How To Sell Shirts On Merch By Amazon - (Amazon Merch Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners)

yo yo what's up guys so in this video

we're gonna talk about how to sell

shirts on merch by amazon

welcome back to my channel my name is rj

martinez and in this video we're gonna

talk about how to sell shirts

on merch by amazon uh personally myself

i have sold over 160k in royalties all

time with merch by amazon

uh over 50k and products right

all time on my account but uh my

favorite thing to sell

on merchandise owners is shirts right


and the ones that do really well on my

account are the black

colored t-shirts right with that being

said it's

when it comes to t-shirts it's like

ninety percent of my account that i've

sold uh so there's other of course

there's other products but t-shirts are

number one

um and that's uh so it's a sign right so

when i make a design i focus more on

t-shirts designing for t-shirts

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okay and it's very important that you

guys stay to the very end of this video

if you guys want to be successful

on merch by amazon when it comes to

selling t-shirts right or even just

generated streaming income right


so what is print on demand print on


is basically what you're going to do is

create a design put it on a t-shirt

amazon printed on the shirt takes care

of the customer service the returns it

ships it off to the customer

and you just collect the royalty for us

it's literally that simple

it's really awesome really amazing time

that we live in

and this is a really amazing opportunity

um i recommend you take advantage of it

definitely take advantage of it and

let's make some money baby all right so

step number one is uh getting

accepted if you don't have your account

already one of the most important things

is when you're filling out the

application process make sure you fill

out all the blanks

fill out everything right

a little tip too as well if you have a

fba seller central account

from what i've been seeing and what i've

heard you'll get accepted faster into

merch by amazon

so that's a little tip right there but

yeah do not leave nothing blank

okay very important step two is

research and learning the algorithm

so important okay it's like number one

a side of besides getting accepted and

stuff like that

number one is researching and learning

the algorithm and how it works

learning how if a customer is searching

for a product and figuring out what

they're searching for

and then give them what they want right

basically it's that simple give the

customer make it easier on the algorithm

and yourself if you see a customer

searching for a certain product or


searching for a certain phrase give them

what they want

give them what they want the algorithm

is going to reward you

and you're going to make money for else

it's literally that simple

you're just researching understanding

the platform stuff like that

learning the algorithm usually that's

how you're going to make money okay that

applies to pretty much

every single platform whatever platform

you are in a marketplace that you're on

it applies to it if you can learn that

so you can get more eyes on your product

make more money

step number three number three

uh is learning uh your niche right

select a niche pick a niche pick any

niche it could be any niche

but i recommend you starting off with a

niche that

you understand that you like that you


it makes it more easy and more funner

for you to design for

right a niche is basically

a dog like a dog niche and then the

subnation into that is like

like a certain dog like for example

english bulldog

a cat and then submission into like

different types of cats

anything tacos burritos okay

that is a niche right and then you sub

niche down you're getting getting more


to the customer and more direct right so


very important that you like understand

like your ideal customer and what they

want and stuff like that selecting your

niche all that stuff all that learning


about your niche all the all the uh the

knowledge that you need to learn

about your niche is uh very important to

you making your first sales on this

platform and just

in general like long term too as well

rinse and repeat and

applying this once you even grow your

account to that level or

even if a a beginner right all right so

step number four

it's design right once you get your

research down all that stuff

designing comes next uh simple does sell

text based designs do really well

illustrations do

really well illustrations you create

less competition for yourself and be

honest with you

less competition for yourself text based


a lot of people like to copy those and

make their own version of it or whatnot

now with the illustration it's more

unique and different from

everyone else right you have an artist

on your team if you're not an artist you


outsource okay find a illustrator that

can draw

and help you make designs i do it

text based designs you can make them on

your phone don't complicate it

real simple real easy okay don't

overthink none of this stuff that i'm

telling you

you can make it on your phone you can

make a text based design on your phone

using the over app you can use canva

there's a lot of tools out there that

you can use

to help you design if you suck right i

suck at designing

so i outsource okay and i built a team

stuff like that it's uh something that i

like to do

right saves me a lot of time so i can

create content to help other people

um and and it's literally it's that


for reals step number six i'm going to

say it's going to be uh like studying


uh your competition um when you when you

go into a certain niche

right and you're designing for it you're

going to see some some people just come

into your niche and

compete with you right as you start to


designing and stuff like that and be the

best in your niche

you're in a way you're almost you're

creating competition for yourself

because people are gonna see that on the

platform that this design is doing

really well

this t-shirt's doing really well and

it's selling really well so i'm gonna

make my own version of it and yes and

that's normal

um but at the end of the day you're

competing with yourself

but you're going to see your competitors

come in and try to knock you off

and that's that's that's part of the

game right so what you need to do is

make sure you're

on top when it comes to learning your

niche and just outdoing yourself if you

have a top selling

t-shirt in one niche make another one

make another one

okay um try to beat yourself try to be

the best try to outdo yourself

and you might by you doing that you have

three or four or five shirts on the

front page

making consistent sales cells also too

if you have ams

right if you don't i don't know what to

say you should have it right they're

giving us all access to it with the new

advertisement tab up there on the merch

by amazon dashboard but if you don't

have it

you need to figure out a way but use ams

to your advantage

i made six or seven new shirt sales

last week right and these are new niches

right that i've just jumped

dived into but i put some ams behind it

um it's very important

as soon as you upload a design run some

ams as soon as possible to it because

you get more eyes on it more eyes on it

uh increases your chance of making your

first sale right understanding that

um it's gonna it's gonna push your

design more

ams is gonna make more sales and you're

gonna stand out from your competition

a lot of these uh people that are

copying your designs pixel for pixel

they can't compete when it comes to ams


um they're scared they're scared to

spend money invest in their business

spend money on advertisement they don't

want to spend money they want to uh

they just want to leverage the platform

and make easy money well newsflash

in order for you to stand out and be to

make more sales running ams

is not a bad idea it's actually a really

good idea right you're going to increase

increase your chances of making sales

but not only that um

make your first sale then you start

ranking in the algorithm and this is how

you get like a best seller in a niche


that amazon choice badge and uh number

one new release

okay whatever it is right get one of

those back one of those fancy badges

next to your shirt

it's be um and right running ams

will increase the chances of that

happening too as well after everything

you're collecting your royalty making

some money right

uh how much can you make right and this

is like collecting your royalties it's

easy right getting you setting your

makeup bank account and

getting it transferred over to your bank

account and all that stuff but

how much money realistically can you

make each month i want to say if you

work at this really hard for a year

okay you can make anywhere between three

thousand and five thousand dollars a

month consistently

okay but you gotta work at it this is

not it's not before it was a lot more

easier because we had

not that many uh we're not that much


uh but now it's a little bit more

challenging you have to be

different when it comes to your design

that makes you stand out that increases

your chance of your sales

right but realistically three to five k

a month

but i want to say you want to work at

this for a whole year for you to be able


have that consistent stream of income

that will pay for your bills or

whatever it may be it's it's definitely

a challenge

but as you rank your products rank your


they're going to make those long-term

sells for you and rank better the more

the better that your shirts rank in the


the more sales you'll get okay um and

and that's pretty much like uh one of

the most important things

to having consistent sales every single

month right

and everything that i've we talked about

it plays a factor into you

to make consistent sales and make money

uh when it comes to tearing up on your

merch by amazon account i always

recommend just start

because you'll make more sales if you

price your products low it's just proven

fact i've done it over and over and over

so if you're not making no profit at the

beginning for you to focus on tearing up

to get out of the lower tiers

to your under under the lower tiers of

500 you have to of course

have 80 uploads so 400 over 400 live

designs and of course over 500 cells

um in order for you to to do that um you

have to have the sales volume right and

and to tear up to that next level to

have the design space

for you to put up designs me personally

myself i'm over

i'm over at 100k tier so i have

you know i can upload a ton of designs

um but of course i want designs that

sell right it doesn't matter what tier

you're at at the end of the day

but because the goal is to have designs

that sell if you can have

you can be at 500 tier and have 400

designs that are selling consistently

right and next thing you know it two

months three months from now 400 designs

are selling consistently

you're going to have over 1200 to 1600

cells right so at that point

the tier doesn't really matter because

you're going to have double the amount

of cells

but when you're first starting to get to

learn the algorithm for you to

understand to learn the out learning the

algorithm and understanding the


for yourself right personally yourself

it's all about testing

testing trial and error right making


getting rejections that's all part of

the game right

learning how to price your products what

works for you i can't tell you to price

your pr

how to price your products but i can

tell you what data that i've received

personally myself

um i know the pricing really low will

help you get out of the lower tiers

because you'll make more sales faster

right now person myself i'm uploading

straight to 19.99 with standard t-shirts

and they're making a 5.5 royalty so

those those five or seven shirts that i


that made sales last week that were new

they're all listed at 19.99 and

it's really cool and of course have ams

running each of them

and yeah it's the name of the game right

so a lot of

valuable value in this video a lot of

content follow these steps

and you'll definitely be making three to

five k

a month in the over the next year right

um so but of course remember it just

takes work right it's not going to be


definitely not going to be easy because

i want you guys to think that okay if i

it it's it's a process right and just

work at it for a year

work at it for two years right you might

not get it in the first year

two years right you may get it then and

then some of the experiences like when i

first started this

uh this journey with merged by amazon at

the very beginning it was just

it was all about testing right pricing


getting that first initial sale ranking

to the front page

and then all of a sudden i noticed that

i was making consistent sales uh for me

personally and then it went from uh

400 a month to 15

to two to three to four to five to six

right and it's ever since like i have

one video where

i did uh over 10 or like 13 000 or 12


in one month and i believe that was in

june um if you guys want to go check

that video out too as well

i'll link that down below in the

comments or the description wherever the

heck that is

but yeah man it just it's you know i

mean it's all about learning and testing

at the end of the day right

what works for you what things what do

you think works for you what what you

think works

works for you it's all about testing and

testing is one of my

most favorite things for me to do in

this freaking world

so um yeah with that being said check

out these videos right here to help you


your merch by amazon business