How To List Sneakers at Stadium Goods Consignment Shop!!!

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what's up YouTube it's Matt the supreme

back with another video and today I'm

gonna be showing you guys how to list

sneakers at Stadium goods online if you

don't know stadium Goods is a

consignment shop previously I did a

video explaining what a consignment shop

is very very brief and informative video

the link for that is down below if you

want to check that out before we go into

this the first thing you're gonna need

to do is go to sellers dot stadium Goods

dot-com the link for that is going to be

down below in the description as well so

you could just click it and obviously if

you do not have an account you're gonna

need to make one well luckily I have one

so I'm just gonna log in here and this

is kind of the main screen it says how

many in stock items you have the value

of your asks how many sales are pending