Buying And Selling Sneakers In Bulk (5 EASY WAYS)

Yo, what's happening everybody we've been gone for a while and I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry but

We got another great video

My name is DJ is your boy AJ and we are the DNA show and today

We got some kicks for y'all know we're gonna teach you guys how to buy and sale in bulk

Would you should look for these are the tips let's get to it. Well the intro

Crash pads and ashore

It's like a fresh pants in a shoe

You know fresh pants and shoes now that you've seen the kicks

What do you think about them where there's some good pick ups and some bad pick ups?

That's the question nine times out of ten

You're gonna have some good pick ups and some bad pick ups when you're buying in bulk. It's just always like that

So let's go ahead and get into the first thing you want to do

You want to make sure that you know exactly who you're selling to or I find the buyer first

Know exactly what people want that makes it a lot easier

Once you have the kick to them be able to sell it step number two finding the shoes

So you found the buyer now, you need to ask those bars. What do they want?

What are they interested in and like you said the market you got to understand the market once you know what they want

It's a little bit easier to find the shoes because you can hunt down these kids an easy way for me is buying through

Friends buying through somebody I know because I can contact my friends and say hey

I know you're a sneaker head what you got for me. I'm interested. I want to buy your collection

I wanna buy your kicks


So you want to make sure that you buy as local as possible?

If you can't buy from your friends by for Craigslist

There's a bunch of apps out there that have local markets that you can buy from you want to make sure you do it safe

Though and by doing it safe

If you're not confident in the authentication process make sure you go to your local sneaker shops for us is index, Portland

So come down the index and you can do authentication process through there and they'll help you out through the process

step process a lot of times

So let's go to the next step I once you get the kitchen and make sure that you organize a list you want to make

Sure that you're always

organized with selling kicks because

It gets out of hand, especially if you're buying in a crazy bulk view

So what we like to do is make sure that we buy Jordans and we organize them by

Numerical order ones with ones twos with twos we some time go by year

Sometimes not but it depends on the boat deal if you have Nikes

Jordans and Adidas green box doesn't matter what brand it is

Make sure that you group those together and then it makes it a lot easier to be able to

And then sometimes if you have buyers and specific sizes and you buy multiple sizes

Then you got a boat by number and size and then you know, there's a bunch of different ways

But just make sure you're organized because you don't want to come with somebody and say hey

I want

$8,000 for all this stuff and you're not organized and it just it's not gonna be right people want it to be smooth and clean

And just real simple Excel will be your best friend

So now that you have the list compiled everything's ready to go. The next step is take some good photos

That's what you got to do. Everybody wants to see the details of the sneaker if it's new. It's easy

but you still need to snap a shot cuz sometimes people just want to

Get that confirmation and knowing hey that she was here. Don't send me on a text for me. I want to see the photo

Most definitely not days

Because Jordans come with a lot of flaws, and a lot of people want to make sure that they're getting pairs and all flaws

So if you're gonna buy a used pair of kicks

You want to make sure that you get the front of the shoe gonna make sure you get the toe box

Some people want to see the insole to see how worn the kick is

make sure you get the sole of the kick and any

Defects with the shoe doesn't matter if it's a shoelace tip that's missing or a small scratch on the insole

You want to make sure that you get every single defect in detail?

Because the last thing you want to do is have somebody come back and say hey I didn't know about this

I want my money back. Right exactly and me I try to shoot for three to five photos if it's a use shoe

I try to be very efficient with my photos. Maybe we can show you guys a couple examples on what we would do and uh

Let's let's just show you right now

So yeah after seeing the pictures, um

that's just a real simple way on how we would like to do it just to let people get an understanding of the sneaker and

What they got to buy most definitely

So once you have everything organized once you have all your photos, you want to make sure that you contact your buyers, right?

So you organize your buyers, you know most times you organized by size first and foremost

And then you have some buyers who do want to make money

So it doesn't really matter the size right but when you're buying in bulk you want to make sure that you're getting the best

price possible

So then once you do sale you're making some money

That goes what I was saying, obviously, there's some people don't really know that

So you want to make sure that when you're contacting your buyers they know exactly what it is that they're getting sighs

What year of the shoe you might have, you know nine true-blue or you might have a oh three, right, right

I want to make sure that they know exactly what it is that they're getting

So we hope that these tips help you guys if you guys have any more questions comments or concerns

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Sneaker comment. We'll see you guys soon. Hey, we might be buying soon. I'm saying sooner lat what else you got?

See you in LA soon

Now that you've found the kicks it's time to okay