ShoeDog TV- Footwear Retail Lesson: How To Sell Shoes Like A Pro

I wish I could find a pair of shoes that

were both fashionable and comfortable

welcome to Dillard's now who said

fashion shoes shouldn't be comfortable

take for example Born shoes handcrafted

and design so you could be comfortable

all day so why don't you take a seat and

I'll measure both feet you know what

I'll be right with you in a second thank

you sure welcome dealers employees my

name is Jorge Valdez with Born shoes and

today you're going to learn what makes

born so different from all the thousands

of styles on your sales floor we're

going to take product knowledge and

sunny knowledge put it together so you

could be the next pay center so follow

me let's go help out Jenny and let's go

make a sell come on well I'm back hi my

name is Jorge Valdez hi I'm Jenny Jenny

well first question what are you gonna

be using the shoes for both business and

casual way great no matter what you use

the shoes for I want you to be

comfortable I want your feet to be happy

so that way you could be happy well let

me give you a little history about born

born was created as a euro comfort brand

so automatically that means they're

comfortable but second they're a

lifestyle brand that means you can wear

them with dress business sport casual no

matter what enough I could define it by

four words fashion comfort quality but

number one value value for you so that

way your feet are happy because I

believe happy feet make happy people so

while we try some shoes on phrase Wow

now let's summarize that part of the

sales process the greet and meet I mean

I always smile when I greet a customer

and why because I want to be the number

one product that customer buys and also

I want to connect with that customer to

build a relationship with then I like to

sit the customer why because I can't

sell them shoes whether standing up

third measure both feet remember you're

a professional shoe salesperson not a

clerk and fourth always bring out four

on the floor offers selection for styles

of shoes to that customer offer

selection because the more you bring out

the more you sell the more you show the

more you sell now let's get back to

Jenny and you know what let's talk about

features and benefits and let's also

shoes come on hey try these shoes on

great stand up let's take a walk now can

you feel that bounce absolutely I love

born first of all that polyurethane out

so that's this part of the shoe that

absorbs shock so your heels won't hurt

your knees won't hurt and your back

won't hurt it makes your feet feel good

I guarantee it how does it feel


now the polyurethane foot bed inside the

shoe it conforms exactly to the shape

your foot to give you that added support

so that way your feet don't hurt now how

do you how do that cushion feel it feels

like walking on pillows exactly now that

leather upper whole grade leather uppers

that means it will wrap around your foot

great how does it feel feels fantastic

you know it's oblique lasted what that

means it's wider in the toe box and

there on the hill allowing your toes to

wiggle so that way your feet don't feel

constricted and it allows your foot to

breathe making it feel cool and dry and

every pair is hand-sewn it's called

opanka construction they take the upper

they take the liner and the outsole and

they sew it all at one time so that way

it makes it very flexible Wow fantastic

but where these shoes made great

question they're made all over the world

why because they use different

components and different constructions I

like to say it's the closest thing to

coming to a custom-made shoe for your

foot so do you love them I love them I

love them too won't we try some more

shoes let's do it hey in this segment

we're talking about features and

benefits now features is what it is and

benefits is what it does for the

customer now let's talk about the

polyurethane outsole

that's the feature but the benefit is

it's going to absorb shock relieve

pressure so your heels won't hurt your

knees won't hurt and your back won't

hurt now for example my favorite radio

station is wi i FM what's in it for me

why because you have to think like a

customer what's in it for me and what's

in it for that customer we're here to

provide solutions for the customers

needs and for example polyurethane out

so that way your knees won't hurt and

your back won't hurt well let's talk

about the construction opanka

construction now they take the upper the

liner and sew it all at one time to the

outsole so that's handcrafted hand-sewn

footwear that means every pair of board

is hand-sewn now remember retail is

detailed and so is born

because they are true works of art every

detail from the embossed leather and the

full grain Italian leather uppers that

makes a custom fit and wraps around your

feet I have to say this that you know

what these are feel good shoes and

quality and fashion and comfort but

number one value now let's go back to

Jenny and let's close the sell come on

great well Jenny I had a great time

service in you thank you love your shoes

oh god yes well you know what it seems

like you're gonna take these shoes home

how many other styles are you taking I'm

taking them all well you know what may I

put this on your dealers card leehi well

let's go I'll walk into the register

okay fantastic

now hold up let's not forget about men's

shoes for born now we have everything

for board from tailored shoes casual

shoes sporty shoes everything for that

man to be comfortable and look good

now let's not forget about the

technology dries D ryz it's a moisture

management system that a wick that

moisture away from that foot to keep it

dry and cool remember men wouldn't look

good but they want to feel good too so

we have a lifestyle brand it's not just

a shoe brand but a lifestyle brand born

shoes not just casual brand not just a

fashionable brand but a lifestyle brand

that happens to be fashionable and

comfortable from the works of art in the

insole the outsole and look at these

fashionable uppers quality all hand-sewn

all handcrafted remember Born shoes is a

lifestyle brand it's a feel-good shoe

for feel-good people well I have to say

this from all the selling tips that you

learned today remember they were

designed so that way you can make more

money so that way you can sell more

shoes and just like born you have to be

a professional salesperson and just like

a quality salesperson you need quality

shoes so today go out on that floor and

be the next pace setter and remember my

name is Jorge Valdez with boring shoes

now go sell some shoes see you later