How to Sell Sneakers Faster ( If you Struggle to Sell)

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hi so one of the main questions I get

asked bro is like bro where's the best

place to sell my sneakers I got sneakers

I hit on sneakers I hit on the raffle

but now I'm trying to sell them and I've

been holding them a couple days and I'm

gonna be honest with you bro there is

not one single place that's better than

the other right because say what about

stockx I mean stockx you're right on the

surface stock X you have people that are

already submitting bids already

submitting offers and you simply just

have to go in there and fulfill that

order pretty much all but stockx makes

it hard to profit because of all the

fees that they charge I'm gonna go ahead

and give you the answer to this question

pretty early and the answer to that

question is simply this bro you have to

list your shoes everywhere especially if

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