I Bought 134 Pairs of Nike Shoes to sell on Amazon FBA

so today I'm gonna process about 100

pairs of shoes to ship off to Amazon FBA

some of these came from Marshalls some

of these came from the Nike factory

store but I figured you guys would like

to see how that's done in the process so

stay tuned 50,000 in used books on 2015

hustle Reesie resells follow the hustle

welcome to my garage so that's not

actually a hundred pairs I have 20 pairs

in the Audi real quick I'm gonna grab

those and bring those in here one second

okay before we get into this I want to

go over this before

anybody I know you guys are gonna bring

this up right like you're gonna say but

you can sell Nikes on Amazon we can't

and that might be true but are you

willing to put the work in to get

approved to sell on Nike are you willing

to sell on Amazon for six months to a

year selling whatever you can so that

you can get the ability to sell Nike no

okay well then you shouldn't be

complaining how are you able to sell on

eBay and Poshmark yes are there people

that actually do this successfully that

have proven business models that you can

follow on social media yes there is

without further ado I'm gonna stack

these so that I can start scanning them


whoo so now that we got that done it's

time to do the boring part and list them

in to Amazon using inventory lab

software on the computer over here Here

I am at the computer I'm logged into

inventory lab which is a software that

we use to list to Amazon to create

shipments it just makes it so much

faster it's nothing complicated this is

a super simple workstation computer I

got a dime o 4 XL printer right here for

shipping labels I got a dime o 452 Bo

over there for FBA labels

I got a cheap twenty dollar USB

point-of-sale scanner that's about it so

what we're gonna do is we're gonna scan

all the shoes we're gonna get them into

a shipment onto Amazon sticker them if

we have to box them all up and ship them

off while amazon wants us to ship them

off to now I can't show you the exact

shoes that I'm selling because that

would sacrifice the security of my

Amazon account which is my bread and

butter and that's just what it is but I

will show you guys some of the

processing methods that we have to use

between getting them into the system and

getting them boxed up and shipped off to

Amazon so don't leave yet I'm gonna show

you I'll do a time lapse of this process

and then I will show you a few of the

different processing methods we use for

the shoes and then another time lapse

showing the boxing and then all the way

done till the end so stay tuned you'll

get to see the whole thing


your basic heat gun


another one of the things we have to do

is rip off the MSRP price tag because

sometimes we actually end up selling

shoes higher than the MSRP and we don't

want the customer to get upset about

that when they see a lower MSRP price

than what they actually paid on Amazon

because prices vary with supply and

demand per shoe / style / size blah blah

blah and it's all automated using our

reprice err so you know it's just good

it's a good look for us it helps to

prevent dissatisfactory customer

experiences alright so I'm done with the

super boring part of listing the shoes

into inventory lab and while I cannot

show you the shoes let me show you the

totals on the shipment as far as spent

expected profit sales value etc so

there's 42 excuse meaning 42 different

items there's actually a hundred and

forty four units and there's ten units

that aren't shoes so it's a hundred and

thirty-four shoes I was wrong the

average sales rank across the whole

shipment including those things that

aren't shoes is about forty nine

thousand that is the sales value $5,500

buy cost in a $4,100 expected profit

we're almost done guys it's almost time

to pack the boxes one of the last things

that we need to do before we put the

shoes in the boxes is we have to

rubberband them we got to put a rubber

band around the box to hold the Box

closed to stop the shoes from falling

out anywhere along the way between here

and the customer the rubber bands I like

to use are from Staples the number 33

rubber bands this is a pound of them I

think it's like 9 bucks they're three

and a half inches by 1/8 inch in case

you want to get a different brand of

comparable comparable where I come up



so they look like when they're done this

light makes me look super dark in the

Furious alright I'm in a rubber band the

rest of these real quick in case you

ever wondered why they called me the

rubberband man at this point everything

is starting to get packed up to Amazon

it's a hundred and thirty-five pairs of

shoes Amazon split it up into three

shipments going to three different

warehouses so right now I am packing the

first box it's 36 pairs of shoes let's

do this


okay so first two boxes done 33 pounds

29 pounds 36 pairs of shoes first

shipment of three shipments ready not

not quite ready almost ready to go to

Amazon now I need to put this weight in

the box size into Amazon in the shipment

dialog and they'll give me shipping

labels to put on the boxes then we can

drop it off at UPS or have them pick it

up from us or just throw it in the back

of a UPS truck or whatever but let me

grab those labels and put them on the

box the Amazon shipping rates are

actually extremely cheap I don't know if

you guys are able to see that or not I

think you can see that over there

anyways it's extremely cheap it's $16

it's basically 17 dollars to ship 62

pounds which is pretty dang cheap so

that's the basic process guys obviously

I'm not done with this shipment yet

there's more of this to be shipped off

to more shipments to be exact but it's

just more of everything that you've just

saw and for sake of finishing this video

and I think I'm actually out of

extra-large boxes right now I'm not

gonna do it all the way to the end but I

hope you guys get the point this

illustrates to you a little bit about

how the shoe business model works with

Amazon FBA how Packaging shipments works

sorting getting them listed all that

stuff of course I didn't show you guys

the super duper technical details which

is really really boring but the moral of

the story is that we're gonna profit

about $20 a pair on these shoes and our

average cost of goods is about $40 and

this is a huge plan of what we plan to

continue doing in 2019 and beyond so

goal for me and Scotty G my business

partner some of you might follow on

instagram is

riki analog we want to do 2 million in

shoes and that's gonna require a lot of

us doing this again and again so you're

gonna see a lot of shoe content from me

if there's any Content that you guys

would prefer to see regarding shoes

please let me know and I will create

content around that I'm going to be

getting into some stock ex stuff maybe a

little bit of goat so stay tuned and

look for that and please if you're

watching this don't think that just

because you can't sell Nikes on Amazon

that you can't do this you could earn

that privilege or you could sell on


eBay Merc Ari stock ax goat there's a

million ways to get it please don't let

anything be your limitation factor and

guess what guys it's not 1920 you do not

have to keep living your lives the same

way your grandparents live their life

getting a job 9 to 5 we got options

we got ecommerce we got social media

there's so much stuff you can do please

follow some successful people who are

doing what you want to do or have done

it already and learn from them if this

is something you want to do cool learn

from me if this can get you where you

want to go even better but please

understand that there are options it's

not 1920 it's not the way it used to be

and this is just a taste of it let me

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