How To Sell Clothes FAST on EBAY! | 2021 Step By Step Guide

good day guys my name is samson i'm a

full-time ebay seller and in this video

i'm going to show you

exactly how to sell clothing items fast

on ebay


throughout my past two years on ebay i

have listed and sold approximately 2

000 items of clothing and i am able to

consistently sell

thousands of dollars worth of clothing

items every single month on ebay

in this video i'm going to be showing

you step by step the best way that i

have found

to list clothing items on the platform

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okay so now on to the rest of the video

selling clothes can be simply broken

down into four different steps the first

is sourcing

so how you actually get the item to sell

i'm not going to be talking about that

in this video

i have a video on it on my channel if

you want to go watch that

go right ahead but once you actually

have the items which you want to sell on


the rest of the process can be broken

down into photography

listing and then actually shipping the

item out once it has sold and all three

of those steps

i'm gonna cover in this video okay so

the first step to selling anything on

ebay is photographing the item

and clothing is obviously no exception

you can use a camera like i do

or you can use your phone like i have

done for most of my time

selling on ebay most modern phones have

a really good inbuilt camera and if

you're using any of the latest iphone or

android phones then you don't really

need to worry about

buying a camera to do your ebay listings

the most important thing to remember is

to have good lighting

when you do your listings and it really

makes all the difference you need to use

a white background

in order for your clothing items to

really stand out okay so now i'm going

to show you the specific photos that i

like to take

of clothing items starting with shirts

here obviously you want a picture of the


then i use a picture of the tag that's

very important for buyers they like to

know the branding

and the tag is often a good way to tell

if an item is authentic

so make sure to take a picture of the

tag before you list your items up on


i like to take a picture of the collar

of the shirt so people can see

if it is a crew neck or a v-neck for

example then a picture of the graphic on

the shirt if there isn't a graphic take

a picture of any logos and if there's

none at all then you don't need to

bother with this one

a picture of at least one of the sleeves

is always important it allows to show

the buyers whether the shirt is single

stitched or double stitched

then a picture of the back of the collar

of the shirt there's quite often a logo

or little design here

so i just always take a picture of it

and then i like to include a picture

that shows the measurements of the shirt

i always include the underarm

measurement or the armpit to armpit and

then also the top to the hem

which is the length of the shirt okay so

now onto jeans i like the opening

picture to be one of the jeans folded as


which really shows off the profile and

the branding on the back of the jeans

i just want to point out as well that

all of the pictures i've used have had

perfectly white backgrounds and that's

very important on ebay for most items

it's really easy to do as well and i'm

going to be showing you exactly how in

the listing process in a bit

to get really white backgrounds even if

it doesn't look that great when you

initially take the photos

then i will use a picture of the front

of the jeans and then one of the back

and then a picture of the tag as well

it's important for all clothing items to

picture the tag if it does have a tag

one of the brand tab i've included a

picture of the button here as well

that's just optional

and then i've also included a few

optional close-up pictures which i do

recommend if you've got the time

finally i include the measurements as

well for jeans as i do for shots okay so

how well you do your ebay listing is

what is gonna determine

just how fast you're able to sell your

clothing items so

now i'm gonna go into one of my ebay

listings and show you exactly

how i went through the ebay listing

process and

optimized it to make sure that my

clothes that i list on ebay

sell as quick as they possibly can okay

so i'm just going to quickly show you

how to get those white backgrounds on

your ebay listing images that will

really make the clothing items pop

so all you do simply is in the photo

editor here over on ebay

you click on this little adjust

brightness and contrast tab here

and then you'll get these two sliders to

come up and then

pull the top one all the way over to the

right the brightness one

40 should about do it for this

particular shot but it's going to be

different for every individual clothing

item and then the contrast tab

you pull that all the way over to the

right as well and click save and as you

can see now i have a perfectly

white background on this image without

having to use photoshop or a remove

background tool

and this works on all desktops when you

do your ebay listings

okay so now that you've got your photos

ready i'm going to show you exactly what

goes into my clothing listings

i'm going to use this shirt as an

example because i actually did sell this

shirt this morning

so it's obviously a good listing and i'm

going to show you everything that went

into it starting with the title it's

important to state the brand name first

in my opinion

so this is a nike shot so i started with

a nike men's t-shirt which

immediately describes the item then i

include the size this was a size large

the color blue and then i use a bunch of

words to describe it

make sure to use as many characters as

ebay will allow you to as you can see i

used almost all the characters that i

had available to me

so my full title reads nike men's


size large blue big swoosh logo short


crew neck tee all of those extra words

will serve as search terms

so someone might look up crewneck

t-shirt and this will come up

or someone might look up nike big swoosh


t-shirt and then this item will be even

more likely to come up

that's why it's important to put in

those search terms when you're doing

your ebay listings now moving on it's

very important to describe the condition

accurately when you sell clothing items

on ebay

most of my returns come from a floor

that i have missed

so make sure to document them as well as

you can as you can see this particular

item didn't have any flaws i've

described it as having a very good


but if there were any holes or stains

then make sure to mark them down here

it's very important guys you don't want

to get any returns

then these item specifics when i started

selling clothes on ebay

i never used to include any of these but

now ebay are really pushing for them so

you actually have to include quite a few

item specifics

such as the brand the color and the

material that the item is made out of

and then also these other recommended

item specifics can really help your item


so the type of item that this is is a

t-shirt and then it is size large it has

a crew neck

i could have included solid for the

pattern but this item did sell all the

same now this stuff like the theme

can help you generate sales but it's not

one of the most important specifics to


short sleeve it's from the men's

department and then also the size type

is regular

now let's look at my product description

you guys can feel free to copy as little

or as much as you want from this or make

your own make sure to include the title

in the description

i then include my measurements and then

after that i list my selling conditions

which state that i check all of my items

for tag accuracy which means that if i'm

selling a shirt that's a size large but

it shrunk down to a size small

i will note that down here and then i

also state that combined postage is

available on all orders which simply

means that buyers

if they buy multiple items from me can

get just one simplified cheaper postage

rate i tell buyers to please pay within

three days of buying and that also i

highly appreciate feedback

and then finally to message me with any

questions that buyers have

now when it comes to pricing your items

the very simple way to determine what

you should sell a clothing item for

is by the sold completed listings on

ebay so if i wanted to find the sold

completed listings for that nike shirt

i would simply type in nike shirt

into ebay search then scroll down and

click on pre-owned

and then also go to sold items and here

you will see all of the nike shirts that

have sold and

you can generally price your items off

what these items are selling for so i

chose to sell this item for 20

which is what i got it to sold for and i

like to include best offer on all of my

listings so if people want to send me an

offer i can negotiate

with potential buyers i do accept

returns and i recommend all sellers

accept returns also for clothing items

because people are going to be much more

likely to buy from you

i have a 30 day return policy where the

buyer will pay the return postage

and i get very few returns but it's

still nice insurance for buyers

now as for the rest of the listing in

terms of charging for postage or not

that's really personal preference and

then finally you just have to accurately

describe the size and weight of the item

okay so that's exactly how i do my

clothing ebay listings

to generate sales as fast as possible

and the very last step

in the process of selling clothing items

on ebay is of course

posting the items out once you've

generated sales now in order to package

the items that i've sold

i use these medium-sized black polymers

i'll have a link in the description

where you guys can get them from the

same source that i do

i actually get asked fairly often where

i get my shipping supplies from

so i'll have that link down in the

description for you for clothing items

over fifty dollars i'll double wrap it

in two polymers and then for clothes

that i sell for over a hundred dollars

i'll wrap them in bubble up

and then i'll put them in a box but for

99 of the clothing items that i do sell

which sell for less than a hundred


that will be sent in polymailers you're

watching me package up the nike shirt

that i showed you guys earlier all i had

to do was fold it up

and then it goes straight into the

mailer and i'll close the mailer up it's

got the shipping address for the buyer

on it and it's ready to go to

the post office okay guys so that's

exactly how you can sell clothes

fast on ebay in 2020 and beyond

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