2023 - How To Sell on Amazon with Shopify (Integration With Automated Fulfillment Sales Channel)

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I want to show you exactly how to link

this up so it's fast easy you can

literally just click a button on your

Shopify app or in your storefront and

it's done what's going on guys today I

want to talk about how to integrate

Shopify with Amazon to start getting

your first customers your first sales

outside of Amazon without getting a

second fulfillment center without

shipping the products yourself with

everything automated so you can use

Amazon to literally ship products to

your Shopify customers this will be your

first step in actually starting a

website starting a brand getting sales

outside of Amazon so you're not always

relying on Amazon so Amazon is great but

they have their pitfalls right so we can

use their massive customer base but

eventually if we get to 510k sales and