How To Sell Your Amazon Products In Your Shopify Store

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hey guys Phil here today I want to do a

brief video to show you how you can sell

your Amazon products in a Shopify store

of your own and you can continue to have

Amazon to throw your orders for you even

when the orders are placed on Shopify so

let's get started selling your Amazon

products on Shopify there's a huge

opportunity to leverage what products

you already have on Amazon and start to

build your own brand outside of Amazon

it's always a good idea to consider

insulating yourself from the whims of

Amazon by being able to sell your

products outside of Amazon now first

you'll have to set up a Shopify store

there are many tutorials on YouTube and

how to set up a Shopify store so I won't

repeat those instructions here

just search YouTube and you'll find them

once you have your Shopify store set up

you'll need to get your Amazon inventory

over to your Shopify store now I find it

takes about 10 minutes to set up a

listing in Shopify and that is if you

already have your images and your

content such as description of the

product and both points if you have a

lot of Amazon products this can take

some time there are apps like byte stand