Sell Shirts Online Without Inventory 💸 BEGINNER Print On Demand Tips (2020)


what's up guys Ryan here today I wanted

to make a video talking about how you

can make money selling t-shirts online

without even holding inventory so I call

this dropship to print on demand there

dropships because we don't have to ship

them when we get an order we outsource

the fulfillment of the order to someone

else we also aren't holding inventory

it's print on demand because the product

that we sell doesn't exist until after

the sale the way it works is we list

mock-ups of our products on e-commerce

websites and when our products sell we

outsource the fulfillment shipping and

in some cases customer service to

another company and we collect a royalty

on our designs so obviously you can see

how this is a scalable passive business

model t-shirts that I uploaded over two

years ago are still making me money

today every time I upload a new product

to an e-commerce platform

unless that e-commerce platform goes

belly-up I am increasing my passive

income for the foreseeable future

so that's why this business model so

viable and yes whenever there's a

business model like this people you know

word travels quickly and more and more

people flock to the scene but guys if

you go do a Google search on the trend

of e-commerce it's trending up retail

trending down ecommerce trending up so

more and more sellers are flocking to

the scene but more and more customers

are getting on board with the idea of

buying things online so it's absolutely

still viable in 2019 and my income

reports are proof if you need proof I

mean I'll gladly talk to you about my

numbers on Amazon Amazon merch and Etsy

so the reason we need a production

partner is they own highly specialized

machinery like you see in this picture

that cost anywhere from what I've heard

is $250,000 to like $500,000 and

Amazon's merch program where you can

upload print-on-demand prime eligible

t-shirts amazon has warehousing around

the world not just the United States

anymore but around the world and they

have these extremely expensive

direct-to-garment printing machines that

require three people to operate at a

time and they have three shifts of

people working 24 hours a day around the

clock to fulfill their t-shirt orders

there is a little bit of a barrier of

entry to get into

the print-on-demand business as a

production partner that's why if you're

a one-man show like I am you just choose

one or two or even three to outsource to

and when you get sales just allow them

to fulfill the work ship it to your

customer you collect your royalty and

sit back

Amazon merch is my favorite introductory

vehicle to print on demand in fact I

just got off a one on one call where I

was helping get somebody started with

their print-on-demand business and I

said if you're setting priority for how

you want to approach this you should

apply for your Amazon merch account

right away because it's free you never

have to pay for anything any sales you

get you collect a royalty so it's pure

100% profit you don't have to give a

credit card nothing so Amazon merch is a

great place to start and when you get

started you can only upload one product

a day to Amazon's Marketplace and the

more you sell the more products you can

list both daily and they set a maximum

on your account so when you start you

can only upload 10 t-shirts maximum

until you get 10 sales sometimes it's

like 8 sales and they'll bump you up

then they lift your limit to 25 maximum

products and 2 t-shirts a day and they

keep tearing you up based on how many

you sell so I'm currently in the 8000

here I've sold over 9,000 products on

Amazon merch and I've made over 41

thousand dollars of profit just sitting

in my bank account that I wouldn't have

had otherwise

the biggest advantage of listing

print-on-demand products through Amazon

merch is that they are prime eligible

because this is an Amazon program

they'll slap the little Prime checkbox

next to Amazon merch products which

helps entice buyers because if you've

heard somewhere around sixty percent of

all US households have Amazon Prime

accounts they're way more likely to buy

from you than buy from somebody whose

t-shirt is fulfilled by merchants it

might even be a little bit cheaper but

they don't have the prime chip Amazon

merch is a great introduction to print

on demand because they're wizard for

creating products is very direct and

very strict once you're used to

following the guidelines for uploading

to t-shirts long sleeve shirts

sweatshirts hoodies and pop sockets when

you're used to that it'll make other

print-on-demand platforms feel like a

breeze because honestly they're all

pretty easy to use and merch is the

strictest but in getting used to

and how to upload designs that are

optimized at specific dimensions add in

brand title bullets and descriptions to

optimize them for search results you'll

be ready to upload to other

print-on-demand platforms and e-commerce

marketplaces so the order that you're

seeing we talk about these

print-on-demand production partners is

actually the order that I was personally

exposed to them and I started off with

Amazon merge and I had a big directory

of designs that I had been listing on

Amazon merge products eventually I found

out about gear bubble which is a company

that does similar to what Amazon merge

does in that you can upload designs to

their products and list them for sale on

e-commerce marketplaces following a sale

they will create the product and ship it

to your customer unfortunately your

bubble products are not prime eligible

only Amazon merch gets the little Prime

badge but your bubble products are still

extremely popular on e-commerce

marketplaces namely Amazon and Etsy I

know people are making a killing selling

primarily coffee mugs that is their best

seller they can sell color-changing mugs

metallic mugs my personal favorites are

the 11 ounce and 15 ounce white and

black mugs typically if I render a

design I will render a white version and

a black version the white version looks

great contrasted against the black mug

and the black version looks great

contrasted against the white mug and

when you do that you double your

coverage it's definitely better to

upload two variants of a product as two

different asons on Amazon than it is to

upload one with four children in my

opinion because you want to occupy more

space in search results to increase the

likelihood of getting your listing seen

and clicked by customers so if your

bubbles great because it's easy to use

their wizard for creating products is

flexible in comparison to some other

competition though their offerings for

products to do print-on-demand with is a

little bit limited it's a little bit

small I know they're bestsellers our

mugs and jewelry so they also do

bracelets and necklaces I have not sold

many but I know that there are people

making a killing doing that as well

t-shirts they also do t-shirts but

everybody does t-shirts that's not even

really worth mentioning when people

think of your Bible I think they think

of mugs first their their reputation is

that their leader

amongst print-on-demand mug sellers when

it comes to production partners and

platforms one downside of your bubble is

that there is a monthly fee associated

with using each of their integrations I

don't know what the monthly fees are off

top my head because I bought my way into

one of the gear bubble founders courses

and negotiated this was not something

they advertised but I negotiated that if

I bought my way into their course they

would give me free lifetime integrations

they said yes I paid for the course and

I've had lifetime integration since it's

been a great deal for me but guys I

would rather you not sign up for a

monthly fee if you it can be avoided so

let's talk about printful so printful is

my print-on-demand production partner of

choice now I said if you're just getting

started start off with Amazon merge I

really think that it is it takes a lot

of the decision-making out of your hands

because they're not flexible they pretty

much guide you and tell you exactly what

you have to do so Amazon merge is where

you should start second though come over

to printful before you sign up for

monthly fees with your bubble jump on

over checkout printful use my referral

link if you've got any value out of

these videos you can help me you in

return by just using my referral link it

would be much appreciated

anyways printful I love printful I'm not

saying that because I'm an affiliate I'm

saying that because I just love it my

main reason for saying that is that

their UI their user interface on their

website is so intuitive so easy to use

if you used your bubble it used to be

that you couldn't even cancel an order

without going through their support and

emailing them and you know they have

multiple support inboxes and is just a

pain printful you go right into the

dashboard click the order cancel or

click the order change the address they

make it seamless easy it'll save you so

much time that most people will probably

overlook the fact that they turn over

controls to us to do things like change

customer info change address cancel

orders change designs so if you guys are

selling on Etsy Etsy in November of 2018

released a personalization filled on

product listings that you can enable as

a seller to offer personalized designs

in a streamlined manner so there were

always people offering personalized

designs but it used to take a lot more

time to full

well Ezio started offering that

personalization field making it much

easier on sellers and then printful a

couple months later integrated

personalizations into their dashboard

for their Etsy sellers so it made it

super simple and easy for you to fulfill

those personalized orders right from

within the printful dashboard that sort

of attention to detail is common at

printful they're always in their

Facebook group they're always

interacting with the community getting

feedback about what sort of features

they want to see built in or what new

products we want it's just a great

platform it's so easy to work with they

have fulfillment centers in the United

States in Europe and in Mexico it makes

it easy to do International shipping

they have a very wide assortment of

products made available and don't get it

confused when you think of print if I

having a larger catalog there's another

very similar named company called print

fi that is a print on demand production

partner but print off' i they basically

are middleman they outsource the work to

other factories whereas printful has

their own factories their own machine

read their own employees their own

warehouses and they do everything under

one roof so don't confuse them for print

if I wear print off' i a lot of times

it's outsourcing work and it turns into

a bit of a bureaucracy where imagine if

you need to update a shipping address

which is not uncommon if you have to

deal with emailing a support mailbox who

then has to figure out who they

outsource the production to and email

that support inbox and hope that the

address gets changed in time etc you

don't want to deal with that so guys

once you have your Amazon merch account

going and you're comfortable doing print

on demand come sign up for printful or

apply for your merch account and then

while you're waiting for it to get

approved sign up for printful using my

affiliate link and start practicing

designing things you don't even need to

be in Photoshop to design and print 'fl

they have a wizard that you can use to

create products it's so easy they have

clipart they have a text tool with lots

of different fonts very intuitive they

also sell mugs so if you want to start

listing products on Amazon right now you

can go use Amazon merch upload your

t-shirt designs there because they're

gonna be prime eligible but Amazon merch

doesn't offer coffee mugs for instance

so then login to printful

integrate it with your amazon seller

account which by the way if you don't

have an amazon merchant

you probably don't have an Amazon seller

account that's gonna run you $40 a month

but you can do so much with an Amazon

seller accounts the number one ecommerce

marketplace in the world the sooner you

start that the better then you can go

look at my blog there's an article for

how to get a g10 exemption with your g10

exemption you are allowed to upload and

create as many product listings a day as

you want I mean there is a limit where

you'll get throttled if you spam it but

you can basically be creating a hundred

new print-on-demand products a day

through your Amazon account that will be

available for sale on the world's

largest marketplace forever if you get a

sale printful just downloads it and

creates the the product and fulfills it

and ships it to your customer and you

keep the profit that's left over after

you pay a printful and amazon the order

fees how awesome is that so that's what

this game is all about

that's what selling products online

without holding inventory is all about

and what I'm trying to sell here under

the name Ryan's method is the

complimentary three prong approach of

selling private-label products through

an Amazon seller account via Amazon FBA

but then also using your Amazon seller

account to sell print-on-demand fbm

fulfilled by merchants products through

your bubble or printful printful

obviously is what I'd recommend and then

also since you're already designing

print-on-demand products sell them as

well through Amazon merge all of a

sudden you've got a three-pronged attack

all passive income and it's completely

complementary you're selling well on FBA

you're getting great seller feedback and

Amazon trust you that's also helping

your print-on-demand products that

you're selling through seller central

and like I said you're already crew

doing graphic design so upload them to

as many products as possible leveraged

Amazon merges Prime eligible products

this is like a big picture thing that is

all complimentary it's gonna help you

make money in the long run and if you

guys doubt that this works please go to

Ryan hook com slash income - reports I

publish monthly income reports I'm

making five figures passive side profit

profit by the way not revenue profit a

month doing this while I work a nine to

five and teach college so guys if I can

do it you can do it and I'm here to

please check me out in the Facebook

group if you have any questions I'm

working on finishing up my Amazon FBA

course then I'm gonna finish the merge

course then I'm gonna finish the

dropship print-on-demand printful Etsy

course I'm working seven days a week

working weeknights weekends thank you

for checking out this video though I

appreciate you please hit that like

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I'll see you at the next one