How to sell on StockX 2022 (Complete Beginners Guide)

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welcome to Gulfway live cops where I

show how I cop items using this computer

Bots and other resources if you're

interested in learning how to bot or

just interested in watching live cops

then let's get into it so one of my

favorite questions that I get asked all

the time is where do I sell the items

that I purchase online whether it's

sneakers or Electronics or random stuff

like sports cards and some of the other

low-key items that we do get through my

group and the question to that answer is

usually stockx so in this video I'm

going to do a full tutorial on just how

to make more through stockx how to

actually send products out and basically

just a full overall rundown of the

platform itself I've been using stockx

for many many years I'm the top seller

like is as high of a seller level as you