How to promote & sell merch on Instagram

hey I'm Kate from T Springs community

team so in this video we're going to go

over the different ways that you can

promote your products on Instagram if

you want to learn more about any of the

tips or tools that we're going to cover

in this video you can check out the link

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promotional guide so let's go ahead and

get started

so first up you're going to want to

update your bio link this is a link at

the top of your Instagram profile and

it's one of the first things people see

when they visit your account it's really

easy to update your link all you have to

do is click edit profile and we

recommend adding a link to your

teespring merch store one thing that

you're gonna want to keep in mind when

you update this link is that you want to

paste a clean URL so if you're copying

from teespring com make sure that

there's no additional tracking

parameters on the link so it'll look

nice and clean and simple at the top of

your profile if you want to get more

insight on the number of clicks you can

use a tracking link like bitly or if you

would even more insight like the number

of visitors that this link is sending to

your listing page or the number of

purchases that it's generating then you

should check out our integration with

Google Analytics and I'll include more

information about that in the

description below now let's talk about

Instagram posts so this is going to be

one of the most effective tools or

features of Instagram that you can use

to promote your products when you

publish a post it will be visible within

your feed and so people can scroll

through past posts to see the products

that you've shared previously usually

the most engaging promotional posts that

we see on Instagram are users wearing

their products so we'll see a lot of

teespring users actually order samples

of their products take photos and then

use those photos on Instagram

whenever you're publishing any

promotional content on Instagram there

are three pieces of information that

you're going to want to consider

including so one thing that drives a lot

of engagement with followers is when you

explain the story or the inspiration for

your design or your merch collection the

second thing and probably the most

important piece of information that you

want to include is where people can

purchase your merch so for example if

you have updated your bio link then this

is where you could say in the caption

check out the link in bio to order your

own the last piece of information that

you're going to want to include

especially if you're running a sale is

any promo codes that your followers can

use to redeem

generally you'll want to share

promotional post a couple of times a

month and more frequently if you're

running a sale or preparing for a new

product launch you can also work photos

of your products into regular content so

for example publishing content you would

normally share in your feed you just

happen to be wearing your product now

let's talk about Instagram stories

stories enable you to share photos and

video clips in a slideshow format you

can post as many stories as you want and

the content will disappear within 24

hours the most engaging story formats

usually feature selfie style videos or

photos promoting products new merch

drops or announcing a sale you can also

use story features like countdown timers

and polls to make your content more

engaging to viewers if you want your

stories to last for more than 24 hours

you can add that story to a highlight

and make it visible at the top of your

Instagram profile we recommend creating

dedicated merch highlights where you can

save all of your merch related stories

some creators create one highlight per

design or product collection while

others feature all of their merch

related stories within one highlight

either way using highlights will help

put your merch front and center while

enabling followers to learn more about

your products on Instagram swipe up an

IG TV our two features that enable you

to send your followers directly to your

products if you've got over 10,000

Instagram followers you can use the

swipe up feature to link to your merch

store or a listing page all viewers have

to do is swipe up while viewing your

stories to be taken to your merch if you

have an unlock swipe up yet on Instagram

then you can use the IG TV feature to

send viewers to your products instead

all you have to do is add your merch

store or listing URL as the preferred

link in your video description when

buyers begin receiving their products

it's time for you to start thinking

about social proof ask followers to tag

you in any merch photos or videos they

publish on Instagram you can also create

a unique hashtag that they can use

across social media this will enable you

to collect buyer photos in one place and

you can work these images in

your Instagram feed stories or other

social channels featuring loyal

customers in your highlights is not only

a fun way to engage with your followers

and make them feel special but it can

also validate the quality of your

products and encourage even more

purchases in the future so that

concludes our Instagram promotional

guide just a reminder I have included a

link in the description below if you

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