ShoeDog TV- Footwear Retail Lesson: How To Sell Shoes Like A Pro

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I wish I could find a pair of shoes that

were both fashionable and comfortable

welcome to Dillard's now who said

fashion shoes shouldn't be comfortable

take for example Born shoes handcrafted

and design so you could be comfortable

all day so why don't you take a seat and

I'll measure both feet you know what

I'll be right with you in a second thank

you sure welcome dealers employees my

name is Jorge Valdez with Born shoes and

today you're going to learn what makes

born so different from all the thousands

of styles on your sales floor we're

going to take product knowledge and

sunny knowledge put it together so you

could be the next pay center so follow

me let's go help out Jenny and let's go

make a sell come on well I'm back hi my

name is Jorge Valdez hi I'm Jenny Jenny

well first question what are you gonna