How To Sell Sneakers On eBay! (Step By Step)

if someone told you hey you need to sell

every single sneaker and you'll be a

millionaire would you do it you gotta

touch the noodles now we yeah oh yeah

what's going on guys welcome back to

another video it's your boy sneaker life

for a one-time bro so I don't know if

you noticed I've been switching the

camera so this is my old canon a TD now

usually I try to give you all some good

old resolutions on 4k Big Dawg invested

a lot into this rig right so this is

like the Big Dawg and this is just the

candidate so there's no for canvas the

lighting isn't that great but it's easy

cuz I can do you know a lot of you guys

are like man I really like the vlog

style and I feel like once I got that

camera I stopped doing the whole vlog

style because number one the thing is


right this cannon is light I can see

myself there's a screen right over here

that can flip with that I gotta have a

monitor and all that stuff so whatever

but reading a lot of you guys's feedback

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it those things you're the viewer this

is like the Truman Show you know it's

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but anyway today we're back at the ebay

series hi leo hello hey what's up okay

anyway like I was saying a lot of you

guys wanted like a full in-depth kind of

how I post on ebay I guess you could say

so I'll give you that break down I'm

gonna make it really short and sweet and

just kind of straight to the point my

laptop is not in here so let's get over

to that so the basics on selling on eBay

number one let's say you're just

starting from scratch as you guys can

see my account hey brother

I'm trying to make a video you

scratching oh oh look that's bucket get

on your bed you messing up my flow

brother so you guys can see bro come


you driving here go go go somewhere go

later oh you better go you to a

little like I was saying as you

guys can see I don't really have much

feedback this is kind of like my bodega

store obviously no I have Mike's bodega

store or Mike's bodega com that you can

go check out but you know you set up

your eBay account and when you're new

you're not actually going to get the

money instantly which is it's annoying

but it's just one of those things where

you got to earn eBay's trust it's just

like any platform so I get it

fortunately enough my PayPal account

I've done so many transactions that I

don't get any holds like I get the money

instantly and sometimes eBay when

someone buys from you they'll hold the

money until that person gets their item

it says like I'm happy with my item and

they release the funds that's just for

newer accounts for most of you guys I

know you've been around for a while but

I just figured I wouldn't mention that

like to make this really simple you guys

can see I have tons of items what I like

to do actually is I go to active and I

click sell similar this is just a

duplicate listing of something that I've

already listed so the gold toast so

let's say that I'm selling some cement

forms I'll just change the title Jordan

for retro cement its 2016 I think it's

gonna release size 12 100% authentic

because it's always authentic do not

sell any fakes on eBay you will get

banned you will get indefinitely

suspended don't do it make sure your

shoes are legit right off the RIP so you

don't got to deal with any of that and

then obviously you want to take some

pictures now this can range

I usually just use my phone just to keep

it simple and get like a nice simple

background you can either do the box

with the shoes but you know this is a

good picture and then I put my sticker

in there just so people know that it's

mine and I only do that in a few

pictures because it's just too

time-consuming and then obviously you

fill out your Jordan what color would it

be it would be white I always put where

I bought them so most of my shoes

luckily enough there's a floor right


Nike kamar bought directly from Nike

comm ships UPS has the og box

and then I just kind of put disclaimer

just looking out for me you know and you

guys can type this all out if you want

to add to your listings that's just what

I put in there and I'm very very

cautious on who buys like if I see a

buyer that buys and they only have like

one feedback I'm most likely cancel it

cuz I don't trust them that's my right

because there's too many scammers out

there trying to do chargebacks and like

I told you there's certain precautions

that you guys should take and there's no

listing fees right then you go ahead and

list item and it's that simple

eBay kind of does its thing for you and

then basically once that's done you just

kind of wait and people are gonna

lowball you they're gonna give you

terrible offers but you know if you just

stay patient someone is gonna buy your

shoes unfortunately enough for me today

someone actually bought my cause Jordan

fours for eight hundred dollars and I'll

give you guys the breakdown so they

ended up an eight hundred and sixty six

dollars with tax and I ended up getting

with paypal fee since there are no eBay

fees or sneakers over one hundred as of

this moment as at the time of making

this video there's no fees so you ended

up $866 PayPal fee is $25 the tax

collected by eBay was $66 my net amount

so what I made was seven hundred and

seventy four dollars and fifty nine

cents now that doesn't include shipping

which shipping will most likely run me

anywhere from ten to twenty five dollars

depending on who I want to ship with and

I'll give you guys the breakdown of all

that first let's go get the shoes now I

keep all the bangers up here you know

what I'm saying we got the Travis Air

Force Ones we have the desert or air

maxes which these are all being sold but

I just feel like these are bangers you

know what guys no I got both the

Travis's from actually I got three

Travis's from sneakers a bro I've really

been hidden but I didn't get those 85

which was kind of sucked so here's the

cause right here Bob lamb oh man oh


yeah another thing is this is the closet

man it means I'm selling everything in

here like all my clothes the only thing

that I'm really keeping are just some

stone island pieces and some denim

jackets but for the most part a lot of

this I'm getting rid of like all these


piece posted them and I'm sure a lot of

you are like t-shirts who's gonna buy

those but the reality of it is a lot of

people I like and I take such good care

of most of my stuff that is just

also have an abundance of stuff thank

God bless right but it's just kind of

like it's almost brand-new alright so

now you want some tape and then you want

a box you can get these boxes from Uline

or you can just get it from a store you

can go to Home Depot there's so many

places to get boxes I think a lot of

people stress about that even with

packaging the reason I have so many I

got a bomb in bundles because obviously

I run other businesses so it's just kind

of a necessity for me but if I was just

like a normal person without a business

I would most likely just go to Home


they have tape you can get this at Home

Depot or you can get it at Costco even

better deal at Costco and then you know

get some boxes especially if you're

selling some your stuff like it's worth

going to Costco or Sam's Club and buying

one of these even Home Depot and then

just get a few boxes and a few poly

mailers that you can get at Office Max

or Office Depot whatever you have in

your area and that's just the quickest

more efficient way but if you run a

business I highly recommend like

checking out Amazon or Uline now this

might seem goofy to some of you guys

like bro but i'ma show you like how to

tape the Box properly and everything

like I'm giving you a full in-depth

analysis of how this goes so always box

down now these boxes are 16 by 12 by 6

or damn this is an 18 by 12 by 6 what

the typically I'll go 16 I don't know

why I'm this big you can even go like 15

by 10 by 5 it really just depends I got

these bigger boxes most likely because

when I have like a size 12 or 13 shoe it

doesn't fit in those boxes so and you

typically don't want like too big of a

box because you want the shoes to fit in

there nicely cuz that just that just

saves you money

the bigger the box the more expensive it

gets and then you got to really outweigh

your options so I'm out of tape what are

the chances that and this is exactly why

I recommend going to Costco you get

these in bulk

number one you save a lot of money and

number two you just don't run out like

it's just not a thing so I typically one

across you know I do one here and then

one over there and tape over that too I

just like to make sure that everything

is secure you know boom just like that

the shoes in there while I look form a

technically we're throwing like some

grocery bags in here or it just depends

on how much room is in the box you guys

can see there's a lot of room this time

around which if I had a smaller box you

know I might save me a few cents or a

few dollars but that's not the case here

no I just want to have a little moment

of silence for my cause these are super

fireman it's sucks that I got to let him

go but you know we got bigger goals than


this is like obvious answer but if

someone told you hey you need to sell

every single sneaker and you'll be a

millionaire would you do it yes I'm

taking every single one of these shoes

as like you know what this is me being

one step closer to being a millionaire

like once I'm out of this debt now I can


count to a million the big homie LJ told

me can you count to a million

and I was like yeah zero one two three

but no if you're in debt you really got

to think about it you're negative so

let's say you have student loans for a

hundred thousand dollars and that's the

only day you have well you're starting

from negative one hundred thousand once

you get zero you're that much closer to

being a millionaire so I just want to

let you guys really just think about

that like you know what these are fire

these are tow man I would love to wear

these the image man like what come on

these are fire but you know what I'm a

millionaire bro I'm gonna buy the whole

set at the same time see you guys soon



but once the box is all taped up then

what I'm gonna do is throw it over here

on this scale that I got you can pick

these up from Amazon they're pretty

inexpensive I'm not gonna lie I love

this camera but I also don't like it cuz

the lighting just isn't that good there

this is a big fellow we got 4 pounds 12

ounces that's a big fellow so here is

the ebay calculator well I should say

shipping calculator so we have 18 by 12

by 6 update and it's looking like if I

ship it Priority Mail it's gonna be $10

if I do FedEx it's gonna be $12 now it

also gives you the dates so if I ship at

UPS Priority Mail 13 to the 15th of I

ship it

FedEx home delivery at 13th through the

19 and then you're always going to want

to add signature confirmation as you

guys can see requires seeing for

confirmation so the total cost is gonna

be $13 and 29 cents and then what I

would do is just subtract that from

seven hundred and seventy four dollars

and fifty nine seven there you guys have

it that is pretty much what I have made

now when it comes to shipping more

expensive items I personally recommend

FedEx and UPS USPS is good but it's just

sometimes getting hurt I get nervous

like my Easy's I shipped UPS I've just

had some really bad experiences with

USPS that's just my recommendation but

then again you guys can you guys can do

whatever you want now one important

thing that I wanted to bring up that I

just note if you look right here you can

see the sender of this payment is

unverified typically I do not like

selling to people that are unverified

well unverified means is they just don't

have their bank account connected and

they haven't done the certain things to

be verified through paper typically when

that's the case things get a little bit

suss I'm honestly thinking about

cancelling this transaction but I might

just do it just because number one their

PayPal address is confirmed

number two banking scam like I refuse

its shipping in Dallas Texas I got

family in Dallas Texas now I say no but

a flight away but on top of that I think

PayPal has been covered and like I'm

making this entire video documenting the

process obviously but that's just one

thing that I highly recommend like if

you guys see that unverified don't

shipped all this to sauce so then the

next thing I'll do is actually just use

my label printer boom yeah just like

that I like these because number one you

don't gotta buy ink the labels are

pretty expensive but you don't got a

waste paper gotta have scissors and all

that garbage the label maker is amazing

a lot of you guys always ask about it in

my brand videos it's the Dymo I'll put

the link down below if you want to buy

one if you ship a lot or even just a

good amount like buy this like trust me

it's such a time-saver and I ended up

going ups with these with signature

conformation get there in two days cost

me $15 and that's a wrap and you just go

on to you babe page make sure you add

that tracking number that you just got

and you know we're done for the day

so there you guys have it that's a

step-by-step process on how to sell

sneakers on ebay and that really

relatively goes with anything Grail

stock X or stock actually even preprint

they print the label for you but you

know it's still the same concept make

sure to just follow these instructions

now the most important step like the one

thing that you guys must do when you

take it to the post office do not drop

it on the counter and say oh it's yeah

it's prepaid go to the front and have

them scan it and give you a receipt that

way it's scanned in the system it shows

that you dropped it off you could also

record yourself dropping it off just so

there's that proof that's probably the

most important thing there's been plenty

of times where I took packages to like

USPS and I set it on the counter like a

lot of people do it's pretty normal and

they usually scan it but sometimes the

package just goes missing I don't want

to throw any negative energy out there

it it just goes missing I don't know

what happens to it but you know we just

live in a time where you have to protect

yourself at all time so it's just take

all these precautionary steps and you

should be straight there it is guys

another sneaker gone and this is a big

one the cost so I'm not even tripping

about cuz I almost likely keep my black

hat for is it's the same shoe

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