How To Sell Sneakers at Flight Club Sneaker Consignment! Make Money Reselling

welcome back YouTube it's your boy Matt

the supreme with another video and today

I'm gonna be showing you guys how to

lose shoes on the flight club website so

that you can sell them at consignment

and make more money

first things first you're gonna need to

go to sell dot fly that link is

gonna be in the description below but

just stop for a second if you don't know

what consignment is and you don't really

know what I'm talking about

that's fine there's a video I did

explaining consignment it's very brief

the link for that is in the description

below make sure you go ahead and watch

that one first otherwise this is gonna

be kind of confusing flight club great

company huge company them and goat are

actually the same company I've been

using them for a while

I find that my stuff moves way way

slower at flight club than it does urban

necessities and stadium Goods however I

still do send them certain items

especially stuff that the price is just

better but I did notice that there's a

lot of under cutters that flight Club

which is kind of a reason I don't like

sending stuff because the second I send

it seems like it's a good price then it

immediately gets undercut by a lot so

this is my account obviously if you

don't have an account you need to make

one whatever login to your account and

this is what you're gonna see their

dashboard is like extremely simple very

straightforward the stuff you're looking

at right now is everything that's pretty

much active in stock they have it

someone can buy it so flight club

actually does buy back themselves

meaning they'll buy back certain payers

usually the more hype stuff like 350s

travis scott stuff almost said try this

jack who I don't recommend it they give

you ask money it's stupid

don't do it just at that point just damn

me supreme the mat and sell me your

I'll buy all dead stock items shameless

self plug dad alright so you're gonna

click sell shoes and again like the

other two videos I'm gonna tell you to

go to stock ex to get this style number

or the SKU it makes it easier so you're

gonna paste this in here there it is

clouds white pull it up and so the way

that play club does their pricing it

doesn't need to be approved like the

stadium goods won but you can't pick any

price like urban necessities and so it's

kind of a common

nation of those so say you want a six

and a half there's a price range that

you can pick from as well as what they

call like a market price which I believe

is just the lowest a skittle s sale

something of that nature I mean you can

see that like the payout is 360 but the

backpacks only 230 so you can scroll

this you could go way under if you

wanted gives you room to go a couple

dollars more as well most shoes it'll be

around the middle so you have way more

room to mark it up if you want but since

this is a fast mover these three fifties

there's not much room to raise it you

would you know select the price at it

say if you have multiple items you would

just do that again search another item

you know and if you have multiple the

same then you just keep doing it and so


well you click this ship shoes button

you can select if you want to ship them

or drop them off now I believe you just

click this ship button yeah success we

even do a shipping label this is it's

confusing because they don't actually

email you a shipping label I don't know

why it says we be able to do a shipping

label they don't email you shipping

label they email you the ticket that

says these items and the prices and your

account number so they're gonna email

you that you print that out you put that

in the box once they receive it and

process it they will email you and it'll

go from this processing category which

they are and now to list it so they also

have this other category price drops and

so it pretty much tells you

somebody undercut you you lower

your price essentially is word of this

some of these are like what I mean like

they want me to lower my citrons so that

I was I'm getting like under costs

basically that's why I like them but

action needed I think these are just

been like this for a while and they

pretty much telling me I think lower

your price or we're gonna send you your

shoes back which is fine by me they got

a solo section cancelled so flight

clothes nice because they'll send your

stuff back for free how you do that is

you go to listed here you go to manage

listing and

you can click this remove listing button

where my cursor is and they'll send it

back to your address on file see your

address on file by clicking here show

right there make sure it's the right one

I've shipped with the wrong address many

times it's not fun

how does flight club's payout system

work very simple kind of like goat

actually the money goes into your

account it'll show right where my cursor

is here and then you'll go to your

settings click payments it'll show what

bounces which I don't have now so then

you click transfer bounce and the money

will get direct deposited into your

checking account very easy you can let

the money crew you can cash it out every

day if you wanted so that's how you list

that flight Club pretty simple

straightforward easy to do hopefully you

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