How to Sell Merch on Facebook and Instagram ‚Äď Step by Step Instructions

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Hi, my name is Tony van Veen, CEO of  Disc Makers. Today, I want to talk about  

an exciting opportunity for you as an artist to¬† actually sell physical products ‚ÄĒ CDs, vinyl,¬†¬†

merch ‚ÄĒ to a huge audience of fans online. Now,¬† when, as an artist, you're trying to sell product¬†¬†

online, which is really important, especially  right now that there's no live concerts happening,  

you probably think about Bandcamp. And  Bandcamp is probably the number one, an amazing  

platform for selling your music and your  products directly to fans. However, there are  

two other platforms that reach a much, much bigger  audience that also have a shop functionality,  

except most artists don't seem to know about  it. And those are Facebook and Instagram.  

And so today what I'd like to do is explain to you¬† how you can set yourself up to sell product ‚ÄĒ CDs,¬†¬†

vinyl, t-shirts ‚ÄĒ on Facebook and on Instagram¬† to a large potential audience of fans. And in¬†¬†

order to do that, I'm bringing in Carter Fox who  is Social Media Manager for Disc Makers and he's  

also a very successful artist in his own right.  His recent single was launched in January  

and in eight weeks already has over a hundred  thousand Spotify streams. And his single 'Eclipse'  

that he launched last year has garnered over 1.3  million Spotify streams. So Carter knows a thing  

or two about music. He knows a thing or two about  marketing. And so, I'm going to let Carter explain  

to you step by step how to sell physical product  through Facebook and Instagram. Carter, take it  

away. Thanks, Tony. So here we are checking out  my Facebook Page because you do need a Facebook  

Page in order to create a Shop on Facebook. I do  have a couple of items uploaded to my Shop already  

that I am also selling on my website, which, it's  a great benefit to have this available through  

Facebook for both advertising and just general  availability letting people know it's there.  

You never know who'll just kind of stumble on it.  Normally, we'd be able to click 'Manage Shop' and