How to SELL clothing on your ROBLOX Group! *2020*




hey everyone this is Adi I've been gone

for six months and I know it has been a

super long time but what it matters now

is I'm finally back I really apologize

for the big delay because you know I

have like real life stuff that you know

I can't just spend too many time on

YouTube but anyways today is the day I

present you guys with how to manage your

clothing part two so yes there was some

stuff I did not mention in my last video

so you know why not make a part two okay

so in this video I'll teach you guys

have like price your shirt and have to

put it on sale or not and if people can

comment on it and much more so it's like

all we do the time so we just click

create like usual then we just wait the

page load then this isn't it this is an

important thing make sure you guys have

premium because in the comments I seen

many people think it doesn't work but

turns out that they don't have premium

so it's gonna be in the pin comment but

I am saying right now you must need

premium to do this or like if you try to

price your shirt for example some people

may be confused with that so I'm just

gonna say it right now for example

before your premium expired you had a

shirt on sale for 500 bucks and when

you're at the time your premium expired

if you try to change the price of your

shirt your shirt will immediately go off

sale so it won't really work so it

depends like it is a group creation you

click click group creation so my shirt

is in sale in my group so you're gonna

click rip creations so we're gonna

choose our group we have nice memories

curtain plays crafts and we have a DNF

fan club which is my group link is in


love joy and if you're an epic gamer so

let's just meet the page alone again I

know this is very slow and there is the

group category so if you have a t-shirt

or pants just click them but mine is a

shirt so I want to manage a shirt so

that's why I'm gonna click the short

category so there are plenty of shirts

right now I never knew these existed so

this this was made in 2018 okay so I'm

gonna manage this shirt so there are two

things you can do so you can advertise

the shirt which is maybe you'll do it in

the next video and we can configure the

shirt so I'm just gonna click configure

because we want the price our shirt and

as you can see you can also like put the

gener like you can make it any of these

below so I'm gonna make this town and

city like I'm just making this up and in

here you can put pretty much your

description so by the way the limit is M

1000 so I did this in 2018 just don't

roast me for this so as you can see

there is a setting open for comments so

if you don't want people commenting on

your shirt just turn us off I I myself

just gonna put the comments on then just

press a then move to the next page so

the next page is sale so you're just

gonna click that and when you come here

it will ask you if you want to put your

shirt on sale so obviously you want to

put your shirt on sale and you can

pretty much price it so for example I

want to make it oh my god

no one would ever buy this shirt so for

example I made a five robots but if some

people didn't knew I know most of you

guys probably know this but I'm just

gonna say it anyways

so you earn 70% of the shirt so let's

say you sold for 500 bucks and you'll

get the free robux because the other

tiro bucks goes to the market be a

roadblock so I'm just gonna put this on

for I don't know just patrol volley

because you know I'm a DI

doulas so we click Save and the next

thing we need to do is pretty much as I

told you guys in my first video church

like don't suddenly appear in your group

once you like put them on sale or

something because they take like a few

minutes to load in the group from what I

know good as you can see this is a

dinette front club and there's my group

shot and stuff so we're going to store

as you can see the merch is not on sale

yet because we gotta wait for like a few

minutes and I'll let you guys know when

the shirt finally comes to the store

okay guys I'm finally back so

approximately I waited for like around 7

to 10 minutes for this shirt to load and

as you can see my shirt has successfully

loaded into microp store with a very

decent amount of price so if we go there

so let's just wait the page to refresh

again so as you can see this is the

merch and there you can write a comment

on it for example I'm gonna write hi

because I can't think of anything else

so for example if people want they can

comment on your shirt but they will oh I

I need to do the verification just gonna

do this really quickly I know this this

is boring I agree with you but I must do

this so anyways when they just do this

verification as you can see there's my

comment and anyone can comment on your

shirt and there's the description and

there's the price obviously I mean come

on it's ready cheap just get it and as

you can see this the merch oh I can't

believe I made this 2018 oh my god so

that's like pretty much for it for the

video and by the way I do not know if I

mentioned this but group funds takes

three days to transfer to your group so

if you sold a shirt and are wondering

why the roebucks isn't in your group so

you need to wait three days for the

funds to transfer into your group I know

it is very annoying but unfortunately we

have to wait so I hope that this video

helped you guys and I hope you guys do

do like a great job as a shirt shirt

designer and whatever you know whatever

you are doing and thanks for watching

and see you guys at my next video oh and

by the way I won't be really inactive so

don't worry turn on that notification


everyone's appreciate it and thank you