How to Buy / Sale Sneakers with PayPal Invoice. (DON’T Get SCAMMED)

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click on PayPal business app once you

open that up you're gonna want to hit

the plus sign here and you're gonna type

in the email or the person that you're

wanting to send the invoice to so once

you click on the plus sign here it's

gonna take you to this screen and then

from here you just kind of fill out the

information email address that in real

quick and then you're gonna you don't

have to fill out the first name and all

that and you scroll to the bottom then

click on the neck and go to go to your

next green from there you will fill out

the amount and the detail of what it is

that you're selling so if I'm selling a

pair of Travis got an Air Jordan ones

I'm gonna put Air Jordan one I usually

put the size I'll put that it's

authentic I also put the you that I have

receipt as well so I'm gonna fill that