5 Tips To Sell T shirts Fast

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selling t-shirts well you're in the

right place I'm about to give you five

tips to help you possibly start selling

t-shirts right now what's up folks

Karajan a t-shirt help desks calm and

one of the things that I hear all the

time is people come to me and they're

just like yo G yo I have everything I

got my my website set up I got my social

media I'm not selling t-shirts what can

I do well stay tuned I'm gonna give you

some tips that you may know you may not

know that could help you start telling

t-shirts alright and here we go the

first thing that you can do is to follow

a current event something that's

happening something that's popping right

now okay of course right now I hate to

date this video but right now anything

that has to do with Donald Trump

anything has to do with people who are

pro Trump people want to impeach Trump

this Mueller situation anything that has

to do with what's going on um me too

it's popular okay anything that has to

do with that could be pro could be con

whatever you want to do I remember a

while back

mm I was out in LA and I saw so many El

Chapo shirts the the Mexican druglord

and you know he escaped from prison and

people like we're making t-shirts and

making money okay so it's possible just

last week they had something called the

Bobbi Brown story and everybody was

talking about Bobby Brown so you could

make Bobby Brown t-shirts yes Bobby


so find something that's hot find

something that's popping right now and

if it's applicable to your t-shirt

business make it patent Katan

another thing that's really important is

putting your stuff in front of a right

audience and choosing a niche I talk

about this all the time but it just has

to be said number one if you're doing

t-shirts on paintballing okay you don't

want to put that in front of people who

let's just say women who are really into

makeup all right or if you are selling

t-shirts down for women who are really

into makeup you don't want to put that

in front of people who are into like

hunting and fishing I hope this is

making sense you want to choose a niche

and you want to make sure that however

you promote your business that you

promote it in front of the right

audience and be very very very specific

alright I hope that helps onto the next

one three you must learn to advertise

okay now I'm not talking about putting

30-second commercial on doing a Super

Bowl that costs a few million dollars

okay I'm talking about going on places

like Instagram Pinterest and learn how

to do ads Instagram is owned by Facebook

I mean I think everyone has a Facebook

account you simply make you an account

add a credit card you can go on the back

end of Facebook go to advertising make

an account and begin advertising you can

go in and put your ad right on Facebook

and you can go in and have your ad so

that it shows up on Instagram and boom

just like that you could be getting

followers and sales

another thing is printers Pinterest has

a program in which you can start to

advertise and a great thing is that you

can have a times for as little as like

five dollars a day just do it for a week

or two and see what happens okay so

learn to advertise another thing that is

really important is the quality of your

garment okay you are selling a product

and that product should be quality so

make sure no matter what you're doing

you have a really nice print and put it

on a really nice t-shirt blank something

nice that feels good that's nice to the

touch that's soft and feel like it's

quality something that if it didn't have

a design on it at all

a person would want to wear I recommend

Bella canvas they are fantastic company

they make great t-shirts the

fabrications are great they also have

tri blends and if you ever if you ever

want to feel something

I mean soft like butter alright try out

Bella canvas tri blends or try the basic

t-shirts okay and what you want to did

is you want to go up right up there and

you want to click and subscribe to them

and also go down into the description

box and you can subscribe and you can

also there's gonna be a link that takes

you straight to the website to check out

their fantastic products ok because

another thing is that if you get one of

these like these t-shirts that feel like

cardboard when people get it they may

like the t-shirt and then ever I don't

like the way it feels and you'll get

returns ok so that's a negative you and

then that's the worst that's a negative

you thought you had a sale but now you

have to deal with the return so get

quality products get a quality print and

make sure you put it on a quality blank


alright guys this is it now this one is

worth the price of admission alone okay

you wanna hire an influencer okay what

is an influencer you may ask for those

of you who don't know an influencer is

simply a person who is popular on social

media okay and if they're in your niche

or niche all the better okay there are

people on Facebook that people right

here on YouTube there are people of

course on Instagram who are really

popular and all you have to do is give

them a shout and say hey can you wear my

t-shirt now some of them are gonna be

like sure you know you just have to all

they want is a free t-shirt some of them

they actually have prices okay go ahead

you don't have to get with the person

that has a million of two million

dollars it's gonna charge you some

outrageous price you can get with

someone that has maybe 20,000 50,000

100,000 subscribers and they may have a

low fee some of these guys feel popular

mate if they like this shirt

they may just want some free shirts you

never know so you have to reach out to

them and get an influencer so you don't

understand your t-shirt seen on the

right person alright what the right

design but your t-shirts seen on the

right person kid I mean it could take

your business to a whole nother level

you feel me so make sure that you find

someone who is influential that's why

they call them an influencer someone

who's popular and say hey can you wear

my stuff okay you might have to run them

a couple of dollars but it's all good

you know I'm saying it takes money to

make money and scare it money don't make

money alright anyway that is it makes

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again my name is Gary as your name she

is to your t-shirts and got nothing but

love for you do something good for

somebody and if you don't have anyone to

do something good for do something good

for yourself

as always I'm finna put some butter on

these shoes and slide on out dope until

next time god bless if if you're doing