How to Start Reselling Sneakers in 2023! (Complete Guide)

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run test run

oh you want to start reselling sneakers

you want to start reselling shoes like

this or like this if you're in school or

you're just bored or you're just trying

to make some money I got you

so if y'all don't know me my name is

Frank and I made this much response

sneakers in 2022 wow also being a

full-time college student so that means

during the Spring and fall time I was

busy at school away from home and away

from all my inventory and uh yeah the

IRS if you're watching this I didn't

make that much money it's a joke mistake



but yeah so I feel like I have enough

information to be able to give you a

really good guide on how to start

reselling sneakers on your own for this