How To Sell Sneakers On eBay! (Step By Step)

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if someone told you hey you need to sell

every single sneaker and you'll be a

millionaire would you do it you gotta

touch the noodles now we yeah oh yeah

what's going on guys welcome back to

another video it's your boy sneaker life

for a one-time bro so I don't know if

you noticed I've been switching the

camera so this is my old canon a TD now

usually I try to give you all some good

old resolutions on 4k Big Dawg invested

a lot into this rig right so this is

like the Big Dawg and this is just the

candidate so there's no for canvas the

lighting isn't that great but it's easy

cuz I can do you know a lot of you guys

are like man I really like the vlog

style and I feel like once I got that

camera I stopped doing the whole vlog

style because number one the thing is