fees seventy

seven dollars you get to keep four

hundred and twenty-two it's a nice

little profit margin right there let me

go back and I'll show you exactly what I

have written from our listing ok so

scrolling down here I have exactly what

I've written from my listing so this is

a drop shipping started store created

for the brand Savage I'm essentially

selling you a brand this site is

complete and ready to take to market I

also have a video ad ready as an added

bonus learn more about savage below and

then I put the about us of savage and

then so I just explained why someone

would buy this store I'm hyping it up in

here telling them exactly why it's

important that it's a brand wife's

essential that it's brand has the

potential to go global all of that good

stuff and I say how could the future

owner improve the business and basically

just start marketing get the name out

there and then just start making sales

because I haven't took it to market I

haven't done anything with it yet just

built it what work have you put any I

created the brand for it I imported all

the products with perfect profit margins

etc and then I didn't do a short pitch

you guys can do short pitches well I

don't think that was actually there when

I first listed this so make sure you add

a short pitch in there and then I say

how much time do you dedicate for this

business per week so I just put five

hours and there guys don't want to put a

number too high because then it might

throw them off so just put in any number

in there really doesn't matter too much

then I see down here there's no proof of

performance because I haven't took it to

markets automated screenshots so this is

just a screenshot of the front of the

store that they can look at and see what

it looks like I definitely advise you

guys to throw in a bunch of images in

there all whole ton of images of the

store that way they can really see what

they're looking at before they even go

and look

the store they'll have all the images

right here so if something stone them up

they don't want to go and search the

store but they see the images that might

reel them back in so it's always good to

have extra screenshots on there and then

the items including the sale logo

branding assets so what and how will it

be transferred you guys can click this

link right here and it'll tell you

exactly how to transfer ownership it's

pretty easy all you do is add them to

the stores of Staff account once they're

in there they change everything to their

information and at that point you can

then take yourself off and make them the

owner and then it is their store so

going down some product photos they get

product photos personal support after

sale this is up to you guys but I always

offer this because it's just a little

added bonus and they usually won't even

ask for that much support but it's

always good to offer that the mailing

list there's no mailing list comes up

the domain the social media accounts

which I've only made one for it physical

inventory no do you have a relationship

with suppliers no and then here you can

put the social media at the Instagram

right here then this is about you so you

can tell yourself how you've grown the

business over the next five years

is there any specific skills the new

owner should have all that good stuff

and then your name of course and then

you tell them about yourself all right

now what do you guys need to be able to

sell the store like I'm doing right here

so first off you need to create a store

obviously and then import at least 20

products so we'll go to 7 and I'll show

you guys the shop now and the reason why

it is at least 20 products is because it

fills an entire page and I highlighted

at least because of course you're

welcome to put as many products as you

want the more the better and when you

create in the store the store doesn't

necessarily have to be a brand but if

it's a brand you can sell it for more

than if it was just a regular store a

general store something like that a

brand adds a lot more value so I always

recommend you build a brand alright next

build a full store that means logos

descriptions apps all pages reviews etc

you can't just sell them an empty store

that has nothing on it

there has to be a reason why they're not

going to go and just make this store

themselves and it's because you've built

a full store that's where they're gonna

want to buy it has everything already on

there they don't have to do anything

except start marketing so if they have

no skills on website building or any

fact that they don't even know

to do that it's perfect for them they

can just buy the store and use their

marketing skills and market next you

need to create a social media account

for the store so this can be Instagram

Facebook Twitter whatever it is you just

need to create some kind of social media

account for them to have that way just

adds another asset to transfer and it's

a place for them to market so you're

giving them a good option on where they

can mark it at and they might not know

how to build a social media account

themselves so they could even just be

buying the store because it has a social

media account attached to it so it's

very important to have that next you

need to create an ad for a product or

find an ad for a product so whatever you

think would be the winning product top

product on that store make sure you

create an ad for it find an ad for it

that way you have an asset again for

them to transfer in case they don't know

how to make ads so they can literally

just use that one right away so the

whole goal with this should be the buyer

does not have to do a single thing to

the store they can just start marketing

right away they don't need to cream ad

they don't need to create a place to

market a social media they don't need to

add products they don't need to do

anything to the store nothing they can

just mark it right away that's what

you're trying to set on them that's what

your pitch needs to include and that

brings me to my next point create an

inspiring pitch when selling the store

really show them why they should buy

this why it's important that they buy

this business why they don't go and make

it themselves make sure you say

everything that's included in everything

that makes this store you need

everything that makes it worth buying

since you have no sales you have no

proof that the store will actually sell

you need to pitch it yourself you need

to sell the store yourself and last you

need to give a valid reason as to why

you're selling the store so this is

pretty simple and yet very important

because there's obviously a reason why

you're selling it and you want to make

sure they don't automatically assume

it's a bad reason you want to make sure

they're not assuming that you're selling

it because you know it's not going to be

able to make sales or it's unfinished or

something was wrong with if something

went wrong you want to make sure that's

not in their mind and you want to assure

them that the reason you're selling this

is a good reason and it's only to

benefit them and it could really be as

simple as I create in sell stores that

could literally be your reason alright

guys so that is how you sell a store

without making a single sale and again I

was on saying the price actions range

from two hundred to five hundred dollars

so great side hustle great way to make

extra cash or a full-blown career

if you guys start making some crazy

stores you can push that price past the

five hundred cap but it's all up to you

guys if this video helped you guys out

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