How to Pitch Logistics Services? (w/ Script) - 📧Cold Email Teardown™📧

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Today on cold email tear downs

we'll be doing something slightly different.

I got this email from one of you guys, Jason Denbo,

who runs a transportation company.

Using similar tactics that we talk about in these videos

he wrote this email, but it could be better,

so let's jump in and see

how we can improve this email.

Off the bat the subject line looks okay,

Yeti and Orangedale Transportation.

Some other ones he could try is, About Yeti,

or Question for Yeti,

Hi from Jason.

Any of these are fine subject lines to try.

Then we jump into the body of the email.

Hi Justin, I'm a big fan of the Yeti products.

A couple of Christmases ago

my wife got me the Yeti Rambler Koozie

and now I have a ton of your products

including your awesome cooler, even though I don't camp.

I run Orangedale Transportation