How To Sell Shirts On Etsy | Print On Demand Tutorial

so you want to sell t-shirts like this

one on Etsy well in today's video I'm

gonna show you how to make your very own

custom t-shirts online that you can ship

straight to your customer without ever

touching a piece of inventory so be sure

to stay tuned I'm going to dive into all

the details of how to do that

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make money ok so here are the 3 tools

that you're going to need to accomplish

selling t-shirts on etsy number one

you're gonna need a free Etsy account it

does cost 20 cents for every listing

that you make but it is free to set up

an account and actually if you set up

your account through my link in the

description you're gonna get 40 free

listings ok so as I mentioned it's 20

cents every time you list a t-shirt but

you can get 40 listings for free through

that link and I would greatly appreciate

it because I will also get 40 free

listings as well okay so you got all set

up with Etsy there next you're going to

need a free canva account which you can

just register at you don't

need to pay for any upgrades or anything

the free account is totally fine and

then last but not least is a teespring

account okay so I'm quickly gonna go

over these last two things that I'm

gonna show you with a screen share how

to use those okay so on canva that's

where you're actually going to make your

designs so see on this one it says a

hakuna Moscato it means drink wine so

you would make the text the text image

in canva and then what you would do is

download that in

and upload it into T spring and then T

spring is going to print the image on

the t-shirt for you and ship it directly

to your customer okay

so here's one it's a really fun wine

t-shirt which sells really well on Etsy

and then here's one that I actually had

trademarked okay so this is my brand

Wi-Fi wealth I actually did have this

trademark so nobody else can put Wi-Fi

wealth on a t-shirt but if you guys want

these I'm gonna have these for sale as

well okay so let's go ahead and drop

into the tutorial and I'm going to show

you exactly how to start selling

t-shirts as soon as today so the very

first thing that you want to do is come

up with inspiration for your t-shirts so

I'm over on Etsy and at the top in the

search bar here I typed in wine t-shirts

now you can type in anything that you


maybe dog lover t-shirt pet parents

think of anything that would be really

cool to put on a t-shirt write funny

sayings t-shirts anything like that type

it in and then you can kind of scroll

through and see what other people are

doing you can click through to some

stores that look like they've gotten a

lot of sales like this one they have

15,000 five-star reviews this one has

two thousand five star reviews this one

has four hundred and twenty-eight so I'm

just gonna click through this store

right here and bear in mind I am NOT

copying their t-shirts exactly I am

using them as inspiration okay and you

also want to make sure that you do

proper research and it's not trademarked

or something like that for example I see

people on here doing Hallmark Christmas

movie watching t-shirts and guess what

hallmark is a brand and that is

trademarked or copyrighted so you cannot

put that on a t-shirt Etsy will flag

your account just like if I saw somebody

selling a Wi-Fi wall t-shirt since I

have that trademark I would

ask them kindly to take their listing

down so you just want to make sure that

you're not on shaky ground when it comes

to the t-shirt possibly being

copyrighted okay

a lot of them when they come to the line

t-shirts are most likely not so since

this one says stop and smell the roses

pour the pour the wine his last name is

mine okay so these are like some wedding

bachelorette t-shirts you can also click

through to the shop here and just take a

scroll at what they have going on here

see what kind of stuff they sign okay so

it is about to be Valentine's Day so

they're listing some Valentine stuff

this is another great strategy for Etsy

is to tap into the holidays that is how

I really got my t-shirt store rockin was

focusing on holidays okay so this one

says my Valentine calls me mama so

that's a really cute Valentine's t-shirt

so you can just look off through see

what you like see what people have in

their cards like this one says 13 people

have this in their carts that's not a

t-shirt but that's definitely something

that you could consider adding to your

store okay so then once you find an

inspiration like this one just says love

and that is obviously not going to be

copyrighted love is just a word so let's

say you wanted to put that on a t-shirt

what you're going to do then is go over

to canva alright so we're inside of

canva you have your design inspiration

you're gonna click right here on custom

dimensions you can also do create a

design but I do custom dimensions and I

have found five thousand by five

thousand works pretty well for this so

create my design can select from some

pre-made fonts or you can just click

this little text box put that there

I'm just going to type the word love and

then you can play with the font right

here so you do not need to be a designer

this method it is really so so simple so

let's say we just want to do something

like this on a t-shirt so you can just

follow this up right here and then when

you go to save it all you have to do

when you click download is make sure you

do the PNG and then select transparent

backgrounds so we are gonna download

this check transparent background

download boom your design is done and

downloaded and now you can go over to

teespring and just simply put that on a

t-shirt okay and then you're gonna have

your mock-up all ready for putting on

Etsy so now we are over on teespring

comm I'm just going to click start

designing over here we're going to

select apparel you can do unisex

t-shirts which sell really well on Etsy

or you can do a women's t-shirt I'm just

gonna start with this one and I like

these tribal and t-shirts these are more

of a fitted feel and you can select buy

or sell if you select sell what's gonna

happen is teespring is gonna allow you

to sell it on their platform and it's

not what you want okay so to sell it on

Etsy you're gonna click buy and they're

gonna discount this for you okay so

we're going to click buy leave wait for

this to load up and you can select your

color I'm going to leave the color gray

you can have a black t-shirt you can

have green we'll do gray and so you can

click right here to add your art you can

upload your art right there or if it's

just a simple word you can also type in

a word right here and change the font

like this boom how simple is that okay

and so it says right here they're gonna

charge you $15 okay so

then you want to think about marking up

your t-shirt about two times and charge

about $30 for this okay you can click

next next and then you can select your

size so this is the process you're going

to go through when somebody actually

orders a t-shirt from you they will

specify what size that they want so

let's say they want a large and then all

you have to do is go to check out when

you go to checkout you're just going to

hit this button right here and then

you're going to put in your email

address your payment information and the

ship to address is going to be the

person that ordered from you on Etsy

right you're gonna get your customers


you're gonna ship it directly to them

okay so you're never gonna have to

handle handle inventory your customer

will have already paid you $30 so you

have $30 now from the customer you're

gonna take 15 of that and pay teespring

to ship it directly to your customer now

how cool is that right

totally totally cool now I'm gonna show

you where you can actually get mock-ups

right now I'm over on a website called

place it nets and this site is so cool

they have models on here that are going

to model your t-shirt for you okay this

is $14.99 a month to use this website

but is so worth it so you don't have to

take your own photo so you can place

your images on a model like this so

we'll just click on this one here and

what you're going to do is just add the

text right here okay so here is our

image so I'm going to select that open

it and we're going to just click crop

and it's going to add it to the t-shirt

okay so we're going to need to crop this

some more I'm just going to move this up

a little bit

crop and there you go


the design is on the t-shirt all you

have to do is click download and then

you can use this right on etsy in order

to start selling how fun and amazing and

simple is that okay if you are super

consistent with adding t-shirt designs

to your Etsy store you should make your

goal to be a hundred and then move all

the way up to a thousand if you can get

a thousand listings in a store you can

absolutely be crushing it selling

t-shirts with your very own store I hope

you enjoyed today's topics on how to

sell shirts on Etsy

this is a super fun and simple way to

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