How To Clean Sneakers to RESELL for the MOST Profit!

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today i'm going to show you how to turn

a shoe worth about 45 into a sneaker

worth about 200

what's up everybody i'm seth fowler and

today i'm going to show you how i take

sneakers that i buy at flea markets and

thrift stores and goodwills and i clean

them up and make them turn from

something like this to something that i

can actually resell and make a profit on

so the reason i decided to make this

video is because on my series the 20

sneaker collection which if you guys

haven't seen yet you definitely need to

check it out there'll be a link to the

playlist at the top of the screen but i

buy sneakers like this all the time in

fact that entire series is about buying

used sneakers cleaning them up and then

reselling them for more money and so

this is something that i do on an almost