Seller Tips To Help Prevent Paypal Scam / Fraud! (When Selling Sneakers)

alright guys what's going on DJ's here

Collective kicks comm wanted to bring

you guys the follow-up to the original

video that I did about PayPal scams and

how to protect yourself a little bit

better when dealing with PayPal I

covered things from the buyer

perspective I'll link that video in the

description but this video is going to

focus on preventing PayPal scams from

the sellers perspective because there's

definitely some loopholes and definitely

some things you need to look out for as

a seller so you don't get burned at the

end of the day so let's go ahead and

jump into it

basically there's a couple different

ways that you can accept money from

PayPal you can accept money as a gift

and you can also accept money through

invoice when you accept money through a

gift you think that there's a hundred

percent protection to that but there is

actually some loopholes that you need to

be aware of so you don't get bird and

it's kind of like a risky scenario so

let's say I was selling this pair of

turtledoves for twelve hundred dollars

or something like that on on the open

market which if you lucked out you got

them at retail and you're trying to sell

them for like twelve hundred dollars I

mean this is a scenario where it's very

real because there's people that really

lucked out on getting a pair of Yeezys

that's like the shoes but they like

having the extra money a little bit

better they can use that towards other

things I'm not blaming the people that

do that I don't think it's a bad

scenario necessarily if you lucked out

and got a pair of the pirate box for

retail and you're trying to sell them

for a little bit of extra money it's

like kind of a nice experience that you

can make money off of something and in a

significant amount of money off of

something but there's also a lot of risk

involved as a seller so if you don't

watch yourself and know what you're

doing and this is the first time sort of

scenario for you like you got to be

careful because there's some savvy

buyers out there that can pigeonhole you

and basically make you lose your money

and so that sweet concept of making five

hundred dollars off of Scheuer whatever

it might be

turns into a nightmare because now

you're you're you know five hundred plus

in the hole on something that you want

up so selling Plus potentially out a

pair of sneakers so lots of things to be

aware of but let's go ahead and get into

it so let's say you're selling this

let's say I sold this on a Facebook

group for $1,200 and I wanted to do a

local meet up with somebody and they

wanted to go ahead and give me $1,200

for that shoe but and I'm like sure

or that let's do that and then they tell

me hey actually I don't have 1200 cash I

only have 200 cash and I have $1,000 in

my PayPal account and I'll just transfer

the money to you as a gift and then when

we meet up then basically we'll just

make sure that money goes through and

then everything should be clear now I

tweeted about this the other week and I

was asking people you might would you be

clear in this situation if you have

somebody that gives you money and then

you receive it like what's the

consequences that can anything actually

happen so that person can potentially

reverse their gift to you and then take

back that thousand dollars a lot of

mixed reviews a lot of people are saying

everything should be fine there were

people saying yes there is risk they can

do something against you which is

contact their bank and reverse a

transaction or say that it was

unauthorized unauthorized transaction on

the credit card if their money in their

PayPal account was funded through their

credit card they can do that and then

PayPal can't do anything against that

and then they can pull that back that

thousand dollars so there is actually a

little bit of risk involved with that

that's not too likely that's something

like that's going to happen but it is a

possibility that that can't happen where

you can get that money reversed even

through gifts so a little bit riskier

obviously if they just brought 1200 cash

to the table then you have less risk but

let's say that they did this route

having them PayPal gifted is a good

option but it can be reversed so the

other option is let's say if I didn't

want to do gift I was like well let's go

ahead and do the invoice so I can have

seller quote unquote seller protection

on this item

I contacted PayPal and asked them a lot

of these questions so that's kind of

where I'm getting my information from

but basically if you do that and if you

meet up in person you won't be PayPal

protected from a transaction of an item

if you don't have a shipping number and

so when you're meeting up in person you

don't get shipping information because

you're just exchanging goods and

services in person they can't they can't

verify that you actually gave them the

product so it becomes riskier in person

if you do an invoice then if you even do

a gift so you definitely want to try to

recommend the gift scenario in that in

that sort of scenario that being said

you get

the invoice let's say you're selling

this to somebody out of state then you

get the shipping information and you can

go through the invoice process and you

have seller protection at that point so

if the person then says nine ever got my

item like you you know like you never

shipped me the shoes then PayPal can

actually step in and say yeah he did

ship the shoes here's the item tracking

number which is really important for you

to actually have signature confirmation

if it's a really expensive item as well

it's really important to know that

there's signature confirmation there and

it happened to me as a seller I shipped

a pair of shoes as somebody and they

said that they never got the package and

it automatically as a seller PayPal

automatically freezes your funds so I

was out the money up until everything

was resolved I contacted PayPal I said

hey what's going on I can see that this

item it wasn't this one it was just a

random pair of shoes I can see this item

was shipped and the the seller or the

buyer excuse me put a freeze on the

shipment and had him redirected to a

different spot and say they were never

delivered and like the USPS never said

it was delivered it was a really shady

situation but PayPal sided on my side

because they saw that it was going to be

delivery confirmation and the seller

excuse me the buyer ended up redirecting

the the shipment and so because of that

they freed up the funds and I got my

money back but so there's some

situations that can happen with that now

let's say as a seller I ship this shoe

to somebody and then the seller claims

that I sent them a replica pair of

sneakers and then they open up a case

against me now I'm let's say on $1,200

in the hole because that's a 1200 I

freeze on my account on that until

PayPal investigates this whole thing and

then meantime this buyer ends up selling

or shipping back a pair of fake Easy's

and then they're taking my $1,200 and I

know this is a situation that can happen

as well which is really kind of scary

and there's a really scandalous people

out there and hopefully karma comes and

bites them in the ass and the end of the

day but if this ends up happening to you

the buyer opens up a case selling saying

that you sent them a fake pair of shoes

then eBay our PayPal investigates this

and then you will go ahead and they'll

send back the pair of shoes to you

at that point you can go ahead and open

a countersuit or counterclaim back to

them saying that they didn't ship back

the item that was shipped to them and

then PayPal goes through and

investigates again and it's this huge

battle of he-said she-said sort of stuff

so at the end of the day man it's really

really risky to go ahead and ship a

thousand dollar pair of shoes somewhere

across the US or whatever and then try

to to make that sale happen the other

thing is is and I don't know I haven't

had too much experience with

international shipping but historically

like international shipping is really

really dangerous like you can get into a

lot of stuff because they couldn't

originally confirm delivery confirmation

at some places and because of that

PayPal automatically would like side

with them because you couldn't that you

couldn't prove that it was delivered

because that location doesn't accept

delivery confirmation so it's important

that if you do ship internationally that

they do have the ability to confirm the

delivery so if somebody offers you two

thousand dollars for this shoe and

you're trying to sell for twelve hundred

like just know that there's some there's

a reason why they're offering more

because there's a good chance that they

can go ahead and open the claim against

you and get all the money back and then

and then you know say that was never

delivered then you're out the money for

the shoe and then they don't have to

ship back anything because there was

nothing that was proven so that's kind

of it in a nutshell as far as I can tell

from the seller perspective so there's a

lot of risk involved my two cents is try

to sell to somebody that you can trust

try to sell to somebody like I would

definitely go through a consignment shop

afire you if you had an authentic

product that you were trying to sell and

make a profit on if you don't know what

you're doing consignment shops like are

definitely somebody that that do or go

through somebody that that you know that

really knows how to do this sort of

stuff but if it's your first time

selling something and you're trying to

sell a thousand dollar pair of shoes

definitely do your research before you

go ahead and do that because you can be

out a significant amount of money

there's some snakes out there and they

will get you so hopefully this will be

an informative video for you guys

waiting in the comment section though

let me know what I missed

trying to cover things as thoroughly as

I can but the baby's crying downstairs

and I gotta get back downstairs and help

out the wife thank you guys for watching

again and we'll catch you guys for some

more videos soon