How To SELL Your Sneakers FAST And For The MOST MONEY , Safely ! | Selling Sneakers Fast

greetings my saplings alright so in

today's video I'm gonna be doing

something a little different than I

usually do this video is going to be

made upon the request of a lot of you

guys essentially in today's video we'll

be going over how to sell your sneakers

first we'll go over how to sell your

sneakers for the most money then we'll

go over how to sell them the safest and

of course at the end how to sell them

the fastest where you can essentially

just sell them overnight or even in five

minutes we're gonna be going through

everything step by step I'm gonna break

it down super easy for all you guys so

you can get started right away if you

want to sell your sneakers

alright so to kick it off for the most

money I think one thing's very obvious

that I need to put out there don't be

afraid guys to just go up to people at

your local gym or at your local school

and ask them to buy in person cuz always

guys cash is king if you could avoid any

fees whatsoever definitely do that but I

understand sometimes it's not it's not

as easy as it sounds not a lot of buyers

too many people low-balling you so

here's my main thing this is where I

always get the most money this is where

I think you can get the most money as

well my friends this is Facebook groups

now I have a lot of you guys in the

comments asking me constantly which

Facebook groups to join Keith's like

give me a list of Facebook groups here's

the magical thing about it guys there

are no specific groups that you should

join you should join every single group

you possibly can just keep on Jordan

typing sneakers up there and then just

scroll through all them try to join as

many as possible and after you sell your

shoes cuz they are gonna kind of crowd

up your feed you could just exit out of

those groups it's very simple and if

you're saying Keith this is ridiculous

you expect me to list the shoe for sale

inside of 30 groups that's so tedious

it's gonna take forever well actually

we'll get into this a little later but

there's an option where you can add it

to multiple places and you don't just

have to do a one by one copying and

pasting stuff no it's very easy all you

got to do is set it up in one group and

you just add it to all the others it's

it's spectacular but you might be asking

me Keith

why are Facebook groups so special like

what makes Facebook different from any

other website that you could sell on

which is actually made for selling

sneakers well when it comes to Facebook

there's no middleman

it's just you unless you were to join a

group where there has to be a middleman

for that I would not

commend because of course they are going

to take cut and for this portion in the

video we're talking about how to get the

most money so if you want the most money

you're gonna be doing the transactions

yourself through PayPal don't worry guys

I know you might be a little scared by

that I'm gonna walk you through it step

by step so it's a piece of cake so easy

your grandma could do it so easy that

uncle Garrett I gotta get uncle Gary out

of my head I got some vivid memories

uncle Gary anyway back to what I was

saying in comparison to other sites

Facebook has no middleman fee it's only

that 3% PayPal fee for the invoice in

comparison to some other sites which

have that 3% fee when you transfer your

money from the site to PayPal in

addition to their middleman fee which is

usually around 10 to 20 percent how when

you're doing it on your own you have to

save that money say you sell a shoe for

$1,000 you could be saving as much as

$100 you know where you can get with

$100 you you could get ten Chipotle

meals that isn't that fantastic anyway

it's not all fun and games like I'm

making it seem there's a lot of scammers

especially in the Facebook community and

you have to watch out for them it's not

quite easy spotting or pinpointing

scammers sometimes it's kind of

difficult sometimes they seem like

legitimate accounts they have a decent

following and hey you do a deal with

them and you end up getting scammed then

it sucks but I'm gonna be telling you

guys how to avoid these things how to

prevent yourself from getting scammed

gonna give you guys three tactics first

of all when you do it through PayPal

even when you're selling cuz guys of

course there's there's scammers when

you're buying but when you're selling

believe me there are always going to be

scammers here's what you got to do you

always have to use PayPal option for

invoice you are the one who has to send

the invoice to someone else there are

people who send out fake emails to you

it makes it look like it's coming from

PayPal but when you put your mouse over

their name it says some random account

like health 901 7 2 3 4 5 which is just

a it's obviously like a fake account and

they copy and paste this random thing

that makes it look like it's coming from

PayPal you will think that you are

getting $200 from this person when in

reality it's just an email that they

fake so you are the one who always has

to create the invoice and send

to that now tactic number two this is

something you have to watch out for and

a fellow youtuber in this sneaker

community actually got scammed this way

he made a whole video on it

basically you never shipped to someone's

address no matter what in the world they

say if they try to give you another

address that is not on their paypal to

do not ship to it because what they'll

say they'll claim that they never got

the shoe you shipped it to the wrong

address and no matter how much proof you

have no matter if you have all the

messages or even if you have a voice

recording the person telling you to do

this it doesn't matter

PayPal they don't care because you

didn't ship to the address on the PayPal

which are the instructions to do all you

got to do is click on the person who

you're sending the invoice to it will

show all their personal information that

is required for shipping for instance

like their address or name etc and it's

very simple just don't ship to any other

address finally the third tactic when

it's too good to be true it's probably

not true in fact it's 99% of the time

not sure when it's too good to be true

guys whenever something seems a little

fishy if it seems way too good to be

true although it might be tempting you

might be thinking oh this is perfect

it's very easy you could just get away

with this money and who knows you end up

cashing out that's very possible that

you do that but it's more than likely

that somehow they're gonna scan now I

said I was giving you three tactics but

this one's a bonus there's just

something that I have been implementing

something that I've been doing I I don't

think anyone else does this but guys

it's something I definitely recommend

keep this a little secret in between our

sneaker community because you wouldn't

want word getting out about this but

basically whenever you sell a shoe most

shoes have removable insoles but I want

you guys to do is put a slip of paper in

there very small maybe like the size of

your fingernail or something like that

all you got to do is write your name on

it slip it under the insole no one would

ever notice it but if they happen to do

a certain scam where they claim that you

sent them a fake even though you sent

them a real shoe and they ship you back

the fake shoe because a lot of scammers

do this all you would have to do is

provide some evidence that that is not

the shoe you sent and they sent you the

wrong pair now of course you would have

to prove that you actually slick the

piece of paper inside the insole so I

know this sounds really excessive guys

it sounds kind of stupid actually

out of context

honestly guys take a video of yourself

doing it to those shoes then take a

video of yourself boxing up the shoes

like all in one thing just in case you

do find yourself in a pickle hey this

might be the thing that saved you I

don't know I've never been scammed this

way no one has ever tried but it's just

an extra layer of precaution that you

know it doesn't hurt to try

especially when it's a very expensive

shoe like a thousand-dollar shoe or

$2,000 shoe of course it's up to you

guys it's a little excessive you don't

have to if you don't want you so now

getting all the scammers out of the way

I'm sorry that was a lot but I want you

guys to be a hundred percent safe but

now we're gonna go through it step by

step how to sell on Facebook so step one

all you got to do is go to any group and

click sell something then step two fill

in all the required info you know like

the size the condition put in tagged

pics etc all that good stuff then you

click on next once you click Next you

will see an option to post it to

multiple places this is what I was

mentioning previously you selected to

all the sneaker groups you have joined

post them in all of them and hey guys

that just saved you a ton of time now

your post will get tons of exposure now

step four all you got to do here is just

answer comments and PM people that five

now you just got to do the negotiating

process it's as simple as that guys just

a quick tip when negotiating don't ever

start off with the price that you're

actually looking for because no one

wants to hear that your firm want to be

able to go down just a little bit don't

always start off a little higher than

usual and work your way down let them

feel like their win always make sure

that the person buying feels a little

smarter than you do now step six all you

got to do here go into Pay Pal click on

my PayPal or whatever then you got to go

to request money click on the option

that says create and invoice all you got

to do here is fill in what the item is

fill in the price fill in the email

address of the person you're sending the

invoice to and all you got to do is wait

for them to pay now if you're a new

seller you will notice that your payment

is pending this is very common for

people who are just getting new to

PayPal PayPal you have to kind of build

up a trust with them and after you've

made a certain amount of sales you don't

have your money pending anymore it will

just go straight to your PayPal account

you're able to spend it right away

alright so that was how you make the

most money selling shoes but now

moving on to the safest way to sell

shoes the 100% safest way where

essentially nothing could go wrong so

basically it is very simple yeah you're

not gonna be doing any work all you got

to do is drop the shoe off at a local

consignment shop where do you find one

of these well my friends go on to search up local consignment

sneaker shop and then you just allow it

to use your location you might have to

drive 20 minutes or so sometimes they

charge a flat fee which is great for

really expensive shoes like a shoe

that's $1,000 if they only charge a

$20.00 flat fee that's spectacular most

of them actually charge a fee like 20%

or 10% that's what's more common but

that is going to be the safest way to

sell shoes and if you're wondering why

I'm not mentioning stock ex saying go

it's because look 99% of the time on

sock X everything goes through fine I've

never had any problems personally with

stock X most of you guys haven't but

there has been a lot of incidents with

sellers and buyers when it comes to

stock X and go so it's still very safe

to sell on there extremely safe to sell

on there but of course I'm trying to

teach you guys the safest way the safest

way to go out of everything and that is

consignment shops now finally to close

out the video let's talk about the

fastest way to sell sneakers so what

most people are doing nowadays just

because they're trying to get the shoes

off their hands a lot of people don't

have too much money to play with so they

just get the shoes off their hands and

on to the next release basically stock X

go any middleman service like that I

highly recommend just because they get

so so much traffic on these sites

you could definitely sell like very

quickly on there first of all you could

take some lowball set it right up there

on stock X they're called bids and if

you really don't want to keep your shoe

if you're really in a pickle and say you

need some money for a rainy day like you

got into a car accident you need surgery

and you need the money like right now

all you have to do is click on a bid

click sell now you ship the shoe I made

a whole video on how to do this in depth

feel free to check it out if you haven't

it's but anyway that will conclude

today's video I just wanted to teach you

guys how you can sell your shoes because

I know a lot of guys we're requesting

this video and right now I actually am

on vacation I pre-recorded this video

and I will be updating you guys on

there's Travis Scott Air Force One sales

of course with that though

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future with that though I'll see you

guys later have a fantastic rest