How to promote & sell merch on Facebook

hey I'm Kate your community manager here

at T spray so in this video we're going

to cover a couple of the different ways

you can promote your products on

Facebook just a reminder I will include

a link in the description of this video

below if you want to learn more about

the tips we'll cover in this video so

let's go ahead and get started first

things first if you haven't created a

Facebook page now is the time to do so

even if you don't have a big following

it doesn't matter

by creating a business page you'll

unlock special features that can help

you sell more products so once your page

is live it's time to customize it with

your brand elements it's important to

create brand consistency across

platforms like YouTube Instagram and

Facebook because you want your audience

to be able to instantly recognize you we

recommend using the same colored themes

and graphics in your facebook cover

photo and profile image that appear

under YouTube channel and other social

accounts keep in mind that your Facebook

cover photos can also be the perfect

place to call out new products sales

you're running and highlight your page

button speaking of buttons you'll

definitely want to update your page

button to the SHOP NOW option it's easy

to update and you can link directly to

your teespring merch store this will

make your products easily accessible to

anyone who visits your page you'll also

want to create a shop for your Facebook

page to do this look to the left sidebar

to see if you have the shop tab visible

click the tab and add your products one

by one when someone clicks on a product

in your facebook shop they'll be taken

to the listing page on teespring where

they can purchase the product keep in

mind you can customize your shop

description and create product

collections to

Publishing Facebook posts can be very

effective for promoting your products

when publishing a post there are a few

pieces of information you'll want to

consider including always include a link

to your listing or store when promoting

your products you can check out our

complete Facebook guide for more info

I'm using tracking links within your


you should always include visual content

in any of your Facebook posts

whether it be a photo wearing your

product a mock-up gif or video we also

recommend sharing the story behind your

design or merch collection and why it's

important to you if you're running a

sale it's also a good idea to call out

the promo code and the sale end date

within your post and last you'll also

want to remind followers to share photos

of their products once they receive

their order if you're looking for more

engaging ways to promote your products

consider using facebook live you can

live stream from your page to interact

directly with your followers in real

time and share info with them about your

products this feature is especially

effective if you're announcing a new

product or running a special sale our

last tip for promoting on facebook is to

collect and share social proof when you

share photos or videos of followers

wearing your merch this not only makes

them feel special

but also affirms the quality of the

products you're selling when people see

customers are happy with your products

this can encourage more purchases in the

future you may want to consider creating

a dedicated Facebook album featuring

customer selfies as well as use this

content and Facebook posts and stories

ask followers to tag you in photos or

videos they publish with your merch or

ask them to message you this content

some users also create a unique hashtag

for followers to use across social media

and that concludes our video on the top

ways you can promote your products on

Facebook just a reminder I have included

a link in the description below if you

want to learn more about all the tips we

covered in this video thanks for

watching and we'll see you next time