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lo hi YouTube what is up professor

untied here coming at you with the

newest episode of the art of the flip

series if you guys don't know what the

art of the flip series is basically this

is a series where I teach you guys

everything I know about sneaker

reselling these videos are meant for

beginners and we're gonna get more

advanced as we continue to go through it

but I wanted to take a step away from my

normal like plan my lesson plan I guess

and I asked you guys what kind of stuff

did you guys want to see on the art of

the flip series now one of the biggest

questions was people want to know how to

make it big as an Instagram seller so

selling sneakers on Instagram and you

know I'm not a big fan of selling on

Instagram so in this video I'm gonna be

telling you guys the top three reasons

why I choose not to sell sneakers on

Instagram and why I think it's just a

bad idea overall and so number one is

that it's really tough to build an

audience on Instagram and the reason why

is kind of simple like there's so much

sneaker authentication apps and stuff

now that you guys can choose from and

stuff and you know that what you're

getting is supposed to be legit and

authentic I say supposed to because it

has been like mishaps with some certain

sneaker apps where you're not really

getting authentic shoes however for the

most part those apps have bridged the

gap where people can buy from them

safely and the prices are relatively

affordable it's not like you're buying

from an expensive like a scientist or

ISA because of that it allowed a lot of

people to move over to that platform and

that means that there's gonna be less

people like wanting to buy from you on

Instagram like what do you have to offer

that's different and what do you have to

offer that's different than what they

could get on like gota

and now I know typically the biggest

answer here would be I have a better

price if you guys back through my site

then I don't need to worry about fees

and stuff so I can sell things for

cheaper yes that's one thing that would

make sense for selling on Instagram but

the problem is is that if you have like

a hundred followers on there how are you

gonna get exposure and how are people

gonna hear about your product like you

could have a really good sneaker store

you know you can be selling a lot of

shoes on Instagram and stuff but if no

one knows about you it is very difficult

to move shoes and for the vast majority

of people that don't have like a huge

platform like YouTube and stuff it can

be very hard to sell on Instagram

because that building that audience

takes time and some people just don't

have the time to like put into it

there's some OGIS in the game that sell

on instagram and they have like tens of

thousands of followers and whatnot and

they sell shoes really quick but it's

because they're well-known in the game

so if you guys do want to build on

Instagram use have to give consistent

service consistent deals and stuff and

then hopefully

people will find you by word-of-mouth

but for the most part it is very very

difficult to find an audience on there

so why would you choose to sell to your

hundred followers on your Instagram

whereas you have a hundreds of thousands

of people on going up looking at shoes

all the time my thing is that it's

better to make a quick sale than it is

to make a bigger profit margin because

in this game volume is everything so

that's why I choose to sell on the apps

and why I don't sell on Instagram and

stuff it's tough and I just want to

recommend it if you guys are just

getting started and so for number two I

gotta let you guys know that as well as

not selling shoes on Instagram I also do

not buy any shoes on Instagram the

reason why is because scammers are

everywhere like a lot of Instagram you

get scammed all the freakin time for

sneakers and that's why there's like a

bad stigma for people that I try to buy

on Instagram because it's like how do I

know these things are legit how do I

know you're legit like you've never done

business before you see this account

selling Easy's for like maybe 200 bucks

for retail and you're like well that's

not a bad deal like maybe it's a little

bit dirty or something this guy could be

legit however you'd have no idea man and

that's how that transaction is made you

have no like basis to go off of and

another problem here is that they'll

tell you ok I can give you this price

but you got to pay through PayPal

friends and family so I don't need to

worry about fees and stuff and then

maybe it's legit shoe maybe he's legit

he send you the shoe but it's in a

different condition than you saw on his

Instagram or it ends up being

unauthentic altogether which would be

the worst case scenario and you asking

yourself now like professor untied I

don't understand this guy is like a

hundred thousand followers and stuff on

Instagram so he should have been legit

right the problem with that is that you

can have a hundred thousand followers on

Instagram and it maybe cost you like

five hundred bucks to get to that point

because a lot of people in that sneaker

like Instagram selling thing they

understand that you can buy followers on

Instagram and that creates like this bad

perception where you don't really know

like what's the true like following for

this person or any of these guys even

real so my biggest thing with that is

like don't get swept up and seeing a

huge follower count and then believing

not this guy has to be legit I can buy

from him on Instagram it's fine I can

Sun Pay Pal friends and family like I'm

not gonna get scammed first of all you

should never use PayPal friends and

family that is ridiculous always go

through goods and service so at least

you have some kind of protection friends

and family you can't get protected on

that so it's not a good idea ever pay

the fee whatever pay that a little bit

higher price so you can have the

protection just in case secondly if you

guys think that this site is reputable

look at the follower count like I was

saying instead look at the likes on

their post now if I see an account that

has a hundred thousand followers on it

right and he's getting maybe like 50

likes on each of his pictures on average

that's a pretty big discrepancy guys

like that's a huge escape and see why

would somebody that has a hundred

thousand followers only be getting like

50 likes on their picture that

percentage is like point zero zero one

or something it's very unlikely that

those are actual followers because

nobody's liking and stuff now if you see

maybe like two thousand likes or three

thousand likes or something on a hundred

thousand followers that's a more

manageable number like maybe three

percent of his following okay so that

would be a little bit more inclined but

again I would check different pictures

and stuff because you're also able to

buy likes on certain pictures like

people will try to manipulate you on

Instagram so just be aware man that's

why I usually just buy through a sneaker

authentication app because then at least

I know it's gonna be legit for the most

part and if it's not then I can get a

refund you know and it won't be like a

hassle because that's an actual

reputable business now number three why

I don't sell on Instagram is because it

is way faster to sell on sneaker apps

these days man I know a lot of people

will hate on this because they're saying

well it kind of ruined like the profit

margins that you can get for sneakers

but I can rebuttal that by saying Jordan

one prices have never been higher ever

in the history of the world right now

and that is because of sneaker apps man

it's the companies that overseas or

whatever what I was talking about in

this video over here saying that they

can buy up all of these pairs and

because it's accessible because they can

find it on a sneaker app and it takes no

time at all to get this going off the

ground man because for an app like go

adapt you don't see like the face of the

person behind whoever selling the shoe

everything is anonymous you can't even

message that guy for the shoe so deals

go quick and you're protected by go down

that's important man because when you

think about it like anonymity and the

sneaker game is huge then you don't need

to show that you're reputable because

going up is the one that's reputable you

can have zero followers and sell a shoe

for fifteen hundred dollars like that is

incredible and you can't do that on

Instagram you would need a strong

following you would need a strong

reputation you need to be doing this for

a number of years in order to make a

sale of that kind of volume there's no

questions asked when you sell through

sneakers have no BS no chargebacks no

issues like that

it's just straight up selling sneakers

for profit and again

I don't mind paying a small fee for the

fact that I have all this protection and

that I'm reaching an audience of a lot

of people it saves a lot of time and

I'll let you earn money faster so that

is my three things on why I don't

utilize Instagram and I hope you guys

think that information however if some

of you guys are like doing well with

your sneaker resale business 3s or gram

that's all well and good Matt but for

the guys that are just starting off and

for the beginners that's why I believe

that it's not a good idea to sell on

Instagram and instead it's better to go

through the app system so that is my

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