$0 - $50,000 Selling Shoes on FB Marketplace FULL TIME Resellers


what's going on guys we are doing a ton

of shipping present-day we ship about 95

percent of the shoes that we sell and

five percent is local deliveries now

when we first started it was 100% local

deliveries we built our entire business

on Facebook marketplace if you haven't

seen our video describing exactly how we

built our business on Facebook

marketplace go and check that out right

now this is how to scale your facebook

marketplace we went from zero to selling

over fifty thousand dollars worth of

shoes on Facebook marketplace alone in

this video we're gonna dive in and show

you exactly how we did it


what's going on guys my name is Ryan my

beautiful wife Lindsay and I are

full-time shoe resellers we go by rinzy

welcome to our channel today we're

talking about Facebook marketplace and

again if you have not watched our first

video on how we built our entire

business on Facebook marketplace please

go back and watch that we're gonna take

the end of that video and show you how

we scaled our business from zero dollars

all the way up to selling over fifty

thousand dollars in shoes on Facebook

marketplace alone we are always trying

to eliminate friction in the buying

process we're always looking at what's

stopping us from selling more shoes we

always want to build our business

following all the rules so that we are

always in control but we're always

looking for those friction points and

when it comes to Facebook marketplace we

started building a little momentum

getting daily sales doing daily

deliveries the first friction point that

we eliminated was doing deliveries we

were delivering to the people we went

into did some research we realized that

and all these conversations that people

are having on the shoes that they were

selling the hiccup was the buyer would

say okay can you meet me here and the

seller would say no no you got to come

to me and it looked like sale was lost

so we right away said okay anywhere

within 50 miles of where we lived we

will deliver to you

eliminated a ton of friction because it

created ease for all the buyers in our

local area but then the next friction

point you ran into was how could we

maximize those deliveries now if you've

used Facebook marketplace you know that

you can list each and every single pair

in multiple buying groups in your area

you can share it to at least 10

different groups each in every single

pair but one of the friction points we

realized was within those groups there's

certain rules so we live in the Portland

Maine area for example let's say one of

the groups was called Portland buy and

sell they may have some rules that say

you can only list 4 items per day or you

can only list 10 items per day or you

can only list one item per day and then

of course there's some other rules in

terms of conduct but we realized ok

in order to maximize our business we

want to maximize how many of those

listings we follow the rules we want to

maximize those listings so in that group

we can only list 4 per day so we reached

a ceiling we started brainstorming and

we realized we can only list four items

per day but if we had some friends help

us out and they list some of the shoes

that we have we can list more so we're

still following all the rules but we're

able to scale our business so the first

friction point that we eliminated was

those restrictions meaning we started

talking with family and friends and we

said hey we're wondering if you could

help us list some of the shoes when

someone's interested ask them where they

want to meet up and then we Lindsay and

I will go do the delivery and you'll get

a small piece of the pie so the 30,000

foot view of this is we built out a

payment structure where our family and

friends we'd send them the photos we'd

send them the description they would

just list in their local buy and sell

group of course we only connected with

family and friends that were within 50

miles of us because that was our

delivery region and then they would list

it they'd have a conversation they'd

create a delivery and then once the

delivery was set up they would tell us

hey John Smith in north north of

Portland wants to meet at the local

grocery store at this time for this pair

of shoes we put it into our schedule and

we'd go and do the delivery now

of course we had to work out some kinks

we had to teach people a little bit

about Facebook marketplace but slowly

but surely we built up a team over of

over 20 individuals in our local area

that every single day were listing shoes

from our inventory it was super super

simple every single morning we had a big

text thread with all 20-plus of those

people we'd send them all the all angles

of all the photos of all the pairs of

shoes that we wanted to have listed that

day and then almost like a fisherman

casting out a net all those people would

post in all the different groups within

50 miles of us within the hour so we

were able to multiply the amount of

listings that we could put out in our

local area and then slowly but surely

they'd say oh I have a buyer for this

one I have a buyer for this one boom

boom boom then the next friction point

we ran into was all these interested

buyers were setting up deliveries and we

had to create a system that was smooth

in order to set up all these all these

deliveries so we gave an incentive to

one of those individuals on the team to

be the bottle met to be the bottleneck

to be the point of contact for all these

buyers so now let's back up let's say

it's the start of the day what we would

do is we'd send out all the inventory on

that text thread to all our friends and

family they would list everything out to

all the groups and then throughout the

day they would set up the deliveries for

the next day they would send a text to

that one individual who was our

scheduler and that we had a Google sheet

that lined up all the scheduled

deliveries so that one individual could

say hey 2 o'clock doesn't work because

we already have another delivery here so

can we move it to 3 o'clock or 1 o'clock

or that scheduler would set up all the

saint's all the deliveries in that area

at the same grocery store so it turned

into this really cool team this really

cool system and then again every single

individual on that got a piece of the

pie so the people on the team would be

able to list they would have their day

jobs they would do all this stuff and

then let's say we sold it for $25 sold

the shoes for $25 they would get $5 we

would get 20 because we're going and

doing the delivery and very very quickly

our business on Facebook marketplace

grew grew grew to the point where every

single morning leans in Lindsay and I

were waking up

we had an entire day scheduled of

deliveries and as you saw in our first

Facebook marketplace video we would set

up all the exact pairs that people

wanted and then we bring a half size

bigger and a half a size smaller of the

same brand similar brands and we'd have

it the whole entire car would be filled

of shoes who would go do up do up the

deliveries all day long and we come back

with a huge chunk of money in our pocket

now if you guys have any questions about

this it worked very very well for us we

scaled it all the way up till we had no

more room in our day to do deliveries we

were literally doing deliveries every

half an hour from when we woke up all

the way until we cut off like 7 or 8

o'clock at night and then we had to

brainstorm how to get through that

roadblock and that's when we started

getting into the market places where we

could sell and then our business plan

changed a little bit more not to where

it is now where we are shipping most of

the inventory that we were selling but

it was super important for us to build

our business in what we knew and in the

beginning the only thing we knew was

Facebook marketplace well it's also

really important to note is we built

hundreds and hundreds and thousands of

relationships in the local community

because we were delivering valuable

shoes at a very very good price that

when we made the transition to test out

some new pairs we already had thousands

and thousands of relationships where we

could reach out to them and say hey I

know you bought a pair of insert

whatever brand your Nike or adidas or LL

Bean from us we actually are bringing on

some brand new inventory that's not used

if you're ever interested let us know

and then they would say hey you know I'm

interested in this this this this and

our request list would group would grow

even farther this is exactly how we

scared of it scaled our Facebook

marketplace business we were bringing in

a more than livable wage doing this yes

we were traveling all day yes we had to

put some extra money gasps you know

expenses all that stuff but it was super

important for us to be able to pay all

our bills because we were full-time from

day one and build a system that worked

and I think that's important when you're

a reseller

ever something is working look at what

is stopping you from growing a little

bit bigger if you have bigger goals if

you're like hey I want to pay my cell

phone bill every single month and it

costs 200 bucks and you make 200 bucks

then you're good just keep that rolling

and do whatever else you want to do but

we would really want to scale this thing

so that we can catapult our shoe

business into some real estate

investments that we are going to be

doing in the future so we're always

looking at eliminating those friction

points between the buyers and us as the

seller in every single marketplace that

we use Facebook marketplace is a

tremendous opportunity to get local

sales you can actually do shipping now

when we were on Facebook marketplace

back in the day there was no shipping

but you can do shipping options but most

importantly to build relationships in

your local community we talk about this

all the time there is nothing better

than building relationships because all

these doors open up fast forward a

couple months after we really scaled our

facebook marketplace business when

people were ready to sell their shoes

their big lots of shoes we had a

gentleman reach out to us and say hey

I've got 30 or 40 pairs

I've been collecting over the years you

guys are shoe resellers would you be

interested in buying them all from me we

agreed on a price point after looking

them through and there's an opportunity

that never would have happened if we

hadn't built that relationship while we

were doing local deliveries again if you

haven't watched our first video we go

into how to stay safe we go into how to

set yourself up to sell multiple pairs

pull the lip / delivery we go into the

basics of Facebook marketplace but this

is exactly how we scaled that to bring

in thousands and thousands of dollars

each and every single month any question

is jumping in the comments below until

the next video I hope you're enjoying

each and every single step